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Would you spend a lot of money on a mattress?

A good night's sleep

Did you know that in your lifetime you spend 200,000 hours in bed? It’s important to find the right mattress for you, but how much would you be willing to spend on a good night’s sleep?

To me, knowing that you’re going to spend so much of your life lying on your mattress means it’s worth spending more to get the best for you.

When it comes to bedroom buys, whether a mattress or pillow, I know that a lot of my friends have simply gone for the best bargain, rather than what will suit their body.

But to me, price isn’t such a strong consideration. A good night’s sleep is what really matters most to me, and getting the best mattress for you can make such a difference.

The mattress minefield

Mattresses are a bit of a minefield, however. Do you go for pocket sprung, memory foam, open sprung, latex or foam? Plus, some mattresses combine more than one type, such as pocket sprung with a memory foam topping. So what do all of the types mean for you and getting a good night’s sleep?

Even though my dad used to own a bed linen company, I wasn’t fully clued up on mattresses until I filmed our how to buy a mattress video.

So now I know what type would suit me best, and I’m armed with the right information to head to the shops and try some mattresses out. Don’t forget that actually lying and turning on some mattresses is key to choosing the right one. But the next question is, how much should I spend? Seeing as so much time will be spent snuggled on my mattress, it’s surely well worth forking out to get the best.

Best doesn’t have to mean pricey

However, looking at our latest mattress reviews from our lab, it seems the best ones don’t always come at a high price. But your chosen ideal mattress type could impact on this – the price for a Best Buy pocket sprung and Best Buy memory foam do differ by about £300, for example.

Generally speaking, pocket sprung and memory foam are more expensive than open sprung mattresses. But with open sprung you’re more likely to feel your partner turn in the night and are also more likely to wear out faster than other types. So I guess it’s a balance between what you know is best for you and what makes a great mattress at a great price.

But would you like to spend a lot on a mattress? Or are you happy to get the one that’s the cheapest, no matter the type?

What type of mattress do you sleep on?

Pocket sprung (54%, 234 Votes)

Memory foam (28%, 124 Votes)

Continuous coil/open coil (7%, 30 Votes)

Latex (6%, 27 Votes)

Other (let us know in the comments) (3%, 13 Votes)

Foam (2%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 436

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Alison says:
9 September 2013

I have spent over 5000 pounds in the last 5 years trying to find a comfy mattress and am still to find one .i have had tempur ,sealy ,memory foam toppers ,pillow tops ,pocket sprung and latex ,now have a hypnos and after 2 night know that it is another 600 pounds down the drain .the problem is that you really don’t know if its going to suit until you slept in it by then its too late and you are stuck with it..I do all the right things ,going along to he store and spending ages trying them out lying on them for ages moving around but this seems to be no guarantee of it bieng any use when you get home .I am now stuck with this hypnos for the next 10 years as my husband says enough is enough .why don’t the have sleep centres where you can go along and spend a night slipping on the mattress of your choice ? It would be great !

Lesley says:
4 December 2013

Oh Alison I so sympathise with you – our story is just the same, and I recently saw a mattress on ebay advertised as ‘selling because of my wife’s relentless search for the perfect mattress’! We used to have a house full of Slumberland posture sprung matttresses – everyone who ever slept on one reported it as one of the most comfortable they had ever slept on. Sadly they eventually ‘died’ and now since Slumberland’s takeover they no longer make their unique posture springing. We’ve tried two of their newer beds as well as two Vi-Spring (they replace after 90 days if not satisfied), a Sealy and a Harrison. Both of us have bad backs which don’t do well on pocket sprung beds – soft ones have no support and firm ones we can’t sleep on. For many years manufacturers made top quality coil sprung beds (with quality fillings) and loads of people still long for them I think, but now the only open coil ones are cheap. I’ve tried contacting Slumberland to ask them to consider making posturespringing again but they won’t. A long-serving bed salesman told us it was unique and really popular.

