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Would you spend a lot of money on a mattress?

A good night's sleep

Did you know that in your lifetime you spend 200,000 hours in bed? It’s important to find the right mattress for you, but how much would you be willing to spend on a good night’s sleep?

To me, knowing that you’re going to spend so much of your life lying on your mattress means it’s worth spending more to get the best for you.

When it comes to bedroom buys, whether a mattress or pillow, I know that a lot of my friends have simply gone for the best bargain, rather than what will suit their body.

But to me, price isn’t such a strong consideration. A good night’s sleep is what really matters most to me, and getting the best mattress for you can make such a difference.

The mattress minefield

Mattresses are a bit of a minefield, however. Do you go for pocket sprung, memory foam, open sprung, latex or foam? Plus, some mattresses combine more than one type, such as pocket sprung with a memory foam topping. So what do all of the types mean for you and getting a good night’s sleep?

Even though my dad used to own a bed linen company, I wasn’t fully clued up on mattresses until I filmed our how to buy a mattress video.

So now I know what type would suit me best, and I’m armed with the right information to head to the shops and try some mattresses out. Don’t forget that actually lying and turning on some mattresses is key to choosing the right one. But the next question is, how much should I spend? Seeing as so much time will be spent snuggled on my mattress, it’s surely well worth forking out to get the best.

Best doesn’t have to mean pricey

However, looking at our latest mattress reviews from our lab, it seems the best ones don’t always come at a high price. But your chosen ideal mattress type could impact on this – the price for a Best Buy pocket sprung and Best Buy memory foam do differ by about £300, for example.

Generally speaking, pocket sprung and memory foam are more expensive than open sprung mattresses. But with open sprung you’re more likely to feel your partner turn in the night and are also more likely to wear out faster than other types. So I guess it’s a balance between what you know is best for you and what makes a great mattress at a great price.

But would you like to spend a lot on a mattress? Or are you happy to get the one that’s the cheapest, no matter the type?

What type of mattress do you sleep on?

Pocket sprung (54%, 234 Votes)

Memory foam (28%, 124 Votes)

Continuous coil/open coil (7%, 30 Votes)

Latex (6%, 27 Votes)

Other (let us know in the comments) (3%, 13 Votes)

Foam (2%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 436

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I have had a bad back for a while now but have found great improvement after staying in some hotels including Premier and other accommodation depending on the beds & mattresses. After reading this thread I was relieved to find that I am not the only one pulling the bed apart in a hotel to find the make of the mattress! Anyway I have been searching for a new mattress for some time now (mine is a silentnight comfort about 5 years old with topper), and was thinking about a hypnos as used in PI. However, I also found that some John Lewis mattresses are actually made by Hypnos and have been trying to decide on one of these but find it difficult to find out in minutes in the store which firmness would be most comfortable but then again JL have a good customer service rating so if this is not the one I hopefully won’t have a problem but then again they are reasonable but not cheap so I was thinking of trying an Ikea foam to start with as then I wouldn’t be losing too much money if it wasn’t right.

We bought a bed with a very expensive ViSpring mattress 5 years ago. It’s medium sprung with natural wool filling. It also weighs a ton which is usually if sign of quality. However both my husband and I agree we get a better nights sleep when on restless nights we have slept in one of the other bedrooms on cheap mattresses. Although it annoys me to replace the expensive mattress having a quality nights sleep is important. However laying on a bed in showrooms for 10 minutes does little to give you a true feeling of the bed. Maybe customers should have a 6 month return policy.

You can return a john Lewis mattress after trying it at home if you don’t like it for no extra cost.

kimchiswick says:
5 July 2016

I would not buy John Lewis, my husband and I had a terrible experience with them. They say yopu can return it withn 6 weeks of the sale, but the mattress delivery is only 8 weeks after sale! so we are now stuck with a mattress that is giving us terrible back pain, and John Lewis customer service is doing NOTHING to help us, after we spent £2800!

