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Your cooker complaints – give your oven a scolding

Pie in oven

Which cooker niggles get you all hot and bothered? Here’s your chance to take the oven gloves off and share your cooker complaints with the Which? Convo community.

If you’re like me, you’ll use your cooker or oven everyday. Because of this, if there’s something annoying about the cooker you cook on, it’s going to get you boiling over with rage pretty quickly.

I love my oven even if it is a bit temperamental, and I’m loathe to spend money on a new one if I don’t have to. It’s about ten years old but it heats up quickly, it’s easy to use and I love the fact that it’s multi-function. In fact, I’ve got more cooking options available than I know what to do with.

But the grill isn’t great. It doesn’t seem powerful enough for the heat to spread all the way across the grill pan. I’ve learned to live with this by moving my food around to make sure it’s all cooked, making sure that the full-grill option is selected and, if necessary, using a higher shelf in the grill. I really don’t want to shell out £500 for a new oven until I absolutely have to.

Boiling over with cooker and oven problems

But some niggles might be a bit harder to live with than my iffy grill. If the markings around the temperature dials have worn off, you’ll be setting the oven from memory, and this is going to be hit and miss at best.

If it’s hard to slide the oven shelves in due to the way the door is designed, this is going to be a pain every time you cook. And if your oven doesn’t heat-up properly or overheats, cooking instructions and recipes won’t be worth the paper they’re written on.

If you have a problem with getting an accurate temperature, oven thermometers are available for about a fiver online and will help you live with temperature problems. They stand, or hang, inside the oven and will tell you how hot your oven is. You’ll never know exactly how accurate the thermometers are, but they will give you an indication about how hot or cold your oven is and you’ll be able to adjust your settings.

What’s less than perfect on your cooker and how have you learned to live with it? And tell us about the practical steps you’ve taken to keep your cooker cooking for longer.


have to say that Caple products look great but they dont live up to the price point or quality they market. Had a coffee machine which hasnt worked well since day 1, took months to get a part and the local service guys were poor at best. Also bought a steam oven which i must have used 6 times in 2 years and the paint on the inside is flking off, which i guess is pretty dangerous. Any one else have any issues with this company

We bought a Beko oven, electric, and every time we open the oven door, steam then escapes and goes into the space between the glass panels on the top oven. Should this happen? The doors are also not flush with the cabinets…..the doors stick out at the bottom.

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Hi, I have a Cannon 20175e cooker which for 10 years has been great (only had to replace the oven element last year). However recently one of the solarglo rings on the ceramic hob has started to turn on then off by itself, even when we aren’t using the cooker at all!! Only comes on for a couple of seconds but clearly shouldn’t do that! Any ideas on how I can fix it?

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Judith says:
14 March 2016

Hello my name is Judith,my beko cooker,The fan in the oven still keep running, even when the cooker is not in use.can someone,advice. Please.?

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My AEG oven is about 9 years old and this evening the fan guard fell off. I thought perhaps the screws had come lose but it seems that the area around the screw holes have rusted. The screws have nothing to screw into now. I’m at a loss as to what to do – the oven works perfectly in all other ways – spot on temperature, heats evenly, quickly, etc, and I really don’t want to change it. If the problem was with the fan guard itself I could look for a new guard but the holes are in the oven wall itself. Can I use the oven without the fan guard? Or just not use the fan?

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Hi my name is Paul. My mam purchased a Hitachi ED-A100 gas oven and hob. Its a single oven (non fan assisted.) My mother is 82 years old and loves to bake, so she was really looking forward to baking in her new oven. However when she tried to bake bread it got burnt on the bottom and stayed raw on the top. I suggested to raise the shelf nearer the top of the oven next time. So yesterday while I was in the her house she decided to bake a tart, and this time it pretty much just sat in the oven and didn’t even turn brown, So she had to transfer it out of the new oven and into her stanley oil fired cooker and it turned brown in less than 5 mins.
Now the oven is only 2 weeks old and she done every thing by the operating manual. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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Hi there,
I bought a Currys Essentials built in oven 2 years ago. It’s in a rental house and has normal usage. Tenant has just called to say she had it heating for 5mins, went to open the door and the handle came off as the glass door shattered!! Luckily no one was injured. Any advice on what fault would cause this? It is out of warranty but will be speaking to them tomorrow as surely this is not acceptable on such a new oven.