Leelee says:
5 April 2014

I just bought an Hypnos bed After three weeks of no sleep I complained to Hypnos but they will not refund the bed.. The plastic bars which are cheap hard and stick in you were never used in the 2001 model .. They don’t even bother to reply to a customer or even Accept that paying over 900 pounds. At sale price ( 1390.00 ) that it’s not a lot of money

If you complain you should get a refund as the bed isn’t what you actually bought
Your buying a product which offers a perfect nights sleep ..
You don’t get that ..

Pratts are just as bad booking there contractors weeks waiting then cancel as he’s ill
And again waiting another. 3 weeks all along your 30 days after purchase runs to. 3 months

It’s outrageous that these big brands have not customer care or service
🙁 and I am sick of no sleep

helen says:
12 October 2014

I have been looking at a site called John Ryan by design who guarantee you the right bed and will change it after a month if it is not right. The prices are fair and they seem to know what they are talking about. Has anyone ever used them?

Yes, I’ve bought two beds from them. They are excellent. Superb service and the quality is unbeatable. We bought a super king zip link and a kingsize. One is a spare bed and everyone who sleeps on it comments how comfortable it is.

odpshaz says:
2 September 2015

We are exactly the same. I can’t tell you how many mattresses and pounds we have spent trying to find the right one. For about 8 years we had a great one from M&S. In those days there was no memory foam, latex, toppers, geltex or any other rubbish. Life was fairly simple. Of course when I tried to find another one like it, it didn’t exist. It was a firm so I presumed we liked firm mattresses. How wrong was I? Well it depends on what they are made from so everyone may as well ignore any of the firm ratings. Also laying down on one for 30 mins in a showroom does not give you any indication of if its going to be any good for you. My partners brother has an old sealy single mattress thats more than 20 years old. Occasionally I get to sleep on it and its heaven. Can I get one like it from Sealy …no. Apparently Sealy are the only mattress company that actually have medical experts involved with their mattresses. Well I have a sealy at the moment and unfortunately we seem to be wide awake about 3 or 4am with back pain. It has lower back support which is the cause of our distress. When you lay on your side our hips are pushed up into an un-natural position. Another £350 down the drain…tried mattresses ranging from £150 to £600, all to no avail. John Lewis actually refunded my money back which they don;t normally do. I was very impressed by this. Apparently I have been given all sorts of rubbish information by various companies, like if you’re not very heavy which I’m not then I should not be sleeping on a firm mattress, what a load of rubbish!!! So it’s all a game of luck I think and at the moment I’m having a pretty bad run of luck. It would be cheaper to go and see a chiropractor each week I think. All these toppers etc are gimmicks…what was so wrong with mattresses 20 years ago!!

darkan9el says:
26 January 2014

We have been looking for a mattress for approx 3 months now and the hassle we have had is practically apocalyptic. All of this was to purchase a Dormeo Mattress.

The ironically named Ideal World have let us down twice; once they reckon they didn’t get an order even though we had an order no. the second time we were obviously mentally deranged and tried with “Not so” Ideal world again this time the got an order but lost a King size mattress in the post WTF!!! We then got a refund minus postage for an item we never received, talk about adding insult to injury, we reminded them of their obligations and have yet to receive the postage refund of approx £15.00 (watch this space) Anyway we were optimists so thought being as though the brand we were after was having a new year sale we’d try our lucky directly, so off to the Dormeo website. We picked the one we wanted (the site said it was IN STOCK went through the process of creating an account, my partner started this so it had her name as the account holder… mistake one, I said ooh its over £100 lets pay via credit card, she doesn’t have one so I used mine, we also added my mobile number because I’m self employed so its easier for me re deliveries anyway we paid and waited.