We had our Vispring for just over year and the springs in the middle of the mattress are completely worn. Personally, this is by far the worst mattress we have bought

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I have only just noticed your comment, Kim. The sale is not complete until you have taken delivery so the time for remedial action does not start until then. I am surprised at your report of john Lewis’s response to your complaint. Have you been into a store to speak to a senior partner in the bedding department? I feel they would be more understanding and helpful than someone in customer service. It might now be too late to have the mattress replaced free of charge but they might be able to give you some useful advice and assist you in some way. They should at least examine the mattress and see if there is a manufacturing fault causing you pain. Check Which?s guide to the Consumer Rights Act.

margaret says:
4 January 2017

Vispring have a lifetime guarntee on their mattresses – or so they always say? I believe
you can also change it too within a short period after purchase if it is too hard to soft.
You should be able to have it replaced. Trading standards also say what you purchase
has to be fit for purpose so you have that too? I would not let it go if I were you. Good
luck. M

Steve says:
10 January 2017

Apparently there is a cost for returning large items that were delivered as a 2 man delivery.
They charge £29.95

Barbara says:
21 August 2017

I@ve just returned a Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign mattress to John Lewis, within 30 days. They weren’t going to take it back because it wasn’t in the plastic delivery cover. After two phone calls, in which I explained that nobody keeps the plastic cover o and a second refusal from them, I mentioned the Small claims court, as there is nothing in their terms to say mattresses can’t go back —–and suddenly they were arranging a pick up date! I just paid £29, which is better than losing £1, 300! Keep trying—-they have to do something and don’t accept the first answer. Good luck!

Sharon kirk says:
25 October 2017

Apparently not. Been back to John Lewis for the 5th time regarding a very lumpy /uncomfortable mattress that I purchased price £1500. Was told to try the mattress for 3 months – which I did. John Lewis have since sent a mattress inspector to my home to inspect the mattress from the company that make them. He’s report states mattress not faulty ?? John Lewis comment today “We do not exchange/replace mattress that are not proven faulty”. So much for customer satisfaction I must continue to sleep on an extremely uncomfortable mattress .. Causing back/hip/shoulder pain. The mattress was a Natural Collection 12000 pocket sprung (medium) .. Not cheap at £1500. Go to Ikea !

I spent over £2000 on a top of the range Hypnos Mattress with a 10 year guarantee only to find that the mattress is sagging even though we turn the mattress 2 a year. I have been told by Hypnos customer services that, following a ‘technicians’ visit that this sagging is natural settlement and within tolerance and closed the case. I am very disappointed. I do not know what tollerances Hypnos use but the issue is so extreme I am almost falling out of bed. I am extremely dissatisfied.

We had a very similar experience – a Hypnos mattress including a “solotex” topper for extra comfort. It was too soft and hence hot to sleep on, from day 1. Two and a half years later, it has sagged like yours to a softness totally unlike the mattress in the shop.

I bought a 4ft. Hypnos pillow top alto divan bed, which cost around £1200.00. After a few weeks I began having unbelievable hip pain each night, so much so that I took pain killers before I went to bed. The mattress also started sagging in the middle even though I turned it on a weekly basis. After leaving feedback on the Hypnos Facebook page I was asked by Hypnos to send them a PM, which I did and was then asked to contact the retailer who sold me the bed..I contacted them, they sent someone out to look at my bed. He thought the sagging and loose tufts were unacceptable. Hypnos then sent out one of their reps who put a straight edge across the bed and said it was sagging by 4 cms and that the allowed maximum sag was 3 cms after 6 months, mine bed was 3 months old. After waiting for Hypnos to contact me as they said they would but didn’t, I left more feedback on their facebook page and within 5 mins someone telephoned me. They agreed to exchange my mattress, which they did after around 3 weeks. The centre section of the new mattress was so hard and felt as though it had a wooden box fitted into it.. I have persevered with it and after around 4 weeks or so it is beginning to soften up gradually.. I rotate the mattress weekly and am hoping that during the next few weeks it becomes more comfortable. I don’t recommend Hypnos beds and wish I hadn’t spent my hard earned cash on one.