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Aileen says:
5 June 2016

Our beko Electric cooker three years old The electric fan starts up and the metal Rubs on side of the casing and it sounds like a helicopter landing in our kitchen

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I have a Belling Ceramic Built-in hob CTC60. The alarm on the Timer will not switch off. I have followed the instructions in the Belling Manual but the alarm has been going all morning. Help!

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I have a belling double gas oven cooks on number 9 with power of number 3 . Customer services are rude unhelpful , had 4 call outs so far also gave me a shock not ideal as I suffer with epilepsy ! Call outs not logged correctly on system . I’m also fully covered on it to which isn’t worth paper wrote on ,

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I’m seriously worried that the cooker I have could cause potential life changing injuries !!
Ive got a Leisure Cookmaster 100 RCM10FRSP which is a dual fuel range cooker, we have had this for 2 1/2 years now and we have been very pleased with it. This cooker comes with a glass lid that looks great. Over the last 6 months the glass lid has just fallen down on its own, there doesn’t appear to be any safety mechanism to stop this. Prior to the 6 months we had no issues so we can only assume something mechanical has failed??
I have contacted Leisure with my concern – the lid has fallen on boiling pans that potentially could of be thrown off the hob on to one of my family!!! – All leisure kept asking was whether it was under warranty (1 year so obviously not)… They didn’t seem to understand my fear that this is DANGEROUS!! They have given me details of a local repair company and left me to deal with it myself.
I have immediately contact Trading standards, my fear is this is a potential product fault that could cause horrific life changing injuries. Trading standards have given me all my consumer right (not worried about who pays, I will pay the repair) and they have informed the local office.
Has anyone else come across this issue?

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carol jones says:
25 July 2016

hi does anyone now if hotpoint double oven needs a drip tray cos when we use the oven and open door we have drips all over our cupboards which is causing them to worp.

Carol – I suggest you advise this forum of the model number and when you bought it. Without this information any possibility of helping you is rather unlikely.

We have recently brought a range cooker from Leisure.
Model number is CS90F530K
The cooker had a tall left hand oven and when used water leaks from the oven seal. We have had an engineer visit and have been told this happens, it’s to be expected especially if cooking high water content foods such as chicken or potatoes, I need to cover the food that’s cooking and to prevent damage to the floor put a baking sheet underneath. I have a child and do not feel that water leaking from an electric oven and putting a baking tray on the floor is safe or ok.
I am currently in discussions with them as they are telling me there is nothing wrong with my cooker.
Would be really grateful for some guidance or if you have come across this issue before.
Many thanks

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Thank you so much for your help and advise, ypur comments supported by concerns, the cooker done this from the beginning and is only a month old.

I would expect an oven to have a vent so that water vapour can escape. It that was blocked, then steam could only escape through door seals and could condense on cooler surfaces, resulting in a pool of water. I recall that my old Belling cooker had a vent because the instructions explained the purpose of the vent tube and which direction it should point. A vent could easily be hidden at the back, particularly in a fan oven.

This is an important area where I believe Which? desperately needs to be active for its subscribers. We have here:
a] black propaganda by L Carmack against Leisure
b] a serious design/production fault and a fobbed of customer

I believe that Which? is easily able to employ and afford an experienced engineer to verify and understand this problem. Without this verification a potentially dangerous cooker is being marketed and Which? is doing nothing.

If nothing else the visit provides the opportunity for Which? to cover the durability aspects of products in use. If necessary buying the offending article from the subscriber for a serious examination of its construction.

My belief is that since Which? sold its testing facilities well over a decade ago its technical comprehension is poor and needs to be beefed up.

DT – I do not understand your comment about “black propaganda by L Carmack against Leisure”. What are you implying?

