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November’s too early to put up Christmas decorations. Isn’t it?

Does the sight of Christmas decorations in November send shivers down your spine or fill you with Christmas cheer? Whatever side of the festive fence you’re on, a survey suggests we’ll see decorations up early this year.

Have you seen many Christmas trees twinkling in front windows in your neighbourhood yet? If a recent survey is to be believed, then it’s likely you have.

The research suggests that 57% of people don’t follow the 12 days of Christmas tradition – not only that, but almost one in ten admitted that their decorations were already up.

‘While following traditions is part of the magic of Christmas, the ritual of putting up the tree just 12 days before the big day is one that is slowly fading out,’ says Stephen Evans, managing director at Christmas Tree World, which conducted the research.

‘We’re seeing Christmas appear earlier in shops every year, so it’s only natural that many are embracing Christmas in their homes sooner, with some putting up their Christmas decorations as early as September.’


Don’t dilute the festive fun

I love Christmas – the lights, the trees and the decorations. They brighten up life just as darkness tries to dampen our spirits, and they build excitement for the holiday season.

But surely putting up the Christmas tree is all about building anticipation. For me, dragging the decorations box down from the loft in November doesn’t have the same ‘nearly there’ factor as doing it just before Christmas.

By the time 25 December comes around, they will have been up for way over a month – probably looking a little ragged (and if you’ve got a real tree, it may even appear half-dead) – and that initial buzz you got when you put them up will have long gone. The phrase ‘peaking too early’ springs to mind.

As I often tell my children, special occasions wouldn’t be special if they happened every day. The fact that we have to wait for them to come around at a certain time of year is precisely what makes them so magical when they finally arrive.

Surely extending the Christmas period into November (and even September, it appears) just dilutes the fun? Do people really get the same enjoyment when they start Christmas that early – and does it last all the way into the New Year? I know it wouldn’t be the same for me.

What do you think? Is November too early to put up the Christmas decorations? Or perhaps you don’t think it’s early enough? When do you put up yours?

When do you usually put your Christmas decorations up?

Early December (42%, 703 Votes)

I follow the 12 days of Christmas tradition (31%, 515 Votes)

A day or two before Christmas (18%, 302 Votes)

I don’t put any Christmas decorations up (6%, 104 Votes)

November (2%, 27 Votes)

I never take them down (0%, 6 Votes)

October (0%, 1 Votes)

September (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,658

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I try to put my decorations up on St. Nicholas Day of 6th December (weather permitting with the outside ones). Also, I have always taken down those decorations on the 12th day after Christmas Day.