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Dishwashers – the least trusted kitchen appliance?


A new report by Vileda claims that the ‘humble dishwasher’ is the kitchen appliance we least trust to do its job. But isn’t it also one of the appliances we want most in our kitchens? Do you trust your dishwasher?

Dishwashers can’t be trusted, apparently! A recent survey by cleaning solutions company Vileda claims we don’t trust our underperforming dishwashers to get the job done.

A resounding 71% of those asked voted it as the most likely appliance to under perform. Many even admitted to cleaning dishes after they’ve come out of the dishwasher. How mad is that?

Can’t live without a dishwasher

For the majority of my life, the only dishwasher I ever had was me and my own fair hands. Then we moved flat and inherited a Bosch dishwasher. I’m a complete convert, and can’t believe how I had managed to get this far in life without one.

Unlike 56% of the survey respondents who find washing up “therapeutic”, I don’t. So I’m not moving anywhere else unless there will be a dishwasher when I get there. The less time I spend at the sink, the better. And in the nearly four years of dishwasher-use, not once have I had to wash anything after it’s come out (and mine has never broken down either… yet!)

What on earth is going on? Do people just have rubbish dishwashers, or is it all down to user error, where they aren’t loading the dishwasher properly? I only suggest this because I got much better results after I worked out how to put the dishes in ours.

There’s a knack to loading a dishwasher, you can’t just chuck it all in and expect the machine to work miracles. Make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be, and don’t overload it. Using a good dishwasher detergent also helps.

What makes a Best Buy dishwasher?

More worryingly, 48% of respondents said it was the one household appliance that they most expected to break down. So surely it’s key to make sure you’re choosing a reliable brand in the first place? Our latest dishwasher reliability results are a good place to start.

We’ve been testing dishwashers for a long time here at Which? and we do see some bad ones. The worst models on test use lots of water, leave plates dirty, glasses smeared, and the actual dishwasher itself needs cleaning on the inside, too. If you want to see what I’m talking about, have a look at our dishwashers expert’s video on how we test dishwashers.

Does the dishwasher deserve its untrustworthy tag? Have you ever walked into your kitchen and thought “dishwasher, I just don’t trust you”? Are there any other kitchen appliances you don’t think are up to the job and does this keep you from using them?

Which kitchen appliance do you least trust to do its job?

Toaster (27%, 70 Votes)

Dishwasher (25%, 64 Votes)

Washing machine (15%, 40 Votes)

Tumble dryer (9%, 23 Votes)

Microwave (8%, 20 Votes)

Oven (6%, 15 Votes)

Kettle (3%, 9 Votes)

Fridge (3%, 8 Votes)

Other (tell us in the comments) (3%, 8 Votes)

Freezer (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 259

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Em says:
7 July 2011

Err … don’t Vileda make dishcloths and pan scourers?


I inherited a Hotpoint dishwasher. It wasn’t a Best Buy and every now and again I find a glass or a cup that has a gritty covering inside.

When the Hotpoint fails, I’ll be buying a Best Buy. I’ve had no problems with my Best Buy washing machine.


I’m not sure at all that I trust Which? best buy recommendations, certainly not for energy saving or for reliability. I bough a Which? best buy LG washing machine, at the more expensive end of the range, and it cost well over 4 times as much to run as my old (26 year old at the time) Hoover and also broke down 4 times in the first 18 months. LG’s service was diabolical (I had to get Citizens Advice, Trading Standards and Which? legal to help me to get them to fix it at all) and the machine didn’t rinse or spin anything like as well as my previous Hoover, though it cleaning things fairly well.
I’ll never ever buy another LG product and I won’t trust Which? or Energy Savings Trust recommendations for energy saving. The jury’s still out on whether I trust Which? reliability ratings any more.
I scrapped the LG after the 4th breakdown and bought an almost 30 year old second hand Hoover automatic which runs like a dream and costs a fraction of what the LG did to run. I’ve had that over a year now with not a hint of a breakdown so it’s already 3 times more reliable than the LG as that broke down 3 times in the first 11 months.