The cooker is only one month old and the customer is in discussion with the manufacturer. It is not clear whether the manufacturer was also the retailer in this case, although possibly not. However, the advice L Carmack needs is to use the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to take it up with the company that sold it. The cooker might have been manufactured poorly, or been installed wrongly, or have an inherent design flaw, or the instructions for use might not be clear. Redress is available under the law for all these conditions. A cooker that drips water on the floor is clearly not acceptable. Citizen’s Advice can help to pursue the retailer, particularly if persistence is required. It is also possible that the user manual has not been followed correctly. As a temporary arrangement pending resolution I would suggest that a towel or bath mat should be placed on the floor rather than a baking sheet or tray.

I am not in favour of Which? employing a team of product inspectors and there is no evidence yet that “a potentially dangerous cooker is being marketed”. I believe it is impractical and uneconomic for Which? to possess technical competence across the enormously wide product field that is now covered. Such knowledge is available from various sources including product testing establishments relevant to each category.

JW – Perhaps I have erred because I thought the concept of black propaganda was understood.
With the coming of the internet it has been used much , particularly in review sites , to cast aspersions about a restaurant, hotel , goods etc.

The flipside is here:

Inherently I think negative reviews can be more powerful as humans generally give more weight to “honest” personal reviews to balance hype from manufacturers.

And no I do not think L Carmack is indulging in spite or being paid to blacken Leisure.

You disregard my mention of an engineer and decide that I am suggesting a team. Why?. I did not suggest a whole range of products to be tested as it only makes sense for major items with a durability factor to be of interest.

You do make the point ” Such knowledge is available from various sources including product testing establishments relevant to each category.” I have no objection to Which? asking for specific testing in matters like this from testing establishments however I suspect it would be considerably less speedy and of course covered in caveats.

Using ones own staff would also mean a story and the results could be easily publishable.

Perhaps I should mention my in-laws who had a brand new non-functioning induction hob fitted. I have this deep suspicion that they fouled up and it was not actually faulty but them being confused in their dotage by metal pan requirements and/or the controls. Ikea were excellent in providing a new one etc.

Now if they had posted, or I had posted here how rubbish Ikea induction hobs were is that a fair idea to put into the internet?

I have a very good idea as to Which?’s financial muscle and where the staff are deployed so I know my suggestion is eminently practical. It is a matter of willingness.

BTW the value of an independent engineers report in establishing whether there is a genuine problem would be a tremendous help to subscribers in obtaining redress and for finding out common faults in use. This would bolster the limited testing on new products that Which? currently pays for.

Thank you Diesel. I thought I knew what ‘black propaganda’ was and it is invariably hostile. I did not think L Carmack’s report was like that and I am glad you agree.

The product is only a month old so ‘durability’ is not an issue. I thought a team of engineers would be necessary to cover the country and the range of products involved that each require specialist expertise but I am indifferent on the proposal generally. I am not so convinced as you are that Which? lacks the knowledge it needs. The genuine feedback it is getting through this site is colossal.

This is intriguing. I wouldn’t regard chicken or potatoes as high water content, any more than many other foods. The oven temperature will create water vapour, not liquid, and I would expect this to be vented (through the back of the oven) during cooking. If there is a vent worth checking this is not obstructed. If the door seal leaks then steam would be emitted there. Only when the oven is cool would I expect liquid to drip, but by that time I would imagine the oven heat would have disposed of any by evaporation.

Worth putting a bowl of water in the oven and heating it to see, if you can, where steam (or water) comes from and just what happens and when. You can use the oven light or a torch.

Hello L carmack, I can see that you’ve had plenty of replies from other members of the community but I thought that I’d add that it may be useful for you to take a look at our guide on how to reject a faulty product and get you money back – http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-to-reject-a-faulty-product-and-get-your-money-back

Cooking is a significant contributor to the moisture content of air in homes, and this is often pointed out when people experience a dampness problem in their homes.

It’s easy to compare the uncooked and cooked weight of food. I remember doing this when I bought my first electronic scales.

