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Have you lost faith in Beko since its fridge freezer “recall”?

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Beko’s handling of its fridge freezer disaster has come under lots of criticism from the people who matter – its customers. We’ve had over 300 comments about the problem, with many turning their backs on Beko.

Around 500,000 Beko fridge freezers, manufactured between 2000 and 2006, are feared to be a possible fire hazard.

For those certain that they had an affected model, it was a case of desperately trying to get through to Beko on its contact phone number (0800 009 4837 if you need it) in order to book an engineer to come out and fix the fault.

Although most have successfully scheduled an appointment, often after many attempts of ringing up their customer service team, the feeling on our previous Convo is that it hasn’t been a pleasant experience.

In fact, many have said they’re turning their backs on the brand and won’t return.

Bye-bye Beko?

John Screech tried desperately to ring Beko and after he finally got through to someone was promised they’d ring him back – three hours later he’d heard nothing:

‘If this is the best service Beko can offer I never wish to see another of their products.’

Others have already made their mind up that they won’t buy from Beko, like Sue:

‘I am appalled, not least because this experience has changed me from a reasonable human being into a demented harridan! I will never buy any of their products again.’

Kimberley talked candidly to the home appliance manufacturer:

‘Beko you have a lot to answer for here – I have bought many of your products over the years, but I can safely say that I will NEVER purchase another again.’

However, Bosch only last week issued a repair notice about a potential fire hazard on some of its dishwashers. So how did it deal with the problem? Commenter Ron had an affected Bosch dishwasher and said there was ‘no comparison’ between the painless experience he had getting it fixed, and how Beko dealt with its fridge freezer recall.

Some have already started shopping for a non-Beko replacement fridge freezer, like Craig:

‘Spent yesterday afternoon searching for new fridge freezer. Ended up spending £550 on new Bosch, money well spent for the peace of mind.’

Commenter Jane frankly sums up the strength of feeling with the following question, ‘Who in their right mind would buy Beko again after this absolute farce?’

Positive support for Beko

There’s no doubt that there’s been a huge backlash from Beko’s fridge freezer fire hazard, but commenter MartinT thinks the issue has been blown out of proportion:

‘Jeez, some of the comments here are ridiculous. Relax people, log the fault, get your fridge mended and move on with your life.’

Opinion within the industry is also positive, with the editor of Kitchens & Bathrooms News, Philippa Turrell, arguing that Beko should be proud of the way it dealt with the situation:

‘The way it reacted is testament to the hard work of all its employees. It not only increased the capacity of its call centre by 20 times, employing more staff to man the lines, but increased the capacity to modify the faulty appliance by five times. Beko certainly didn’t hide from its responsibilities.’

So are you also content with how the company has dealt with this fridge freezer problem? Or will you now move away from Beko and buy your appliances from other manufacturers?

We’re meeting with Beko next week and will be passing on your questions and concerns to the manufacturer – and I’m sure they’ll be keen to know how they can win your custom back.


my f/f is heating up between the fridge and the freezer at front of appliance model noCGA966S should i be concerned

Hi brian

I suggest you report this to Beko on 0800 009 4837. they would be able to let you know if there is any need to concern.

john angus says:
29 September 2011

i bought a beko 7 cubic ft. frost free freezer model TZDA 504 F IT IS The worst appliance i have ever bought the drawers dont fit properly and the shelf fitting is terrible.

Elfrida Martin says:
23 October 2011

Hi again Richard,
I’m still trying to provide information on this issue for the Older Persons Forum in Cardiff and wonder if there’s any news on Beko’s progress in checking and modifying faulty appliances? Numbers of those dealt with and those still outstanding or not traced would be very helpful.
Many thanks,

Hi Elfrida

I will chase Beko for information on their progress wit this and hope to post a reply here soon.

Kind regards

Incomebug says:
25 October 2011

I have a beko fridge freezer and 24hrs ago I was sat in the back of a fire engine watching my home and everything I own burn to the ground. This problem is SERIOUS

Hello Incombug

Would it be possible for us to contact you directly regarding this?

Elfrida Martin says:
27 October 2011

Hello Incomebug,
Your news is very shocking. It’s terrible to lose everything. It sounds as though your local Fire Service did everything they could but were too late to save your home. Will they be making a report available to the public?
I’m very glad you escaped physical injury, Do hope you’re getting the support and advice you need after such a devastating experience.
All the best,

Incomebug says:
25 October 2011

Yes pls contact me

Hello Elfrida and everyone else following this post.

I’ve just heard back from Beko regarding the numbers of effected fridge freezers they are updating:
· Modified = 143,772
· Booked for modification = 12,490
· Awaiting booking = 7,775
· Contacted – not affected= 16,710
· Total= 180,747

Beko say they are currently completing 1,000 modifications per day.