We have had the same problem with a hump in the middle of the mattress and that feeling of falling out of bed. We also had the bed inspected by an “independent inspector” after complaining to the retailer. The rather laughable report said that the bed was within normal tolerances and therefore they couldn`t do any more for us. We decided to do a little independent research of our own and discovered a firm called furniture reports (just google) and employed them to produce a proper report. Result, we now know that we`re not going mad. Ours is a very bad bed. We are now , with the help of a proper report in the process of recovering the full price of the bed(over £2500) and the cost of the inspection and report from our credit card company as a section 75 complaint. Do not give up even if you didn`t buy on a credit card. These independent and trusted inspectors can support your case to the small claims court if needed. Do not let these people get away with selling substandard products and then sending a chap with a piece of string and 2 beanbags to make you feel stupid. Good luck to you and don’t give up.

p.s. the mattress is only 5 years old.

Iain, you could ask Hypnos what the specification they use is and what degree of sag is within their tolerances. I cannot see a British Standard for other than flammability and suchlike.

James says:
12 June 2016

Same for us with a Hypnos mattress, a technician came over too and concluded that the mattress was ok. Myself and my wife were wondering if it was our fault for not turning the mattress over enough.

edward says:
23 July 2016

I have had two Vispring Herald Supreme each has lasted 17 years, and still had plenty of life left, I am 15 Stone but am hyper-critical due to a badly damaged back. I am looking for a replacement now and have examined all the quality bed/mattress’s for some weeks, as I was trying to reduce expenses, but I have concluded that I must purchase another Vispring. For example my first Vispring now 36 years old is still in daily use and my current Vi spring [showing no sign of sinkage, or fabric fade] is going to a good friend of mine who is delighted to take it off me and use it..

Hi If you are still looking for a replacement Vispring – I have one for sale – it’s a 4’6″ and is probably a medium softness. My uncle bought it just over a year ago for over£1800 but had to go into hospital a few weeks after – he never went back to his own home so it has been in secure dry storage ever since. If you are interested I will confirm details – please make me an offer

Hello Lynette, is your mattress still for sale please? If so, how do I contact you.

lorraine says:
17 April 2017

hello do you still have the mattress?

Stewart says:
19 July 2017

Without a doubt the best mattresses that money can buy, a true investment!

Bought a hypnos bed for well over a 1000 pounds got a hump in the middle not long after we bought it even though turned it as stated. Technician came out and said the same as they seem to say to everyone its settlement of the fibres? Its a no turn mattress as well which is not ideal. Even have a mattress cover on now but can still feel the buttons! I am a side sleeper and cannot even sleep on my side now just keep rolling onto my stomach. Not had a good nights sleep for ages worst bed ever and its not even 2 years old. We will be having a new bed sooner than later don’t think it will see 5 years let alone 10!!!

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We had our first ViSpring Herald for 20 years, before replacing it with another. This has lasted for 25 years, but the mattress is now a bit saggy and so we shall now go and buy our third ViSpring Herald. Not cheap, but well worth it.

Elainemarie says:
15 March 2017

I have the Vi Spring Baronet which has got a pronounced hump in the middle of the mattress now after 19 years. Did you put your new Herald mattress on the old divan base or buy the whole mattress and divan base again from new? Your reply would be appreciated as I’m in a dilemma over whether to use the base again.

Stewart says:
19 July 2017

Please don’t reuse the old base as if you have a hump in the mattress that will be mirrored in the base and any new mattress will follow the same lines. Plus, Vispring Lifetime guarantee will be void if used on an old base

We bought new divan bases both times. However, this time we have put the old divan base in the spare bedroom and put a new Hypnos pocket sprung mattress on top. Our new Vi-Spring Herald is just as fabulous as the 2 previous ones.
Sorry about the reply delay.

