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Asda’s online dating – are supermarkets taking over?

Asda Dating Welcome banner

Asda’s dating site claims that supermarket dating is ‘where it’s at’. But after a quick try, it’s fair to say that I’m a little cynical. Is this just another ploy for supermarkets to take over the world?

Now you can find love on the supermarket aisles, along with your bread, eggs, and coffee. Well, not literally, but with Asda’s dating site there is a fighting chance… apparently.

Along with virtually any household item you can think of, Asda has expanded into the dating market (2-for-1 on a date anybody? OK, just kidding). So in the name of research (honest, this was during my working day) I decided to take the plunge.

Registering and setting up a profile was easy, but then things started to get a little bizarre – the site offers a survey with the eye-catching title ‘Tasty Dates’.

Strange questions for a perfect match

Now, I know the questionnaire is only for fun (you don’t actually have to do it to register) but it does claim to offer you matches based on your answers. So imagine my scepticism when I’m asked (and this is the truth) which flavour of Pot Noodle I enjoy the most.

I’m not sure that because I like vanilla ice cream, pepperoni pizza and (I know it’s hard to believe) ‘no Pot Noodle flavour’ that I’m going to find my dream date.

What was slightly less fun for me were the emails I received updating me on who was taking a ‘good look at my profile’. Within less than 24 hours, I had notifications about three potential starts of ‘something beautiful’. Very flattering, but surely I can just check my profile if I want to know this? But then I guess the site does want you to engage as much as possible, particularly as I was new to the Asda dating game.

Do supermarkets dominate our lives?

My conclusions? I’m cynical, but then I guess that does bore out of the fact that yet another supermarket is getting its claws in a, shall we say, less typical market. Tesco has already set its sights on buying our gold and even plans to set up beauty salons in its aisles.

I guess ‘a bid to take over the world’ is a little dramatic, but do we really need supermarkets getting so involved in everything we do – especially our love lives?

But then I didn’t actually go on a date, so you never know. Am I wrong? Let us know if you’ve given it a try.

UPDATE: We’ve just heard that Asda Dating was today taken offline, and now redirects to UKDating. We’re told that the site was just a ‘fun Valentine’s day project’ which has now come to end. But perhaps the supermarket realised how ridiculous the whole project really was?


My initial reaction – in a very unflattering tone of voice was: “Oh my god!”

My colleague, on questioning me, responded with, “WilL the dates be as cheap as their pot noodles?” His tone was a little more hopeful.

… 😉

It brings a whole new meaning to the Asda Price adverts where the actors tap their back pockets…

Hmmm. What will charge for home delivery? Will Waitrose be better but more expensive?

Let us hope that the supermarkets stick to the dates that go in date & walnut cake.

So, you can’t find a date and now have to pay for the service – no wonder they are so interested in your favourite pot noodles – you’d clearly have to be desperate, and skint. And let’s face it, that particular culinary delight isn’t going to rock anyone’s boat when your serve it up on a first (or any other) date. Not that I’d know, of course.