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Your view: what are your most desired kitchen gadgets?

Food mixer

Research this week professed that the average household owns seven kitchen gadgets. I spouted that I had nowhere near that. In fact, when I counted, I owned six. Here’s how many you lot own.

I confessed in the comments section that I own a kettle, toaster, coffee machine, mini-chopper, electric whisk and electric scales! All I need to buy is that juicer I fancy and I’ll be ‘average’.

So what are the Which? Convo community hiding in their kitchen cupboards? Lee Beaumont says he owns a total of four (which seems suspiciously few):

‘I have a Philips HR1861 Whole Fruit Juicer that I use everyday, it’s awesome. I have a Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup Dispenser (that really is a kettle), a table top hob that I use to cook on as I will not use the massive oven, and lastly, Breville VST025 Sandwich Press that I use to fry on, make toast on and even cook chicken on for my dog.’

Norm owns a very healthy collection:

‘Food processor, blender, stick blender, toaster, sandwich maker, expresso machine, food mixer (old style) Qooker so no kettle. The only thing I would miss is the toaster.’

Counting your kitchen gadgets

It’s another story for our very own Sam Kennedy, who owns an impressive 10:

‘I’ve never really thought about it… let’s count: microwave (did live without one for a year, that was enough), toaster, stick blender thing with various attachments, steamer (gift – never used), espresso machine (used lots, bought 2nd hand from an ex-colleague), electronic scales x 2 (one broken), kettle and a meat thermometer. That’s 9 (or 8 if you don’t count my broken scales), I didn’t think it would be that many! Wait, coffee grinder – that’s 10…. think that’s it…’

Wavechange is doubling up some of his gadgets:

‘Food processor, hand mixer, two liquidisers (different sizes), two coffee machines (filter and pressure), coffee grinder, digital scales and a slow cooker. Plus the microwave and kettle if we must include such things.

‘Among the things I have but don’t use are an electric carving knife and can opener. I did not buy either of them.’

The gadgets you can’t live without

However, it’s a tie between Beryl and Malcolm R for the record of most gadgets:

‘Gadgets I couldn’t live without are: Kettle, coffee makers (I have three but only use one so the other two are surplus to requirements), toaster, cheese grater, microwave oven which doubles as a convector and combi so I never have to use my large cooker oven except for boiling stuff on the gas hob rings on occasion.

‘The rest I can live quite happily without, which include food processor, electric hand mixer, nicer dicer chopper that has so many bits and pieces (I have never been able to fathom which bit chops what because the instructions are all written in German), electric meat carver, stubborn lid remover that makes such a din that it has been relegated to a bottom drawer forever silenced and replaced by a pair of rubber gloves and the offending lid placed under the hot tap which usually works. A total of twelve altogether but reckon I only need five. Time for a good clean out I guess!’

Here’s Malcolm R’s 12 and I’ll be ignoring the mention of Mrs R:

‘In order of use:

• Mrs R
• Kettle, Toaster, Microwave – I couldn’t agree that these are gadgets – used regularly
• Food processor, Electric Scales, Mini Whisk – used occasionally
• Coffee Grinder (must use – Ilike coffee but buy ground), Bread Maker (also must use – it is just getting back into the habit – great bread and always fresh) – these are rarely used at present
• Juicer, Egg Boiler (a present, good, but easier to use a pan), Sandwich Toaster (novelty wore off) – not used
• Deep Fat Frier – despite pleadings for real chips, disallowed. Never been used.

‘That’s 12 excluding the best gadget who isn’t electric so she probably can’t be included.’

However, I want to move this debate beyond the kitchen gadgets you own (and yes I know, a microwave isn’t really a ‘gadget’). Why don’t we talk about the kitchen gadgets you most desire? A popcorn maker? A candyfloss maker? A Hot Cup Dispenser (whatever that is Lee!)?


What I want most in a kitchen is a self cleaning work tops and floors, along with a sexy female robot chef with a great cookery repertoire and a nice voice!


Haha, I wasn’t quite ready to read that comment this morning. We can all dream! 🙂


I was tempted to suggest my top gadget to dbt, but realise cloning has not reached such an advanced stage.
One of our conversations goes “what would you like for dinner” “I don’t know what have we got”. A gadget (or would it be an app?) that I would find invaluable is one that records the food you put in your fridge-freezer and larder, advises you when it needs using, and provides meal suggestions and recipes to use the ingredients that you have in stock.


The advent of the what have we got in the freezer/larder is not that far away at all as bar scanners can do that already. In fact there is no reson why you could not construct a spreadsheet and update it daily with purchses in and out.

Where it is home freezing just select categories and record how much wieght frozen peas and, blackbeerries used.


I would like a bean-to-cup coffee maker, but they take up a lot of space and are expensive. What really puts me off are tales of unreliability and high repair costs. I think I will wait until I can buy one with a ten year warranty at an affordable price.

I guess I will have to continue to desire one of these coffee makers unless Which? would like to send me one to evaluate its long-term reliability. 🙂


Please Which? can I evaluate one too?


We compromised and have a Dualit bean grinder which is quite small and sits neatly behind the coffee maker, so you grind the beans and put it straight in the coffee maker. We still think the plunge type coffee makers are the best flavour.


This is the Hot Cup Dispenser I have: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Breville-VKJ142-Hot-Cup/dp/B001L5SSGQ/

I really do love it as I just need to pop a tea bag into my cup, turn it on and by the time I have been to the cupboard to get one of my sachets of uht milk the water has already boiled and the tea is ready for the milk.

Energy saving AND tea in a flash, what more could I ask for :p