Helen says:
29 October 2016

We bought a Relyon (pocket sprung with natural fillings) and spent a year complaining to the retailer. It was delivered and it was more firm than we’d expected based on it’s ‘medium’ tension we ordered and the one we’d tried in the shop. So we contacted the retailer – went back to the showroom and tried the one on display and said ‘the one we’ve been delivered is so much firmer than the medium and the firm one on display’. They said it needs to soften and it will soften in a month or two or three. It went lumpy, and ‘settled’ into dips where we’d slept with a hump in the middle and a hill to each edge. We turned and rotated it as instructed. Still getting back pain every night. The FIRA inspector came out and said it wasn’t faulty. After a year we went to mediation and got some money back. Not all of it though. But now we’re nervous about choosing another one!

Lindsey says:
21 November 2016

Hi there,

I am currently having a new mattress nightmare and wondered if you could give a brief opinion? I purchased a handmade Burgess mattress last month in medium tension for £800. There were holes in the cover when it arrived but we were told buy the seller to use it (with mattress protection) and he would contact Burgess to discuss. 4 weeks later and no one had picked it up for repair. In the meantime I’ve developed really bad upper back pain after sleeping and think the mattress is too firm. It seemed ok initially but now it certainly is causing the pain….I am tossing and turning all night and can’t wait to get out of it in the morning. I checked the guarantee and it only covers repair of faults for 10yrs. I have been told there is no return available because we have made the wrong choice. I’m extremely upset. I went back to the showroom where we had tried the mattress out on 2 occasions and a different salesman told me that it is a FIRM Mattress (even though it claims to be medium) and that he didn’t get on with it and found it too hard! He was 6ft tall! I was not given this info before we bought it and I’m only just under 7 stone in weight and 4ft 11in. The mattress was picked up and speedily recovered (in one day) in organic cotton with a wool layer under the surface but it is obviously the springs that are too firm. I’m at a loss as what to do as it is giving me a really bad upper back (which I have never had before). We have had it about 7 weeks now. I have emailed this information to Burgess 2 weeks ago and they haven’t even bothered to respond. £800 is a lot of money for us and is the cost of a family holiday for the 3 of us. Just wondered if you could give an opinion of this situation.

Annette says:
12 December 2016

We purchased a Hypnos 5ft divan bed in October2015. I found the studs in the mattress very uncomfortable and we were unhappy with the huge lump in the middle of the mattress. I contacted Hypnos who suggested we purchased a mattress topper and to contact the retailer . After quite extensive communications ,we finally had an inspection by a man with a spirit level. We then had to chase the result of that to be told that ‘the dips in the mattress were within the accepted guidelines’. Some weeks later we pursued this further, provided photographs and were finally given a new mattress. The new one is slightly better but still has a lump in the middle which has not gone away despite turning it as instructed. We had to buy a topper for comfort because of the studs. I am surprised that we would need to do that with a brand new mattress. Ours is a ‘Regent Supreme’ . I would definitely not recommend.

We’ve just received our new mattress, well a couple of weeks before Christmas. I was annoyed and confused with all of the conflicting advice out there about which mattress is best especially when some were saying you needed to spend around £1500!

In the end we went for a Airsprung Catalina Memory mattress and I sleep so much better now. I could instantly feel the difference, compared to our old spring mattress.

I bought my Hypnos, alto pillowtop divan in July. The first week or so sleeping on it was ok but since then things have gone from bad to worse, so much so that I take pain killers before I go off to bed. I’ve turned the matress religiously as they state. Although my bed has developed a dip, it’s the tufts that are causing me so much hip pain, there’s no escaping them… I saw on facebook that others had experienced similar problems and hypnos were asking them to contact them direct, so I did exactly that only to be told I had to go through the retailer, which of course, I then did.. A guy from the retailer came out, and with a straight edge that he put across the bed found that there was a very unaceptable dip and that the tufts were loose instead of tightly pulled into the matress. He said that there definately was a problem, that he would write out his report and send it of to Hypnos, which he did.. Hypnos told him they would contact me, but I had to chase them… They are supposedly coming out next tuesday afternoon. I hope they don’t expect me to purchase one of their matress toppers to make “the most comfortable bed in the world” fit for purpose… I will definately contact “watchdog” if I don’t get a favorable outcome over this.

