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What happened to Optical Express’ ‘lifetime’ guarantee?


Were you offered ‘lifetime aftercare’ before agreeing to laser eye surgery with Optical Express? The campaigner Sasha Rodoy shares stories from hundreds of patients who say this has now turned into ’12 month aftercare’…

Since 2012, both as campaigner and patient advocate, I have spoken with thousands of people wanting advice or help following laser eye surgery.

Over the last few weeks hundreds of Optical Express patients have contacted me, left in shock after trying to book appointments only to be told that they will no longer receive free aftercare of any description. Each of them have told me that they were offered either free ‘lifetime’ or ‘unlimited’ aftercare. And I’m sure there are thousands more to come when they discover this change in policy.

Free lifetime aftercare

Neil told me:

‘We have just been told that my wife will now be required to pay for eye tests and products by Optical Express. We were told when we signed up for the treatment in Nov 2013 that we were not to worry as the treatment was covered by their Free Lifetime Aftercare Guarantee and so far they have honoured this for the past 2 years and 5 months.’

Paul has also suffered:

‘After surgery in 2012 I cannot see at night or in low light. Optical Express prescribed pilocarpine which allowed me to drive and commute to work, but now they have told me they will no longer supply this. Without help I am really at my wits end, it is affecting me mentally and has affected my marriage. I have become a recluse suffering from eye strain and headaches dreading not being able to see when dusk comes.’

Optical Express responds

An Optical Express spokesperson said last week:

‘For a period of time in 2009 we offered free lifetime aftercare to our laser eye surgery patients. As technology developed and the procedure became even more successful, it became clear to our Medical Advisors that the vast majority of patients only required aftercare in the early stages following their surgery. In October 2009, we changed our terms and conditions to offer 12 months of free aftercare instead.’

However, there is too much anecdotal evidence that a promise of lifetime aftercare was the reason many people chose to get laser eye survey with Optical Express. People like Hannah:

‘I had laser eye surgery with Optical Express three years ago and was promised FREE lifetime aftercare. However I’m now being told that I have to pay £50 for an eye test? Optical Express claim that it’s in my terms and conditions that my free aftercare is only for two years. However I was promised FREE eye care after surgery for LIFE!’

Laser eye surgery T&Cs

Although Optical Express claims that the need for long-term aftercare is small, what about those who do need aftercare beyond 12 months? Let alone the fact that so many people have said they were sold ‘lifetime’ aftercare after October 2009.

Some of the people who have received free aftercare far beyond 12 months post op are now apparently being told that this was a ‘goodwill gesture’.

In fact, I have a number of different versions of Optical Express’ T&Cs. A November 2014 copy states that there will be free aftercare consultations for 24 months, and a July 2013 copy states 36 months. Therefore, free ’12 month’ aftercare doesn’t seem to be the standard since 2009. Some patients have said they weren’t ever given T&Cs, and when they’ve asked Optical Express for a copy of them they have been asked to pay anywhere from £10-50 for them.

If Optical Express refuse aftercare then it falls on the NHS to do so – in fact I’ve heard from a number of patients who have had to go to their GP for medication, and referrals for reparative surgery.

Did you get laser eye surgery with Optical Express? Were you promised free ‘lifetime’ or ‘unlimited’ aftercare? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. And if you have a copy of your terms and conditions, please send to the Which? Conversation team at conversation.comments@which.co.uk

This is a guest contribution by Sasha Rodoy. All opinions are her own, not necessarily those of Which?

Rick Collins says:
29 June 2017

I also had lens replacement surgery on both eyes. I have always had problems with my right eye since the operation and I was informed that the symptoms would get better over time whenever I had an eye test. My left eye has become a lot better with time but my view in my right eye has a slight haze now. I was informed before I had any surgery on my eyes that the aftercare would be free for life and that a haziness may develop in the later stages of recovery and it would be an easy fix. I went to Optical Express to have my eye check out and to my amazement was told that I now had to pay £50 for a test, and that any surgery would be at a cost to me of around £400. This I found as disgraceful and if there is any chance I can sue Optical Express I will. I cannot stand companies that lie just to get your money. I will be checking the policy I received from Optical Express again just to make sure and see if I have a case.


