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Are you tempted by discount store batteries?

Disposable battery prices vary a huge amount. Plump for a big brand and a four-pack could set you back over £5. Walk into a discount store and a packet of 12 could be yours for just £1. But are you tempted by them?

The sheer volume of battery for my money never fails to catch my eye. It makes me question how long they’ll last, if I’d notice the difference between them, if it’s a brand I’m familiar with, and whether I’m really making a saving in the long run.

Do you buy cheap multipacks of batteries? Or do you stick to brands you know and trust?

Tested discount batteries

When using your TV remote or kitchen clock most disposable batteries seem perfectly adequate. But to truly distinguish the Best Buys from the Don’t Buys, we test batteries under some of the most draining conditions so you’ll know what to expect when you buy them.

When we last tested disposable batteries we found big differences in their lifetimes. The poorest-performing AA battery lasted just 1 hour and 22 minutes under our toughest test conditions – such as powering a digital radio. However, the best AA batteries can last up to three times longer in the same conditions. That’ll give you nearly three hours more radio talk-time before you need think about reaching for new batteries.

Batteries from discount stores

Last year the Which? Convo community shared their tips for where to buy batteries for less, including online-only sources and discount shops. So, this time, we’ve sent discount store batteries to our lab to find out how they match up with the big brands.

We’ll be revealing the results in a few months time. In the meantime, I’d like to know whether you buy discount store batteries and, if so, what you think of them? Do you ever use different batteries in different devices? If you don’t, would anything tempt you to give them a go?

Do you buy discount-store batteries?

Yes – sometimes (51%, 612 Votes)

No – never. I don’t trust them (21%, 250 Votes)

Yes – always (15%, 181 Votes)

No – but I’m tempted (14%, 166 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,209

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I have had several Duracell aaa leaked over years but I wasnt surprised as this was normal I thought. I would always have tried to set a time each year to change long job batteries like in the camper I change them every spring and the house around July but yes they should not leak and they should do as they are supposed to

Duracell don’t seem as robust as they used to be – I agree.