Call me paranoid if you want but I got that uhoh! feeling 2 days after buyng the mattress online so decided to check by phoning Dormeo up… Ring Ring phone cuts off… ring ring again, phone cuts off, starting to get nervous, ring ring… I hear a human, phew!!!
Me:”I’d like to check an online purchase please”
Dormeo: “ok can I have the order number”
Me “certainly its #******”
Dormeo: “Hmmm”
Me: “what does that mean”
Dormeo: “there isn’t an order number on our system”
Me: red mist is starting to slowly descend…”what do you mean no order number, you’ve taken my money”
Dormeo: “Can I have your name and address”
Me: “name and address given”
Dormeo: “I can’t talk to you about the account, is she there?”
Me: “No, its my address too, and my credit card, and my phone number”
Dormeo: Sorry I have to speak to the account holder”
Me:a few minutes of waffling about how stupid this is and blah blah “I send proof of funds being taken and i’ll call back later”

My partner comes home, I explain the events WHAT!!!! female turns into bloodlust psycho diva, 30mins later she’s sedated enough to have a conversation with.

We phone Dormeo…
We: “goes through the same convo I did earlier, only to be told Dormeo can’t find it”
Dormeo “yes we see that funds have been taken”
We: “and…”
Dormeo: “We can’t do anything until we have an order number”
We: “I gave you one earlier, ok you can’t sort this out so pass me to someone who can”
Dormeo: Peter: line manager “Hi, waffle waffle I’ll try to sort it out can I call you tomorrow?”
We: “Ok”
Dormeo Peter: “Ok we’ve sorted it”
We: “yay”
Dormeo Peter: “Its out of stock”
We: if you have young children or elderly nearby please turn screen off now “WHAT!!!!! what’s wrong with you people, peter says sorry as if thats gonna make it all ok, Mrs Hyde appears drooling with an insane look, I pass peter over to her and wait… 5 minutes of ranting later, hairy knuckles appear and hand me the phone back.

We: “I think we are done here so I’ll request a refund please”
Dormeo peter: “Ok I’ll get that sorted.”

Lets see how long it takes them to refund me, it took seconds to remove the money from my account…

Needless to say we still do not have a mattress, although we are survivors and will soldier on in the pursuit of our dream mattress.

Suzie says:
1 September 2014

You can buy Dormeo mattresses on Costco.co.uk and they will deliver too and the prices are far cheaper than the Dormeo website. Also – they are very good so shouldn’t lose your order etc. Just make sure you keep the account name is whoever wants to be the main contact and is the person paying for the item – as Data Protection rules are infuriating but they are there for a purpose (to protect your data). If you are not a Costco member you have to pay a 5% surcharge – or can buy an online only 12 month membership for £15 which may be the better option if you want to buy other items from them and don’t live near a Costco warehouse. Delivery is usually included in the price. Dormeo mattresses are also on the Argos website too.

If anyone has bought a Dormeo mattress how do you like it? I am looking at buying the Dormeo Hybrid – pocket spring with memory foam topper. £199 including delivery for a double from Costco or £248 on Argos.

Gordon Davies says:
29 October 2014

Many many thanks darkan9el for your very interesting tale of trying to buy a Dormeo mattress.Your whole article was very articulate and funny at the same time.It made me laugh which with my present state of health is what I needed.

If anyone deserve to finds exactly what they want it is you and the good wife and I wish you every success in the future.

Paul Holmes says:
9 March 2014

I just got a mattress from John Ryan (factory beds direct). They give you 30 days to try, and you can send back, supposedly as good as Vi Spring at half price.

Lesley says:
9 March 2014

Paul I’d be interested in how you get on. I did look at those mattresses but I didn’t think they were actually much cheaper than vi spring when you get special offers. Anyway we have a base model vi spring that none of our visitors rate as very comfortable. Maybe the higher spec ones might be better but it cost a shed load of money.

Just bought another mattress – a pillowtop pocket-sprung mattress made by Hypnos for John Lewis – from an outlet store in Thame. They sell surplus stock, ex-showroom/exhibition mattress at decent prices. Ours was brand new, original wrapping. Very comfortable.

Dj says:
8 July 2014

Can you give me the details of the Thame store please

Dj, as this conversation does not allow advertising I do not think I can give you the details directly. However, they recently moved from nearby “Long Crendon”, and sold “furniture”, so perhaps if you searched on Google it might show the current address! Good luck.

