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Should cosmetic clinics be allowed to self-regulate?

Woman having botox injection in lips

Beauty-seekers beware – a new regulatory scheme for the cosmetic treatment industry is leaving it up to clinics to decide whether they register or not.

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new by saying that cosmetic treatments can leave you looking worse rather than better.

If you fall into the hands of Botox rogues or your laser treatment leaves you scarred rather than happily hairless, you could end up regretting the whole thing.

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my concern about the news that clinics providing certain treatments wouldn’t have to register and be inspected by the regulator Care Quality Commission (CQC) from October this year. This applies to those giving cosmetic and non-medical laser and intense pulsed light treatments.

Today I read about the ‘Treatments You Can Trust’ scheme being launched. It’s a register of healthcare practitioners who are safe to give injectable treatments, such as Botox and anti-wrinkle facial fillers. All sounds good, but it relies on the public looking out for its vital quality mark when they’re shopping for beauty.

So my question is this: is it right to leave it up to providers to do the right thing and sign up to voluntary registration schemes like this? This means it’s actually up to us to check out a clinic before undergoing treatment. Or, should the so-called nanny state be more of a responsible guardian?

I’m not sure I know the answer, but I’m going to think twice before signing up to that cut-price block of laser hair removal…


Self regulation is NO regulation. Regulate properly to prevent problems.


There is so much abuse, poor and incompetent treatments and some outright dangerous ones too.

More scrutiny with the power to close down dangerous clinics and there are many.

NHS scientist