I couldnt believe the survey either, although I have come across many people who think you still have to scrape the plates clean and preferably rinse them before placing them in the dishwasher !

Our dishwasher gets loaded with un-rinsed, un-scraped crockery including porridge bowls throughout the day and set to switch on at about 5 am in the morning to help warm the kitchen up first thing.

Never had any problems with the results.

Be interested to see their raw data and survey population profile !


I had a Bosch slimline dishwasher in the late 80’s. I understand that at that time the machines were made by Hotpoint and badged as Bosch. It wasn’t very good but to be fair I mainly wanted to be able to wash baking pots and pans in it. I gave it to my brother-in-law in 1993 and he’s used it ever since with only 1 breakdown and at the very least satisfactory results.

I went back to hand dish-washing from 1993 until 2003 when I bought a Hoover dishwasher. This washed very very well indeed but was unreliable and broke down several times whilst under 5 year warranty. In 2007, just before it’s warranty expired, I traded it in against a Miele (I didn’t check Which? at the time so I don’t know if it was a best buy). The Miele is superb, though to be honest apart from it having hot water fill which makes it very much more economical to run and faster to complete a cycle, I can’t honestly say it operates any better than the Hoover did, but it does have a 3rd rack at the top for cutlery, which is very helpful, and it is superbly reliable and solidly built.

I don’t have to rinse or scrape pots either!

I do very strongly believe, though, that the choice of detergent is crucial to good results. I use Ecover tablets. I used to use Finish in the Bosch and that ruined quite a lot of dishes and I’ve tried Waitrose and Co-Op own brand tablets and powders and found them all very poor at cleaning.

Overall I’d say that dishwashers are possibly one of the best kitchen appliances at doing their job.


Thanks for your feedback about dishwashers and washing machines. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you faced with your LG washing machine – it sounds like one that was dropped at the factory. I say this as the reliability research we carry out annually tells us that overall, LG have a good reliability record for their washing machines made in the last six years.

It feels like a good moment to mention a bit more about how we work out reliability. We survey around 35,000 Which? members each year and ask them to tell us about the products that they own and the problems they’ve faced with them. Around 12,000 people respond to our surveys, and it’s this sample that we base our findings on.

We rank the problems Which? members tell us about in order of severity, from the niggles which are a pain, but you can live with, to the complete breakdowns. From this research we can work out an average reliability score for the product group, and plot which brands are better or worse. So our reliability scores are driven by the problems owners have experienced with their machines, and the severity of those problems.

Our four-star 85% reliability score for LG is based on the feedback from over 120 owners of LG washing machines and the machines that we heard about come from each of the last six years.

Working like this allows us to be confident about the reliability scores we give products, but this doesn’t mean that every product won’t break down. But we hope it gives members a good indication for how reliable each brand is. And reliability research also feeds into the other testing we do – if a brand has poor brand reliability, they won’t qualify for Best Buys, even if their products do well enough in our tests.

Let us know more about the reliability of your appliances – do they match our findings, are they better or are they worse?

HF says:
11 July 2011

I would not be without my trusty Zanussi compact dishwasher. Everything goes in with dried on food etc etc and comes out spotless. I can’t remember the last time I had to rewash anything. It is my most trusted kitchen appliance (and much better than the previous brand, which used to leave odd rejects and couldn’t get really filthy items properly clean). I use the supermarket’s value brand tablets, and only half a tablet is required in a compact dishwasher.

I don’t really believe the Vileda “research”

Graham Wadforth says:
15 July 2011

We have a Fisher & Paykel double drawer dishwasher which is absolutely superb. For few dishes use one drawer, for more use both. We tend to use the bottom drawer, which is slightly larger, for pans.

I cannot understand why you have never featured this machine in your tests. Although it originated in Australia / New Zealand it is distributed in this country by Whirlpool.