Paul Holmes says:
10 March 2014

The John Ryan matress is very well made, but both my wife and I are finding it hot. It seems slightly on the soft side, and is very well upholstered (it weighs about 9 stone in Superking) but we are both finding it gets as hot as the memory foam we replaced. We think this is because its so stuffed with wool etc, that no air gets in it. Its the Artisan Natural and I was assured I would be cool on it (the number one priority for me) but this is definately not the case. Aside from this and the memory foam one before it, I don’t have a problem with ‘hot’ beds, and sleep in hotels a lot. My wife was happy with the memory foam, but now says she is even hotter on this. I’d love to get a bed like the one I just slept in at the Bahia Principe hotel in Tenerife!
As a result, it is with some regret that I think I am going to have to take them up on their trial guarantee and I’ve emailed them about a return.
Does anyone know a decent bed that keeps nice and cool. At the moment I prefer sleeping on the cheapo Kingsize in the spare room that causes me no such problems.
I have asked JR if they have anything proven to be cooler, and if they will give me a trial on that, then I will have another go. If not, I noticed that Bed and Pillow Warehouse are selling a Hypnos at £600 in Superking which seems cheap compared to the JR one (£1300). I am sure it won’t be as well upholstered as the JR, but maybe that’s what I need so I don’t sink into thick woolley heat? Has anyone tried these and can they confirm they are cool.

Lesley says:
10 March 2014

What an incredible coincidence Paul – we too just returned from a holiday at the Bahia Principe in Tenerife and I too thought the bed was the most comfortable I had ever slept in at a hotel. Despite being confined to bed for a couple of days with a bug, my dodgy back didn’t suffer at all. Don’t know if the Bahia chain has the same beds in all its hotels or just the Spanish ones.

I bought a new mattress last year from a specialist bed company Feather and Black. Their mattresses are all hand made by a longstanding British Co who hail from Leeds by the name of Spinks & Edgar and are comprised of all natural materials. They have about 8 different tensions to choose from including a mattress with different tensions on either side to suit differing weight requirements for couples. They have about 33 stores nationally and a very informative website which includes a video showing a mattress being made.

I was very impressed with the service I received at the store I visited and was encouraged to try quite a wide range before finally making a choice. There is also a quite a wide price range to suit different pockets. I chose one that didn’t need turning over but needs turning round initially every two weeks and then with the seasons. Delivery arrived on time and the mattress was carried up the stairs and placed on the base.

auntieali says:
1 May 2016

The Spinks and Edgar company also makes the Ultimate Collection mattresses in John Lewis, prices currently £2900 in KS up to £13,500 depending on the model.

Leelee says:
5 April 2014

I have recently purchased a Hypnos pillow top bed, very disappointed .. Really poor quality and because the tuffs have been change for the soft more expensive original one from 2000
To plastic hard and very uncomfortable ones.. May I add you can’t sleep
Your awake all night tossing and turning

I have reported this to the supplier which have replied go back the Pratts .. Hypnos have no customer care, and are not bothered about there make which they sell as a most comfortable good night asleep.
I have asked they refund me as the bed was not even 30 days old .. It’s taken 3 months to actually get a reply with an answer .. No Refund Not bothered

How do we as customers allow people to lie and mislead the customer
Your told one thing in the showroom and yet it’s completely a lie to get you to buy.

With this been my second Hypnos purchase I would of expected they replace or refund the bed yet it’s another NO

Do not be taken in by Hypnos the 10 years Guatantees no long is that but 5 years really

Jill says:
28 May 2014

I am looking buy a new mattress. Have done a lot of research and still confused as ever.. My husband I both have joint and back problems. We were advised by several people to go for Laytex.
Went Dreams to try some. The Layex beds with Topper were very soft and we prefer firm bed for support. We were fairly keen on Sealy Rosebury pocket sprung mattress. I was told the filling was natural latex. Did more research on th Internet but could not find any pocket spring mattress with Layex fillings.
Also, is it true that more pocket springs gives more comfort and support? I have seen some with 5000 springs. Please help…..

