Whether you’ve been here before (welcome back!) or this is your first time (what took you so long?), we just wanted to share some of the new things to look out for.

Finding the conversations you’re interested in

Everyone likes to talk about different things, so we’ve made it easier for you to find the subject matters you’re interested in.

There are now nine Which? Convo topics – find them at the top of the site or on our homepage. So if you want to chat about slow broadband speeds, head on over to Technology. Peeved about supermarket special offers? Shopping’s where you need to be.

Within each topic you’ll find communities of people interested in the same stuff, so watch out for car enthusiasts in Motoring or financial experts in Money. Or why not become one of the well-known faces in these communities yourself?

We’ve beefed up search too. You can now search for discussions within individual topics. Looking to read about fitness apps? It’d probably be a good idea to search ‘fitness apps’ in the topic Health.

If you’re looking for the Which? Members and Ordinary Members discussion area then head over to which.co.uk/haveyoursay.

Setting up your profile

Now that you’ve found something to talk about, it’s time to join the community. You can sign in the old-fashioned way, or if you want a shortcut, sign in with your social media account.

Once you’re in, have a look at your profile page. Here you’ll find a list of all your comments, replies to these comments, as well as your account settings.

You can also share a little bit about yourself – start by uploading a profile photo, then write a short bio and list a few hobbies. Here’s Patrick Steen’s profile page as an example.

Finding other community members

Alright, you’re all set. You might now want to have a look at some of your fellow community members. If you spot someone interesting in the comments, click on their username or photo to see their profile. Or search for someone in our community members area – here you can see who’s new, who’s been online recently or just your friends.

Your friends? Yep. If you’ve got to know someone in the community or you like what they say, you can add them as a friend by visiting their profile. They just need to accept your request by visiting the friend’s section of their profile. Now you can both follow the comments each of you make.

And if you want to alert your friend to a particular discussion, @mention them in your comments (they’ll get a notification). Connecting with others on Which? Convo should now be that little bit easier.

Seeing recent activity

More than 120,000 comments have been made on Which? Convo (believe it or not). Before now, it’s been difficult to scroll through more than just a handful of them. But with our Recent activity page you can now scroll back through all the latest comments to your hearts content, making it much harder to miss something.

You’ll also find everything else that’s going on here, such as any new conversations published or new ideas shared. Oh and if you want to see everything a particular community member or author has said, you can find that in their own personal activity feed on their profile page. Fancy.

Keeping up to date

We know you like to keep up to date with what’s going on. To that end, you’ll be alerted to any new replies or mentions you’ve had – look out for these notifications on your profile when you sign in.

You can also be emailed with new comments on the conversations you’re interested in – subscribe to them below the comments box and manage these subscriptions in your profile.

Sharing your conversation ideas

Got an idea for a new conversation? You don’t need to email us about it – share it with the community in our new Ideas lounge! Just submit your suggestion and let the rest of the community vote on whether they think it’s a good idea for a new debate.

We’ll regularly look at the popular ideas and will let you know if we’re going to take them forward. Remember, every idea’s a good idea, so don’t be shy.

That’s just a quick tour of the new Which? Convo. If you’re stuck with anything, we have a more detailed FAQ to help out. If you can’t find an answer to your question, feel free to get in touch. And we’d love to hear any feedback you have too. In the meantime, we’ll look out for you in the comments.