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Raising a glass to the New Year – how will you celebrate?


With the price of a pub pint creeping up, are you choosing to stay in this New Year’s Eve or has the choice been made for you? I used to enjoy going out to celebrate the New Year but now love a good night staying in.

And why would I go out, when I can save money by having friends over and toasting in the New Year with a Best Buy sparkling wine (we’ve got five Best Buy sparkling wines for under a tenner). Or, if I want to push the boat out, a bottle of Best Buy Champagne – the top-scoring bottle is from a supermarket and costs £10 less than Lanson Black Label and Moet & Chandon.

Best New Year’s Eve

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with seeing in the New Year with Jools Holland on the telly with his celebrity mates. I’ve actually sort of grown to prefer it – you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get home and you can keep to a budget. And I’m not alone as a new survey from Post Office Home Insurance says that 74% of people plan to see in 2014 at home or at a friend’s house.

In fact, I usually find that the more money you spend on going out, the worst time you’ll have. In my experience, if you have to fork out for a ticket then you’re guaranteed to see in the bongs comforting a crying friend (this happened to me twice) or avoiding overly drunk strangers (also twice – then I vowed never again).

If your name’s not down

Not got a ticket? Then you need to run the gauntlet of the local pub bouncers. Get in too early and you spend a fair fortune on drink (done several times). Get there too late, and you risk not being let in at all, and peering forlornly through the window while everyone else is celebrating (once, on what felt like the UK’s coldest ever evening). Or ending up in the pub no one else wants to go to, being stared at by forbidding locals who definitely aren’t going to join in with your half-hearted rendition of auld lang syne (only the once).

If the epitome of New Year’s Eve is being with those you care about, sipping a glass of quality bubbly and feeling that all’s good with the world, then you can’t beat staying in with your friends and family and a bottle of Best Buy fizz.

How are you planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve? Let us know and share your best and worst experiences.


I never do anything special on New Years Eve, just does not excite me at all. When I used to have a “real” job I used to always put my name down to work overnight on 31st – 1st as it was double time plus a nice £150 bonus.

I can understand why people go out and see in the new year with friends. But it does not appeal to me at all and this year I will be at home, doing normal day-to-day things 🙂

Going out for a meal with family in the afternoon, then spending the evening at home with a good film.

I’m staying right here. After years of being out playing for other celebrants (And one year standing in the middle of nowhere with the rest of the band because the gig was cancelled) all I want to do is stay in with Jools Holland and watch someone else doing the entertaining. Even if it was recorded months ago…