Phil says:
3 June 2014

After using premier Inn for many years I realised they were changing the mattress when they revamp the hotels for a much comfier one. I already knew about Hypnos as being a traveller I had taken beds apart when I experienced a comfy bed to see what mattress it was. But when I had been on the Hypnos site they were a bit more expensive for something I was not completely familiar with. However when I realised that Premier Inn had struck a deal with Hypnos and I could order the mattress I had slept on for what I think is a realistic price I jumped at the chance. It has 1000 springs, natural materials and a sown in topper. It was delivered today and I look forward to wearing it in :0) Check out Premier Inn web site for details and a direct line telephone for ordering.

Rachel says:
11 June 2014

I’m thinking of buying a Hypnos/premier lnn mattress but would be interested in your report so far now you have started wearing it in.

Phil says:
16 June 2014

Hi, we have had the mattress for a week so far. It seems firmer than the ones I have tried in the Premier Inns. But they would have been older. I have stayed in four PI this week, two with Hypnos,two without. The Hypnos toppers seem to be softer, but like I say it may get that way with wear. I am going to try and talk to a Housekeeper some time and see how they maintain them. We are religiously turning it round weekly. All in all its still more comfortable than our old mattress.

Phil Stickings says:
19 July 2014

Two months in the topper is bedding in nicely. I don’t know about the comments on Hypnos but absolutely no problems with ordering, delivery and product through Premier Inn.

Mandeep says:
18 July 2014

BEWARE of HPNOS: Hypnos & AHF do not bother about after care. Once sold, you will be left alone to beg for help. I bought 3 keats (medium) mattress from AHF. They showed us one thing and delivered a completely different product. It took us 3 months to arrange an engineer visit. Engineer mentioned in his report – lay test : pass for a soft mattress, pressure test: pass for a soft mattress. NOT MEDIUM. Also he mentioned the store model looks completely different. Tufts seems tighter and mattress feels fuller. The customer(me) mattress feels very softer and saggy. Both manufucturer and retailer gave no respect to this report and denied to help. I am undergoing a surgery on 21-july, n i am going to take them to the court once m little better.

I have just rang for a quote for a double mattress only. £465 inc delivery

Rachel says:
28 November 2014

I decided to buy a Hypnos Premier Inn double mattress with wool topper in September. The ordering, delivery and quality all good, but the mattress is much firmer than I thought it would be. We decided to purchase it as we had stayed in a Premier Inn and had the best nights sleep ever. I did know it would be firmer as we are using it on a slatted base, but even the topper feels quite hard and solid not like the one in the hotel. I thought with time it might soften up, but although we have turned it every week as instructed, after two months we still find it far too hard and uncomfortable. We are now using a topper on top of the topper, so it looks a bit like the princess and the pea. Just wish I could have tried it first.

buzzybee52 says:
19 February 2015

I have had 2 previous Hypnos Pillowtop beds over the years,( purchased through House of Fraser at the time, but no longer available there) and loving them both to bits.
Wanting a slightly wider bed, I had no qualms about purchasing a 3rd Hypnos Pillowtop bed through the Premier Inn site, which was about £300 cheaper than my local bed centre in Bramley. I paid £980 for a Kingsize bed with 2 drawers. What a mistake this has been!
The bed is so hard and uncomfortable that it is like sleeping on thick cardboard and in no way resembles my previous beds. I took delivery of it on Monday 2nd Feb (delightful delivery crew), slept on it for 4 painful nights before going into hospital, and now that I am out, I cannot sleep on it at all. My back hurts but worst of all, my hips hurt due to the solid surface and I am developing bursitis again on both hips which I haven’t had for a few years (since my Hypnos Pillowtop No 2 bed). All this in 2 weeks of use!!! And I can’t rotate it weekly or even monthly as I can’t lift anything heavy for 3 months. Have to get someone to do it for me.
Judging by other comments, I don’t suppose for a moment that Premier Inn will get back to me when I contact them. Suggestions appreciated.
Fortunately, bed No 2 was moved into an ‘occasional’ bedroom so I can go back to using it whilst I think what to do next. Might buy a topper, or just a new mattress from my local bed centre in Bramley whilst this is going on. Perhaps I should have done that to start with!