Water vapour can condense on any cool surface and one of the challenges in designing better insulated (and hence more efficient) ovens is to avoid condensation and dripping. As you say, a bowl of water may help to see where the water vapour is coming from.

Under the Consumer Rights Act it is necessary to act within 30 days to get your money back if goods are defective, so L Carmack may be too late even though the fault was apparent earlier. Hopefully the retailer will provide a refund or replacement, but it is important to check that goods are fully functional soon after purchase and report problems at the first opportunity.

On another aspect. I was considering the type of cooking which would generate lots of moisture sufficient to create a leak. Casseroling is normally done with a heavy lid and retains the steam. A bain marie would be relatively low heat and not much steam. Water added when bread baking – for us two cups to create steam.

Quite an interesting puzzle but certainly something to be sorted.

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I agree, Duncan, although Leisure range cookers have a good build quality so far as I can tell. This leakage just should not be happening. There should not be so much water around that it leaks out in any volume – the door seal is not there to prevent water from leaking but to prevent heat from escaping. Indeed, if the door seal were any more watertight it could be more hazardous because a pool of hot water would accumulate at the base of the oven and flow out as soon as the door was opened. I think either the venting of the oven is ineffective [although venting and evaporation are not intended for large amounts of water] or the cooking method is incorrect. Presumably the right-hand side oven does not have this problem, so it is odd. The quicker L Carmack speaks to the retailer the better.

Purchased New World free standing cooker January 2012 and on Thursday night the blinking thing nearly set fire to the house. The small panel on the back of the cooker melted and was so close to catching fire its a horrible thought, doesn’t bear thinking about. will never purchase one again. Have now purchased now a better known brand. Four years of life for a cooker is atrocious. Beware spend your money more wisely than I did.

I got a very serious electric shock off a fairly new New World cooker in 1969. I couldn’t afford to replace it at the time so had to make do with a repair but wasn’t happy to still have it in the kitchen.

Karen – It is possible that the problem may be have been due to a fault in the cooker, but caused by poor installation. If the small panel you refer to is the place where the mains cable enters the cooker, the problem may have been caused by a bad connection, which will become hot. The appliance may just stop working, but sometimes overheating can cause a house fire.

An electric cooker uses more power than any other household product, so the connections have to be properly made.

We have a New World gas cooker with a double oven, this cooker has a tinted glass lid which lifts up when you want to use the gas burners, I imagine there is a gas cut off switch when you close the lid. The problem is this, although everything works ok on the cooker, for some reason the glass lid doesn’t fold flat down anymore, it stops about an inch above the rest position, you can press it down flat no problem but it’s like it’s on a spring and just rises again? It seems like the hinges at the back have moved down making the front rise? I’ve looked but can find no explanation except that if I remove the 2 metal grids, the lid shuts properly meaning the lid must be catching on the metal grills??
Any ideas please?

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I have recently bought a Teknix TKGB60SS single gas oven. The design of the oven means that heat from cooking is directed through side vents on the front door. On gas mark 6 it has managed to melt the laminated covering from two adjacent drawers and one cupboard. The front “command panel” gets so hot that it’s untouchable.
I consider it unsafe and a fire risk – Teknix thought it was a “cosmetic issue”.

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According to Whitegoods Teknix is a rebrand name for cheap products emanating from manufacturers most probably in China or Turkey, with spares difficult to locate. Two out of 3 reviews on an amazon site seem to report the same problem you have. If it relatively new I would tell the retailer that the product does not comply with the legal; requirements of the Consumer Rights Act – “Quality” – Unfit for Purpose, all assuming it has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you are a Which/ member, and belong to Which? Legal, they should be able to help.

Bought Gorenje GI52108GW gas cooker and having issues with the oven and the grill. After 5-10 minutes of use of either, it cuts off. Please help!

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Mr g. says:
26 August 2016

Hi , unfortunately I am an owner of of a so called modern cooker!!!!! Which is fast disintergrating in front of my eyes!! I do not trust any maker of cookers!! They are nothing but cheap and nasty and dangerous items!!!! Your best bet is to buy a vintage Cooker as you know they were made to last!!! Good luck!