Rick I sympathise with your case but as I have just replied to another poster on nearly the same lines , the legal situation is that while you can have a binding legal oral contract when it gets to the court stage you have to prove in writing and / or taped conversation that they agreed to those conditions . That haziness could be a result of a slight cataract due to laser surgery ( if that was used ) I had to sign a disclaimer when I went for laser treatment for narrow angle glaucoma and yes it caused some cataract development.


Hi Duncan,
I do have this in writing and I will be seeing another Optician for a second opinion, as I do not trust Optical Express to tell me the truth. I have to say that I have lost all confidence in them.
Concerning the comment, “haziness could be a result of a slight cataract due to laser surgery”. I did say that I had Lens Replacement Surgery to both eyes, so cataract should not be an issue, That’s what Optical express said to me. Should I believe that? I not so sure.


Hello Rick thanks for replying and sorry I picked it up wrong ,in that case you will need laser treatment to the actual lens , I take it you have never had cornea eye correction to save wearing glasses where a chip is cut off the cornea as it can cause major problems in later life ? A friend I know had to go back to the NHS to get the lens corrected for some slight blurring. If you have a written statement to the effect that your treatment is guaranteed for a number of years then that is a powerful piece of evidence in a court of law , most posters on this convo no longer have that evidence .


Thats ok Duncan,
You are right I have not had cornea eye correction.
Optical Express did say that there was a procedure to clear the haze in my right eye but i have forgot want it was called due to the shock of hearing about the changes they made to their guarantee.
Fortunately I do have the evidence. I will let you know how I get on.


I appreciate you replying Rick , many dont , I look forward to your next post -thanks !


Hi Rick (and anyone else w similar problems)…

Contact me for help and/or advice, and visit OERML website forum for more info.
NB: Please include your phone number

Rich says:
24 October 2017

Hi Rick
I have the same problem but with my left eye
I actually paid a premium for the lifetime guarantee when I had the original surgery
But again after asking them to check out my left eye they want £50
They said check your terms and conditions
I could not put my hand on a copy and they now want £50 to supply with a copy
I also missed an eye test as I was out of the country and according to optical express invalidates your guarantee
Hopefully soon there will be some legal firm that will take up the misselling of this guarantee
A bit like PPI

Jo Calascione says:
1 July 2017

Both myself and my daughter, we had different procedures at different times were told the price included free lifetime aftercare. Now we both need checks and further interventions and are being told there was no such thing. We went to Optical Express in different parts of the country


This is an ever increasing problem, and I am inundated with emails every day from Optical Express customers who are just discovering that they do not have lifetime aftercare – as was promised when they handed over their money!

Visit OERML website forum to read more…

Sandy says:
19 July 2017

Hi I also had laser eye surgery and was promised lifetime aftercare which they later said I would have to pay for,a couple of years later my husband got lens replacement on the promise of 500 pound discount with me referring him,had the treatment but said we weren’t entitled to it so after big kick up we got just 30 pound.
Will never trust these again.

Fay Sykes says:
22 July 2017

I am in the same boat, I have had LRP in 2013 was told free eye tests for life & now they want to charge me £50. I emailed them the brochure given me at the time of agreeing to surgery and showing Free Eye Tests for life & they completely ignore this & say my contract says aftercare for 12mth.

They sent me a copy of my contract, it says cost include any consultation recommended by my reflective optometrist during 12 mth. It doesn’t say ongoing eye test which the company recommend every 2 yrs.

The thing is I obviously don’t have taped conversations but Di have the full brouchute they produced & gave me & it points out the benefits are eye test free for life. I don’t know how to go about doing something but they have mis sold a package to me and trying to get out of it. There must be something that can be done?


Send your phone number to info@opticalexpressruinedmylife.co.uk

Fred Richardson says:
24 July 2017

Both my wife and myself were promised lifetime aftercare after we had laser surgery in her case and lens implants in mine. About 18 months later, I had proteins removed from my implants, which I am told is normal during the first few months after this kind of surgery. During my telephone conversation to book the visit for the protein removal process with Optical Express, I was told “don’t worry, you have lifetime aftercare so your treatment will continue for free as long as required”. The removal was carried out free of charge, as were the subsequent checkups.