Don’t touch Hypnos beds. Got one of the Premier Inn variety and they are incredibly uncomfortable with big indents where the buttons are. Wanted it returned within a day as had backache. Took weeks to arrange for an independent assessor to come out and because it hadn’t been turned in the weeks I had it, they guarantee was invalid. Customer services bordered on outright rudeness and were unhelpful. Could not understand that the indents were the problem and had nothing to do with the turns. Don’t believe this is a Premier Inn mattress.

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Staples also have a Royal Warrant for supplying mattresses and there could well be other manufacturers who furnish the royal quarters – after all, apart from beds for members of the Royal Family and their guests, there must be hundreds of beds for the live-in support staff [as well as for the dogs].

Hi Tired1, have you tried a thick mattress cover? Probably not what you want, but you could try a memory foam topper to at least try and make your mattress useable.

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Ha Ha, Duncan – I expect there is a firm somewhere that has been supplying accessories to the royal kennels and stables for many years and holds a Royal Warrant.

I hope they select an appropriate mattress for Mr Trump when he descends on the Palace.

Vispring bed is my ideal and well worth the expense as it is so durable. I bought it 2006, it is still as comfortable as the first night, showing no signs of wear. I have a back injury which requires perfect support; the mattress is just right for me. When new, the heavy mattress had to be turned frequently for several months to allow the many layers of padding to settle. I have chemical sensitivities; the shop aired it for a few weeks to off-gas.

I am one of the singletons of this world and would like to find a king size single bed (200cm x 120cm). Has anyone ever come across one? The standard size is just that bit too small.

This comment was removed at the request of the user

In UK standard sizes, the closest I have seen is a ‘small double’- 122 cm (w) x 190 cm (l). Presumably you need the extra 10 cm [four inches] in length so you can lay straight without having your head under the headboard. I am surprised 200 cm is not a standard length across all widths.

It is possible to have a bed and mattress custom-made to order but probably quite expensive and then difficult to get fitted sheets that fit properly and duvets that cover you at both ends.

A standard King is 150 x 200,. If you have the room I’d go for it. We have two 90×200 zip and link to make a double; the individual “singles” are plenty wide enough for me, and I’m over 6′.

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K chapman says:
1 April 2017

Can you reverse a memory foam mattress

Do you mean turn it over? There would probably be no great harm in trying but the structure and filling on the reverse might not be comfortable or suitable for sleeping on. And if after trying it you wanted to go back to the intended use of the mattress, the memory foam could have ‘learned’ the wrong profile having picked it up from the base structure.

I don’t have memory foam mattresses but I understand it is normal to turn them round. I doubt that anyone would turn one over unless they don’t like the memory foam.

I don’t think memory foam works for everyone and that, unfortunately, many people changing their traditional mattress or buying a new bed were seduced by the heavy marketing and bought a memory foam mattress in the belief that it would give them a better night’s sleep – especially if their original sprung mattress had become tired and slack in places. After a time, disappointment with memory foam has set in but they are expensive things to discard. One relatively economical way to obtain relief is to fit a mattress-topper on top of a memory foam mattress. That will neutralise some of the proclaimed benefits of a memory-foam mattress but if you have gone off it anyway it’s worth a try.

I thought that memory foam had something to do with a princess not being able to feel a pea under the bedding.

I bow to your superior intelligence on that one, Wavechange. I have limited experience of princesses but doubt they are more sensitive than most other sleepers.

I don’t know about that, John, but I think you are right about the power of marketing.

I think you need to spend enough to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Also, if you have developed a daily routine that is harming/hurting your back (or other body parts), you should not expect a comfy bed to cure those ills. You’ll also need to fix the root causes of you aches and pains…

After hurting my back a few years ago, I swapped my old sprung mattress for a cheap “memory” foam one. I find this new mattress to be more comfortable and, after a whole raft of small but helpful lifestyle changes, I now thankfully seldom ever suffer from backache.

