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Beko should have acted faster on fridge freezer fires

Fridge freezer

If you own a 5 to 11 year old Beko fridge freezer (not a standalone fridge or freezer), check your model number, as they have been linked to 20 fires in London over the last three years.

The London Fire Brigade has put out an urgent fire warning to owners of up to 500,000 Beko fridge freezers, following a tower block fire last week.

Newer models don’t have the fault, so don’t worry if you’ve bought one in the last four years.

Although Beko has taken some steps to contact customers with the affected models, it hasn’t acted very swiftly – it knew there was a problem with these fridge freezers last June. Why did it take the company over a year to make this safety problem public?

Do you own a Beko fridge freezer?

The fault relates to the fridge’s defrost timer, which can fail and overheat when water gets into it, leading to an electrical malfunction.

Beko says it has tracked down and sent letters to 200,000 customers, and made modifications to 11,000 appliances so far. But ultimately, more needs to be done to ensure all customers are protected; not just those Beko has contact details for.

If you have a Beko fridge freezer that is 5 to 11 years old, check the model numbers on Which.co.uk to see if yours is affected. If it is, call Beko immediately to ask what steps need to be taken.

Do you own a Beko fridge freezer? Have you had any problems with it so far? Did you receive a letter from Beko asking you to get in touch, or maybe the company has already modified your fridge freezer?

Badkapu says:
6 July 2011

Hi, i have one of the affected models but it was 2nd hand. From what ive read its to do with the little white box next to the compressor getting wet and malfunctioning.. so well…..ive unscrewed the white box and sealed it using a waterproof cover and some tape to be air tight untill i can replace the fridge.. was this wise? as i cant see how anything could be any different and i have half decent knowledge of electrics to know it seems safe but would like some opinions. thx

Fridge engineer says:
6 July 2011

modification consists of pcb controlled defrost assy, replacement cover with drain holes and insulation for the run cap, regardless of second hand third hand etc the mod is still valid. but now as its been ‘tampered’ with i would say it was debatable

Lisa says:
6 July 2011

I also have one of the affected fridge/freezers, i have recieved a letter from Beko about this but im extremely concerned as ive been trying to get hold of Beko for 2 days now and no luck, I am worried sick about this as i have two babies in the home aswell, im not sure what else i can do, Just think it would be easier to buy a new fridge and send the bill to Beko, will be contacting trading standards later. Its not fair that people are left in fear and this should have been sorted out when Beko first realised there was a problem, Why leave it a year??????

Kate says:
6 July 2011

I have an affected model however trying to get through on their helpline is a joke!!! IMPOSSIBLE

Will Stirling says:
6 July 2011

BEKO, please accept this as formal notification that I have an affected model number, time is 19:13 date 06/07/2011 i have too tried phones and website all to no avail. So if i go up in smoke, of which I know is an extremely small chance, Beko will be liable.

Russel says:
6 July 2011

We also have an affected model, but as above have tried at least 20 times calling there helpline and just get a busy tone. Why don’t they at least have a phone waiting system in place? This is peoples lives at stack

On the London news last night they said the Beko phone lines has crashed due to the high number of calls but that it should be put right by Wednesday morning. Fingers crossed anyone who needs to contact Beko will be able to today.

Louise says:
6 July 2011

I have an affected model from 2003 so I have been trying to contact Beko and I am massively unimpressed with the “helpline”. I understand they will be getting a lot of calls, but I have tried to get through dozens of times and each time my call is cut off after only a minute or so. I work in an office so I am being forced to phone them at work as the line is only open until 5pm. This seems like a very poor response to such a potentially serious problem, I would expect them to keep their phone lines open for at least an extra couple of hours until the call volume eases off.

Dev says:
6 July 2011

tried to contact beko on free phone number 0800 009 4837 which asks to hold and then disconnects the line. cannot contact beko to inform about my faulty freeze/freezer!!
any advise?
contacted the supplier but asked me to contact beko!!!

Fernando says:
6 July 2011

does anyone know how to contact Beko as their website seems to have been switched off as well as the telephones. Every time I dial the 08000094837 number it just goes off, then I tried 01923818121 and the same thing happens. Not very of Beko to just cut us off!

Kate says:
6 July 2011

I have been trying the 0800 0094837 number for 2 hours now but keep getting disconnected!! ARGH – I would appreciate being ‘on hold’ at the moment but not even getting that far!

Dwyne Richmond says:
6 July 2011

This is a joke. I have one of the affected models and I have been trying to contact them for the past 2 Days. I have tried the 2x numbers that I found on the website yesterday but they have been constantly engaged for 2 Days. The 0800 number gives you a recorded mesage and then hangs up. All Beko web sites are down. This is a serious problem and I have now put a smoke alarm above the thing just in case. Better organisation required Beko!!!

Dwyne Richmond says:
6 July 2011

I have one of the effected models CDA 653 FS. I have tried to contact Beko for the past 2 Days. Both the 0845 numbers that I found on the website yesterday are constantly engaged. The 0800 number gives you a recorded message and then hangs up. All web pages are down this morning. Come on…… this is a joke. We have small children in the house and have no contact what so ever. I have resorted to putting a smoke alarm above the thing just in case! Better organisation required Beko. Next step, BIN IT and buy a reputable brand!!