Other actions taken:
· Completed two mailing campaigns and sent 847k letters
· Two national press campaigns (one in July, one in September), plus advertisement in Landlord magazines from August to October
· Calling consumers who did not respond to the mailings
· Door knocking campaign has now commenced for contacts for whom Beko have no telephone number for.

Elfrida Martin says:
27 October 2011

Hello Richard,

Many thanks for getting those statistics.
By my reckoning, if these figures are added on to those given to you earlier by the company, there remain over 11,000 hazardous Beko fridge-freezers still not accounted for. Please check my calculation: if correct, it’s very worrying.
I wonder if among the measures already taken, local authoriies and councils have been contacted to discover if public buildings, high-rise blocks and tenanted homes still harbour these appliances?
Is expecting Trading Standards to monitor Beko’s progress unrealistic, given the existing pressures on the service? Who else can help to ensure no further people lose their homes, as Incomebug just has, or worse, their lives?

lpoollad says:
11 November 2011

I think Beko have delt with the situation appropriately. What more can be expected?! They have thrown every resource possible at resolving the issuse. At least they are working their socks off to do something about it! Well done all at Beko.

Elfrida Martin says:
18 November 2011

Hi Richard and everyone following this conversation,
Do read this excellent and timely special report, ‘UK freezer fires light up regulation concerns’, written after months of investigation by Tom Bergin, Reuters Europe, Middle East and Africa Oil and Gas Correspondent.

Bekool man says:
30 November 2011

OK, so they had a ‘bit’ of a problem. Ive had my beko fridge-freezer for more than 7 years, bought from comet and have since moved house. Never registered it with the manufacturer and never (ahem thus far) had an issue with it. Shock horror! On checking the s/n its on the list of potential timebombs. Sent the details (as suggested by Witchdog Robinson) and got a letter from beko saying I hadnt given them enough info. Sent it again and it went quiet for several weeks until a letter arrived apologising for an admin delay, they had lost my details. (there are 500,000 units out there people!) Called them and British Gas coming tomorrow to fix it. I hope THEY dont try and condemn/sabotage our central heating while theyre here like last time. It conveniently blew up two days later coinciding with a quote for a new system arriving. Have to say between the manufacturer, Comet and Royal Mail, considering Ive moved house and never registered my purchase they rank up there with sherlock holmes.

Charlotte says:
10 December 2011

I’m glad I’m not on my own when it comes to the complete incompetence of Beko on the On-Call Engineers!!

I had an engineer visit my home on 17th October to replace the ‘faulty timer’ on the back on my Beko fridge freezer. Since that appointment my freezer has developed an intermittent fault whereby it defrosted in entire contents of my freezer 4 times- costing me well over £150 in frozen food.

I called Beko and they said they were experiencing a few problems with the replacement part and booked another engineer appt on 16th November. The second engineer said, in these exact words “what a load of donkeys, they have only replaced a part which didn’t need replacing, yours was one of the freezers which didn’t need the part replacing”!!!!! She asked me if I still had the part they had taken off (which I obviously didn’t as they took it away) and she said the part would need to be reordered!!!!!

I was due to have a third engineer to come to My home today (10.12.11) but received a call yesterday saying they needed to cancel as the part hadn’t passed quality control!! The part isn’t due until
16th dec.

I have previously written to Beko asking them for compensation – they would only replace the food which I had receipts for and offered me £10 in store credit at a Comet store!!!!! I have never been so insulted in my life!!!

If anyone can give me any advice on how to escalate my complaint and actually get somewhere with this terrible company I would be so very grateful. I really don’t know what to do now – I have been without a working freezer since 17 Oct and I don’t know my rights.

Many thanks,

anz says:
25 March 2012

i have also recently brought a beko fridge freezer which over the 1st 12 months had comet engineers out 4 times due to the freezer part de-frosting by its self, on the last visit i was informed by the comet engineer that the reason that the freezer is de-frosting is that i might be over filling freezer causing unit to fail.
This comment is crap it has never been completely full at any stage and due to there incompedence this is a cop out
Over the 4 call outs we had 2 different engineeers and each time they blamed the previous engineer for diagnosing the wrong fault.
I have now had enough of this product and now forced into purchasing another product and would incourage every one to never by any BEKO products in the future.
I am now going to take legal action against the company under the consumer act NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE
I am an electronics engineer and looking at the design and build of the product it has ia fundemental floor and will prove this

I thought I’ll add my opinion – I bought a later version (2010) of the Beko fridge freezer – In all honesty it is the best designed fridge freezer I’ve come across – been operating faultlessly since early 2010. – though a little noisier than usual. In fact I’m about to buy a second. My freezer is usually completely full at the beginning of the week – my three large dogs eat six large bones (or chicken carcases) a day – by the end of the week the freezer is virtually empty.