From my experience of cheap memory foam mattresses, I think the work “memory” is used as a marketing term for mattresses that will gradually or eventually sag into a permanently displaced shape… However, so long as they remain comfortable, that is no big deal.

Sue Robinson says:
23 April 2017

Anybody have experience of John Ryan mattresses? They claim to be on a par wth VSpring but are a fraction of the cost with a 60 day money back guarantee

Gina says:
24 April 2017

I am also interested in buying from John Ryan as I have tried out a Devonshire Vispring that I love. Apparently J R have a equivalent called Artisan Luxury. I like the 60 day trial they offer.

Stewart says:
19 July 2017

They are no where near the quality or luxury comfort of a Vispring. Please don’t waste your money, the old saying ” You get what you pay for” is true

Stewart says:
19 July 2017

Please don’t waste your money, not even a comparison to Vispring

Micah says:
10 November 2017

I would disagree completely with the negative comments as no doubt would the 1400-odd people who have given them a 97% positive Trustpilot rating! A little bit of time spent reading on their site where they are almost evangelically up-front about the differences between a Vi Spring mattress and their ‘equivalents’ will be very helpful to make up your own mind. I bought their ‘Artisan Naturals’ model 2 years ago and have been delighted with it.

Buyer Beware of Gillies and Hypnos.
I unfortunately purchased a Hypnos Alto Pillow Top from Gillies Aberdeen.
Within 2 months the mattress has developed a pronounced central ridge running from head to toe.
It has sagged on both sides to the extent it feels like two hammocks side by side. You can feel all the buttons and the springs when lying down on it rendering it unusable as it’s so uncomfortable.
NOTE. this has been inspected twice, 1st by the retailer, who stated it was faulty and should not be so uncomfortable.
The 2nd inspection was carried out by the Hypnos as it had been flagged as faulty by Gillies. The Hypnos representative verbally stated to me that he believed it was not fit and should be replaced.

Note Hypnos state that a “lying down” test should be performed but their representative stated they are not allowed to do a “lying down” or any load test.
It was at that time mentioned that a mattress would have to “sag” more than a fist depth for it to fail otherwise is it always a pass. A really good trick good for a 2″ thick pillow top!

Gillies refuse to honour their warranty and replace or refund stating that it is “settlement” and should be expected.
I have run up against huge obstacles on trying to get this refunded or replaced.
The biggest one being getting an “independent inspection” carried out.
I cannot get a Chargeback (section 75) without one my bank card are not interested.
I Have involved the Furniture Ombudsman which has been on-going for months with zero result (cannot even get an progress update as all requests are ignored).
Ideally I wish to pursue this in court but of course without an inspection report it’s pretty much a waste of time.

You may ask “why is there a problem getting an independent inspection?
Well the answer is very simple there appears to be no single company within 500 miles of Aberdeen who can do an inspection.

This is now nearly a year and looks like my £1320 was a complete waste of money.

Note I have received several messages from Hypnos saying they will deal with this on Social Media sites but they never actually do anything, they never respond to direct messages so it’s just a smoke screen on their part.

(Note if you place a memory foam topper upside down (smooth side to mattress) you can get a wonderful inverse impression of all the buttons standing up like a row of dragons teeth)

Experts say anything ! Because they are “experts” everyone thinks they are right in everything they say ,how many are paid by someone to say the things they do? You must buy a new mattress every few years , recommended by who? the mattress makers or sellers with “expert” backing of course

We are thinking of buying a sprung base firm edge John Lewis divan base ( bespoke size) and put an Hypnos Deluxe mattress on it ( from JL).
The shop and manufactures say you should not mix brands of mattress and base?
Is this just to protect themselves or is then any reason why you cant mix?
( we need to mix brands as Hypnos do not make a bespoke divan size with a SPRUNG base – they only make a bespoke platform base.)
Thank you

We bought a new Vi-Spring divan base and mattress. We kept the old Vi-Spring base for the spare room and bought a new Hypnos mattress to put on top. It is by all accounts very comfortable. If they are the same size, I can’t see why there would be a problem.