Ranald says:
12 June 2015

Hi Buzzybee
Glad you got a refund from Premier Inn.
I purchased a Hypnos Pillowtop from a high street retailer based on sales hype – “the most comfortable bed in the world”, 100 year history, royal charter, etc. etc.
It is not possible to make an accurate assessment of comfort during a 15 minute trial in a busy store so you have to take a leap of faith.
I found the Hypnos to be the most uncomfortable bed I have ever slept on.
During 35 years of business travel, I’ve experienced hundreds of different mattresses but none came close to the discomfort from the Hypnos Pillowtop!

buzzybee52 says:
19 February 2015

You won’t believe this – Premier Inn rang me within 30 minutes of my email being sent to them.
They are going to collect my offending bed in 4 days and give me a full refund.
I am so grateful to them and now, also really impressed with their service.
Thank you Premier Inn.

That’s brilliant news, buzzybee52 – I’m glad to hear that everything got sorted out for you 🙂

Willow says:
13 May 2015

Stayed at PI Scarborough and had a really hard bed but they told me their beds were being replaced in June. I then went to a PI just outside York and the beds were as I had come to expect from PI and had 3 comfortable nights sleep. We are needing a new bed and I am thinking Hypnos – I have a back problem and the mattress is VERY important if I want to move next day. We have a helibeds memory foam mattress at the moment on slats and, although old, is still comfortable – worried about choosing as some comments have been very negative.

Ranald says:
19 June 2015

Hi Willow
Hypnos say their beds are the most comfortable in the world – it would be more accurate to say they are the most UNCOMFORTABLE in the world.
In fairness, I only have experience of their pillowtop and other models may be better but relative to the hundreds of beds I’ve slept on during 35 years of business travel, the pillowtop is by far the most uncomfortable.
Build quality is fairly good but no better than other well known manufacturers who offer products at a more competitive price.
Take my advice and don’t risk buying a Hypnos.

Xanthippy says:
9 August 2015

I am in such a pickle over mattress buying now. Started reading this thread and was all for a king Hypnos, which was great as I’d found one for £600 from a company called soak and sleep but now the later comments make me so so unsure! Is it just that they can be too firm?? Doesn’t the top cushiony bit help at all? If the support is good, am I better using the mattress + a softer topper??

Mark says:
23 August 2015

Apparently sewn-in toppers are not a good idea as over time they flatten and you have to replace the mattress, regardless of whether or not the springs are ok. It’s best to buy a separate topper.

Mrs T says:
29 August 2015

I bought a Harrison bed costing £1250.00 from Bold St; Beds in Preston in April. I first complained 6 days after It was delivered that it was already dipping in the middle. I spoke to the manager of the shop was told ‘you need to give it 30 days to settle in’. I duly rang back and spoke to someone else I also told him that the tufts they use were sticking in my back. He arranged for someone to come and check the mattress. He rolled about on it and said there was slight Hammocking in the middle and put a few sponge tops on some of the tufts. When Harrison’s wrote to the shop the ‘hammocking’ transgressed to ‘slight settlement’ and that because I was of slight build I was more sensitive to the tufts. This mattress has more lumps and bumps than a sack of coal. Underneath the sheet I have a sleeping bag and a thick mattress cover and still have to dodge the tufts.

Dimi says:
5 November 2015

4 months ago I bought a Hypnos Beckett from Dreams in Medium tension. What a mistake is has been. I paid over 2000 pounds for a king, hoping that it would be a great investment in comfort and deep sleep. The mattress was rock hard for a medium and I developed shoulder and hip pain. I bought a memory topper which fixed the issue, but I am obviously not happy with the fact that I paid so much only to end up sleeping on a topper – might as well have bought a Tempur.