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Have you lost faith in Beko since its fridge freezer “recall”?

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Beko’s handling of its fridge freezer disaster has come under lots of criticism from the people who matter – its customers. We’ve had over 300 comments about the problem, with many turning their backs on Beko.

Around 500,000 Beko fridge freezers, manufactured between 2000 and 2006, are feared to be a possible fire hazard.

For those certain that they had an affected model, it was a case of desperately trying to get through to Beko on its contact phone number (0800 009 4837 if you need it) in order to book an engineer to come out and fix the fault.

Although most have successfully scheduled an appointment, often after many attempts of ringing up their customer service team, the feeling on our previous Convo is that it hasn’t been a pleasant experience.

In fact, many have said they’re turning their backs on the brand and won’t return.

Bye-bye Beko?

John Screech tried desperately to ring Beko and after he finally got through to someone was promised they’d ring him back – three hours later he’d heard nothing:

‘If this is the best service Beko can offer I never wish to see another of their products.’

Others have already made their mind up that they won’t buy from Beko, like Sue:

‘I am appalled, not least because this experience has changed me from a reasonable human being into a demented harridan! I will never buy any of their products again.’

Kimberley talked candidly to the home appliance manufacturer:

‘Beko you have a lot to answer for here – I have bought many of your products over the years, but I can safely say that I will NEVER purchase another again.’

However, Bosch only last week issued a repair notice about a potential fire hazard on some of its dishwashers. So how did it deal with the problem? Commenter Ron had an affected Bosch dishwasher and said there was ‘no comparison’ between the painless experience he had getting it fixed, and how Beko dealt with its fridge freezer recall.

Some have already started shopping for a non-Beko replacement fridge freezer, like Craig:

‘Spent yesterday afternoon searching for new fridge freezer. Ended up spending £550 on new Bosch, money well spent for the peace of mind.’

Commenter Jane frankly sums up the strength of feeling with the following question, ‘Who in their right mind would buy Beko again after this absolute farce?’

Positive support for Beko

There’s no doubt that there’s been a huge backlash from Beko’s fridge freezer fire hazard, but commenter MartinT thinks the issue has been blown out of proportion:

‘Jeez, some of the comments here are ridiculous. Relax people, log the fault, get your fridge mended and move on with your life.’

Opinion within the industry is also positive, with the editor of Kitchens & Bathrooms News, Philippa Turrell, arguing that Beko should be proud of the way it dealt with the situation:

‘The way it reacted is testament to the hard work of all its employees. It not only increased the capacity of its call centre by 20 times, employing more staff to man the lines, but increased the capacity to modify the faulty appliance by five times. Beko certainly didn’t hide from its responsibilities.’

So are you also content with how the company has dealt with this fridge freezer problem? Or will you now move away from Beko and buy your appliances from other manufacturers?

We’re meeting with Beko next week and will be passing on your questions and concerns to the manufacturer – and I’m sure they’ll be keen to know how they can win your custom back.


We bought a fridge freezer CFMD7852X on the 12 October 2020 . Delivered 18th October, today I have had to phone Beko to ask for a manual, when I told them the serial number 15 -101360-03 I was told that it should have been sent back to them as a recall ! Why was it still for sale, & sold to us, without us being told?

Hi Colin – Are you in the UK? This recall page on the Beko UK website does not list your model: https://refsafety.beko.co.uk

YES in Grimsby, been to currys, they told us after hr & half that they are not responsible for this as it’s the manufacturer at fault, Beko say it’s curry’s fault &should not have been on the stores floor. We have changed it to a different brand, the only thing curry’s have done is given us £69 for frozen food ruined, plus £ 20 for inconvenience, BT the new freezer was £39 extra.