Miss F says:
26 July 2012

Just want to add my 2 pennies. I’ve had my Beko FF for about 5/6yrs now, purchased from Currys. I have moved twice, had the same mobile number for many years. I only found out about the recall because I googled ‘why does my Beko freezer have ice in the bottom?’ and it came up with a post asking someone if theirs was one of the faulty models!!! I have had no contact from Beko, neither have I seen any ads or campaigns. I’m easy enough to trace yet they haven’t made any effort to contact me. I phoned them explaining the problem, turns out I have an affected model and it may be the cause of my FF getting icy.
Awaiting a call from engineers, wasn’t advised to switch it off, will keep you posted.

Dean says:
31 July 2013

I only found out about this problem when a service company agsrefrigeration came out to service my maytag fridge freezer they informed me of this issue for love or money i cannot understand why beko could not have told me about that my house could have burnt down in that they must have my address on record in that i only just purchased one of their crappy washing machines as well to say the least im not best pleased. The ironic thing is the company they sent back to rectify the issue was the same company agsrefrigeration. Dont think i would buy another beko.

andrew bell says:
18 July 2014

we have a beko it gets very hot at the back well the chamber at the base and the grill is getting hot too if beko cant answer the calls then its time to bring back british standards again as these european standards are a joke

andrew bell says:
18 July 2014

any way the problem is the base camber gets very hot and the grill at the back is getting hot too is this normal if so then beko must put a call out if this is not normal I know about the recall on the
serial number 0610459509

model number CDA 647 FW
I know about the fs/fw being troublesome but the product may have a problem too with the heat problem

Is your fridge-freezer working normally and at the right temperature?

The parts you mention (compressor and condenser) will get quite hot, particularly in warm weather. The compressor should be coming on periodically but not running continuously. If it is running continuously the freezer is probably set on fast-freeze by accident or the control at the coldest setting – in which case the parts will get very hot because compressor will be running continuously.

we had a CDA543F Beko fridge freezer – one of the models on the recall list that was fine up until last week it began icing up just like the stories from the news reports about the house fires. I researched about it and got onto Beko immediately. I rang them and they refused to help me but gave an email address to write to them. They replied to my email but refused to get an engineer out to repair it – they REFUSED to repair it.

Okay fine, i thought we would just pay for it ourselves then. Our local appliance repair man refused to come because of the risk he wanted nothing to do with it (smart man!) but was kind enough to give a number for a midlands inner city repair place authorised to sort out Beko faults. That place informed me they must have instruction from Beko to come urgently – or i’d have to wait for their next available slot which was a week away. Safety is first so we had no choice but to get rid of the fridge freezer and buy a different brand.

This is disgusting. Beko have obviously lost concern for anyone who didn’t get in contact with them back in 2011 – sadly we didn’t realise our fridge was faulty until we looked into it a bit more. Is it wrong to assume if one of their faulty appliances was reported they should repair it? Shouldn’t matter how long after they issued the recall.

An update for you: A house fire which led to the death of a 36-year-old father of two was caused by a faulty Beko fridge freezer, it was announced today.

The coroner leading the inquest has today made a number of recommendations to ensure greater protection for consumers. Among these is the recommendation that manufacturers could face a prison sentence if they fail to notify authorities of a fault.


I’d be interested to hear what you think.

Kiet says:
2 December 2014

I bought one of Beko effected fridge freezer in 2010 from currys , i never received any notices from. Beko or currys until i been told by my friend this week, i called beko tgey advice d me to unplug the fridge freezer straight away, i did as they told me to.the next day i have noticed the bqck panel in the fridge compartment is swelling. I called beko again to find out what caused that problem, Still they told me that they never have any reports from customer like mine.still waiting for their enginee to find out later this week.

Julie says:
8 February 2015

We bought a Beko frost free fridge freezer CDA539FW-2, after a few months it started to heat up a engineer came out and informed us that is was a something on the back of the freezer which was a common fault and fixed it, I was advised that it was not one of the affected ones that caught fire. the other day I came in to a awful smell that almost made me sick, when entering the kitchen it got a lot worst . I was amazed the freezer was red hot to touch and had defrosted, and the contents in the freezer was very hot .i do believe that it would have set on fire or if we was asleep the toxic fumes would have killed us first

Steve says:
15 December 2017

I tried to phone the emergency contact number on the recall site only to be told I have reached the wrong department I was given another number told them my fridge freezer was one of the models on recall they did not want to know I asked if I should leave it unplugged as it was playing up no comment treated me like I was no one and hung up on me I could not get back to them I think they may have blocked my number I will never by there products again I wish I had recorded the call then I would have given it to trading standards