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Coronavirus pandemic: tell us your consumer concerns

We’ve been publishing key information around COVID-19. But in this unprecedented situation, you can help: what consumer issues matter most to you?

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01/04/2020: The impact on your life

Thank you to everyone who took part in the polls on 17 March – the results help inform our research and shape our advice content.

Today we’ve added three more questions in the polls below. Please do let us know how the situation has impacted on your day-to-day life in the comments.

How often are you shopping for groceries during the lockdown? (either online or in store)
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Are you able to find all of your essential items when grocery shopping?
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Taking into account the government's announcements about financial support, how worried are you about your personal finances?
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Have you asked your bank, energy provider, or other service provider for additional help during the pandemic? What happened?

No, and I do not intend to (65%, 591 Votes)

No - I would expect them to contact me (18%, 160 Votes)

They proactively contacted me with what support they could offer (7%, 61 Votes)

Something else (tell us in the comments) (5%, 49 Votes)

Yes, but they were not able to offer me the support I needed (2%, 19 Votes)

Yes - they offered me the help I asked for (2%, 16 Votes)

Yes - they offered me some help, but less than I expected (1%, 8 Votes)

Yes - they were able to offer me help beyond what my expectations were (0%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 907

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17/03/2020: Are you clear on the latest advice?

Yesterday the government announced that everyone should avoid ‘non-essential’ travel and contact with others. But are you clear on what the new advice means for you?

Answer the questions below as we continue to address how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting people’s lives.

These polls have now closed.

13/03/2020: Tell us your consumer concerns

Experts from all corners of Which? have been putting their heads together to ensure we’re giving you the key information you need to protect yourself, protect your money and make important decisions.

You’ll find more information on how to manage the consumer impact of the pandemic across which.co.uk, including:

How you can protect yourself and others

What each supermarket is doing to manage and avoid supply issues

What the pandemic means for mortgages, savings, and other investments

What it means for your travel plans, or if events are cancelled

Guidance for parents whose children may be affected, including infant pain relief, taking a child’s temperature, and how to identify a rash

Which? Members can also get tailored one-to-one legal advice from Which? Legal

We’ll keep updating this list as more advice is added.

What questions do you have?

We need to know what you want to know. Tell us how the coronavirus is impacting you, especially:

Your travel plans: are you still planning your holidays? Had issues with rebooking for later, or perhaps have had to cancel?

Your experience of the pandemic: are you spotting price gouging, shortages, dodgy products, or other issues online or in shops that aren’t being reported?

Self-isolation: what problems or challenges are you coming up against whilst staying in doors? How are you managing your finances? What information would you find useful?

Any other consumer questions: what would you like to know that you haven’t found an answer for yet?


I have noticed that the price of Surcare washing powder and conditioner is being advertised on Amazon at nearly three times it’s normal retail price, ditto their conditioner.

Would the high prices for Covid PCR tests count as price gouging? The lowest seems to be £120. PCR tests are fairly routine and even with the labour and safety costs, an organised lab could run through thousands of tests per hour for only a few hundred pounds.

The labs have to purchase and maintain their equipment and hopefully carry out appropriate quality assurance. Without knowing these costs and the current price and availability of reagents it is difficult to judge. You are right that a lab with the right machines can process many samples. It might be worth comparing prices with other PCR-based services available to the public, for example heredity testing.

Anyone else noticed how DIY and garden products are so much more expensive nowadays on Amazon? I used to use Amazon as a barometer for fair price then search for the product online and usually ending up buying from Amazon. Now I rarely buy from them as they and their sellers have become uncompetitive in the areas I mentioned and I must admit I would buy elsewhere if prices were similar as I try and support companies who pay a fair tax bill.

Amazon are more expensive for many products especially as they have little competition at the present time. They have also worked hard at undercutting and eliminating competition so have now raised many

I only buy from them as a last resort, because if we don’t use alternatives to Amazon, we only have ourselves to blame when we have nowhere else left to shop.

I bought occasional items, mainly books, in the early days of Amazon but when it became a major retailer I stopped unless there was no reasonable alternative. Amazon has moved into the supermarket market in some areas.

Does everyone remember what happened to many of the smaller shops when Tesco et al. came along?