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What hateful household chore do you wish there was a machine for?

It’s the weekend, which probably means you’re catching up on household chores. Surely this isn’t what your free time is for! Don’t you sometimes wish there was a gadget that would do it all for you?

According to a YouGov survey, ironing is the household chore most Brits dread, with half the country saying they disliked it and 30% saying they hate it.

I’m firmly in that 30%. Although I’m not quite in the 10% of people who say they never do it, I’ll definitely go out of my way to avoid it.

I’ll buy clothes that don’t need a lot of ironing and those that do often lay languishing in the bottom of my laundry basket. Here, they’ll remain until I can face getting out the now retro-looking ironing board and iron I’ve had since the late 1990s.

More often than not, I’ll have taken them, along with the rest of my laundry, to the launderette, where the industrial tumble dryers get it dry within 25 minutes and get rid of most of the creases anyway. In my mind, I don’t need to inflict the pain of ironing on myself.

Flat refusal

Until now, nothing would have persuaded me to change my ways. But then I read about Effie.

According to its inventors, this nifty machine can cut down ironing time by 95% by drying and ironing 12 different clothing items in one go.

All you have to do is grab your laundry from the washing machine, put individual garments on hangers and add them to a pull-out bar. Once you hit the start button, the machine pulls in the clothes one by one and uses steam to rid them of creases. In about three minutes, your clothes pop out the other side, all shipshape and Bristol fashion.

What’s more, it can handle all manner of items in numerous fabrics. With an early bird price tag of £700, if I had more room it’s definitely a gadget I’d consider getting. But if that was the case, then saving up for a dishwasher would take priority.

Chore busters

The advent of this time-saving machine got me thinking about other hateful household chores I wish someone would invent a gadget for.

I can’t imagine life without a washing machine (all that scrubbing and mangling looks like hard work when I see it being done in period dramas) and when the cold sets in all-too-soon.

So what would I plump for? A self-cleaning oven that could really tackle the grease on the door would be first, followed swiftly by a self-disinfecting loo…

What about you? What hateful household chore do you wish there was a machine for? What household gadgets make your life easier? Would you buy a robotic ironing machine or is it taking laziness to a whole new level?


Hateful household chores… Well, there’s getting changed for dinner, sorting out the servants’ pay, ensuring the carriage has been properly polished before going down the Mall – never stops, does it? 🙂


More seriously, the biggest issue I seem to face is keeping the study tidy. Loading the dishwasher and cleaning the kitchen after dinner form part of my remit, and I enjoy them, as they’re essentially quite creative, in an odd sort of way. My better half enjoys ironing, and is happy to do it for ages in the Utility rooms, just so long as she has her iPod connected to the tiny but immensely powerful speaker/amp system.

Outside, our drive is 90m long, so we do that together and cleaning it takes the best part of a morning. I do the lawn care (we have three lawns…) and it takes an afternoon to cut them, then another afternoon to strim the edges. Last week we did the once-every-fifteen year drain clean out. That’s a job we both hate – every 15 years without fail. Seems like you’ve only just done it and you’re doing it again.


I suppose that cleaning the car is my least favourite chore. I do voluntary work and it sometimes gets rather muddy. The birds that I feed think it’s fun to leave their deposits, especially when the car is clean. One of my neighbours is out there each weekend, washing his car, his wife’s car and then his daughter’s car. Maybe he would like to do mine.

I iron straight out of the washing machine, so there is no need to use a steam iron.


Is there enough room in the washing machine? How d’you reach the ironing board? 🙂


I clean my car once a year – whether it needs it or not…


Ian – I should have explained that I climb up on pedants to reach the ironing board. 🙂


You should ask him. You may be able to do some sort of chore swap – or make a donation to charity.


It’s tempting. He does not stop. After washing and vacuuming three cars yesterday he tried to use the lawnmower to vacuum up fallen leaves. Today he is sweeping up leaves from the block-paving. He said he is going to get a machine to vacuum them up.


I hate cleaning my car as well – such a chore. I went pumpkin picking yesterday and naively didn’t put anything down on the back seat, so now I have little bits of dried mud on there. I’ll be vacuuming it tonight!