MHT says:
6 July 2011

Youve got to use the 01923 818121 number….none of the others are working!! Just spoke to someone after being on hold for 12 mins on this number. Good luck!

Jason Kee says:
6 July 2011

I explained previously the trouble I had getting through. I’ve been advised that British Gas will contact me to arrange a date to fix.

My main concern now is safety. I am away during the day leaving my cats in the house. I was horrified by the interview yesterday with someone who had a fire and the beloved family pet was killed. I asked Beko about safety and they would not confirm it is safe to use my fridge freezer. They would not confirm either whether they would take make recompense for loss of food if I were to turn the fridge/freezer off. They said I would need to email their customer service office.

I think Which could be much more helpful if they could clarify our rights in this circumstance. Is Beko liable for value of the food lost by faulty fridges?

ED says:
6 July 2011

I have tried contacting Beko on 0800 009 4837 but the phone disconnects after the recorded message. I have also not been contacted directly by Beko and as the rest of their website is unavailable, I can’t even send an email to them advising them that I can’t get through over the phone.

I have a Beko CDA 647F (white) frost-free fridge/freezer which I purchased in 2006, so I believe that my fridge/freezer will be one of those affected.

I live on the 10th floor, so this is of great concern.

vaz says:
6 July 2011

i am having problems contacting them too. I have one of the models that has been affected. i emailed them last night with the serial number and my mobile phone. But no calls so far. don’t know waht else to do?

mjames says:
6 July 2011

I own one the affected frost free fridge freezers. I have not received a letter from Beko. I have tried calling the free phone number but it cuts you off after you are asked to hold. This is a joke. They need to sort this out now before anyone else gets injured.

Karen says:
6 July 2011

I have an affected model but cannot get through on the phone, lines just go dead.
I’ve had it for 7yrs so very worried and also we have a baby in the house so glad we have fire alarms just in case!
Beko should have better customer service

kevin says:
6 July 2011

I have a CDA539FB only meens its colour is black all the rest of it is the same as model’s FW , FS
models “White/Silver” why is’nt the FB model stated ? . i’ve already had to have mine replaced by Beko not long after purchase , Eventually !! only by insisting to speak to a higher person Than the customer helpline as they were useless .
My serial No is 1010011601 , it states ok BUT going buy my previous experiances with BEKO i do NOT Trust what it says and WOULD want to have it checked /replaced . i feel uneasy with having their product in my kitchen , it has still got a few days with it’s warranty
WOULD never buy a Beko product again ,Cant get anywhere with the 0800 009 4837 number

The Black models came onto the market after October 2006 so your fridge freezer should not be effected

Anna Ernsting says:
7 July 2011

Well at last I have an explanation for the intermittant burning smell that no one has been able to account for! Unfortunately, I cannot complete the on line form as there is no plate with the serial number on ( have identified that it is an affected model from the receipt). Anyone phoning on the 08007837892 number needs to keep holding once the music starts. I then after 10 mins got a very helpful man who has booked the engineer to come next week for me.

Jason Kee says:
6 July 2011

I began calling the freefone number at 8am this morning. I would get a message, then the line goes dead. This has happened 22 times over ninety minutes from two different telephones. If you look hard enough in the website, you will find another number to call. 30 minutes of redialling (line engaged) and I get through to an operator who tells me it is only for Comet customers. He gives me a customer service number. Another 20 minutes of redialling and I finally speak to someone.

That number is 01923 818121.

Complaints can be emailed to service@beko.co.uk

Heather says:
6 July 2011

Shoddy service. It is absolutely scandalous that they have taken such a long time to inform people. I have not moved and have never received a letter, even though my fridge/freezer is definitely on the list.
And then when they release the information, they do not have the manpower to answer the calls. You would have thought that they would have put on extra staff and phone lines to deal with the deluge of calls expected, as 500,000 fridges are affected.
I feel that as there is no way I can contact them, the phone lines are down still on Weds morning and even their website is now down, that I should be able to claim for a new fridge freezer as I cannot wait for them to fix it.
Apparently your insurance is invalid if you know your fridge freezer to be a fire risk but continue to use it. So why should i put my house and all it’s contents and my family at risk because they are too incompetent to sort this out.
It is absolutely disgusting, and I am sure they will lose a lot of business through this as they don’t seem to be putting their customers safety first at all.

Jane says:
6 July 2011

I too have one of the fridge freezers on the list & received a letter 2 days ago. Have tried for 2 days to get through by phone, constantly engaged. I have since been trying to use their website to record the details as per their instructions, but each time I complete the details & enter, all I get is a screen saying “Sorry, an error occured while processing your request.”

joyce gill says:
6 July 2011

I also have a Beko frost free fridge freezer 07 model & I have just had to have the defrost timer switch replaced, at my own cost, as my ‘frost free’ freezer was freezing up & I had to manually defrost it, neither Comet nor Beko were interested. Thank God I did considering what has just happened!!!!