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Tacky or traditional – how do you like your Christmas tree?

Christmas tree

When it comes to your Christmas tree, people seem to be in one of two camps: classic and understated charm, or all-out colourful bling. But is there a right or wrong way to do it?

I’m just going to come out and say it, I love Christmas! I love all the delicious food you can eat unashamedly, I love being able to catch up with family and friends, and who doesn’t love a gift or two! But one of the best things about Christmas is the tree.

To me, being able to sit in the glow of the gleaming lights, warm and snuggled in my living room, is a perfect way to enjoy Christmas.

And part of the joy of the Christmas tree comes from decorating it too and making to your own. OK, certain aspects are not so fun, such as lugging it in the house from the tree farm or unpacking it from a box in the loft. But decorating a Christmas tree to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside is a real treat.

Your Christmas tree style

As you can probably guess from my enthusiasm for Christmas and all things twinkly, I’m in the ‘tacky’ tree corner! That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate your more traditional and classy tree. But just because Christmas is often steeped in tradition, that doesn’t mean the tree has to follow.

There are so many ways you can decorate your tree – all white and snow-like, gold and glitzy, just red and green, woodland and natural, retro or vintage, the list goes on. Even the trees can vary – fake ones come in an array of colours and there are seven common types of real Christmas tree.

Although I fully appreciate all the ways you can decorate your tree – I bet there is still one out there that would even make me go ‘oh dear, no!’ I still want mine to be bright, bold and bling, making it beautiful in my eyes.

So how do you like your tree? Do Vegas-style lights give you a headache, while simplicity makes your heart sing? Or do you yearn for all things bold and barmy?

Either way, at the end of the day it’s not about the decorations, tacky, traditional or otherwise. Christmas is really about enjoying the company of the ones you love in the delicate or bright glow of your Christmas tree. Happy Christmas!

Oh, and if you’ve got your Christmas tree up and would like to share it with us, email a picture to conversation@which.co.uk and it may appear in our gallery (like mine) below!

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Ooh, this reminds me that I still haven’t put up a tree or any decorations! I always go to visit my family over Christmas so there often seems little point in making my own place Christmassy. However I’ve been inspired by your pics, so might get the decorations and the tree out – tacky is the only way to go for mine, as I’m not particularly creative – I just throw on all of the decorations I have and hope it doesn’t look too bad!

I don’t have a tree in the house (my flat’s too small), but there is a beautiful traditional one at Waverley Station in Edinburgh, unusually with a star on top like in France instead of an angel or fairy. I saw it for the first time yesterday and it made me feel very cheerful.

I’m the traditional type when it comes to Christmas decs, and I find the orange tree in the photos above horrid and the black tree particularly depressing. The inflatable one is just funny.

Happy Christmas to you too, Liz, and to everybody! (Or whatever good feast you celebrate.)