Linda says:
2 August 2017

I had intracoular lens replacement in 2010 with Optical Express followed by a laser correction in 2011. I remember that the biggest selling point for me was the Free lifetime aftercare. The surgery cost more than £4000. Since then all checkup appointments have been free but I was only given drops for dry eyes at the first few appointments. Yesterday when I rang to make an appointment I was told it would be £50 and any revision surgery would be £495 per eye. However as I was over 60 I could have a less thorough NHS eye test free of charg . I have never been advised that the rules had changed and unfortunately do not a copy of the terms and conditions that I signed at the time. I certainly understood that I was paying a one off charge for a lifetime of care.

Sarah says:
19 August 2017

Hi Linda, I’ve just had the privilege of finding out that I don’t get lifetime cover either when I specifically remember them confirming this too me, I weighed up how much eye appointments and glasses have cost me over the last few years and would of continued to do so and paying out my £3000 for eye surgery with free lifetime cover seemed like the cheaper and best option so it swayed me to have it done. They even said if I developed a prescription for the surgery I’d had I could have a top up surgery for free. I’m really disappointed feel like I’ve been totally mislead. Is there anyone that has looked into this further do you know?


I don’t normally do this Sarah but I am so impressed with another poster on Which that I suggest you contact Sasha Rodoy -aka- My beautiful Eyes she seems a genuine caring person in this field , contact her. No I don’t get paid for this its a first for ,me as I am a normally very critical person. See her post – 25th July above and click on the URL she has provided .

chris says:
28 November 2017

Hi Sarah, I had my eye surgery in 2008 and was promised free lifetime aftercare. I also paid over £3500 for both my eyes and this promise is what swayed me. My mother also had a consultation in a different part of the country and was promised the same. I was told that eye tests, enhancement surgery and any drops or medication would be free for life. I have required an enhancement for the last few years but they are saying I have to pay for it and i was told 12 months aftercare. Its frustrating. They obviously said this when hundreds if nto thousands of people are complaining

Jackie Dudman says:
21 August 2017

My husband and I had Lens Replacement Surgery in June 2015, and we were told that we had life time aftercare. In June this year I called to book an appointment for an eye test to be told that we would have to pay £50 each!!! I complained and explained that we were told life time aftercare, I was told no just 1 year. I don’t have any paperwork quoting life time but we were defiantly told this at our consultation.

Sarah Knight says:
23 August 2017

I had lens transplant in 2009, I was promised lifetime after care, upto 2015 I have had all care needed without a mention of paying. I’ve had two laser surgery procedures for correction and check ups, drops etc. Two years ago I went for a check up as my vision seemed to be getting worse and I had a lump on my left eye. I was told I might need laser surgery as I had more build up of white cells, but they asked if I would wait as they wanted to see if things got worse before carrying out the procedure. I was told the lump was a water lump and should go on its own and wasn’t causing any problems. They told me to come back if I started experiencing problems. I have recently found my vision is worse and the lump is bigger. I called optical express last week to arrange an appointment to be told I would have to pay £50 for a check up and £20 to have the lump looked at. I told them I don’t pay as have lifetime after care, they said the only offer one year after care. I asked why I haven’t paid over the last seven years, I was told I had been lucky!! I couldn’t believe I was talking to the manager of the store. He then told me to take it up with head office. I contacted head office on line to be told the same thing and they said the care I have received so far must have been a good will gesture. I asked if I could have a copy of all my original paperwork as unfortunately I can’t find my copy, they said I would receive something to sign to authorise release of my notes. I was so upset I decided to look on line to see if anyone else had experienced the same problem, to find thousands of people had. Also people were saying they were being charged £50 for copies of their original paperwork to receive incomplete copies. I can’t afford £50 to possibly not get the proof I need. I really don’t know where to turn as need my eyesight checked and need the lump removed. I’m so upset and angry and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do.


Sarah a build up of white cells can be a sign of infection, as there can be very serious causes of a lump on your eye I would get the opinion of an NHS Ophthalmologist–don’t delay – your EYESIGHT is at stake !

Denise Bradshaw says:
23 August 2017

We called into Optical Express Liverpool One for my husband’s annual eye test following lens replacement surgery in 2012 in London. We were shocked to be told it would be £50 for the test. My husband explained that he had had eye surgery and had been promised care for life. The guy calmly stood there and said we were mistaken and that Optical Express had never had a lifetime care policy and it had recently changed to twelve months from three years. I interrupted and said that I had been with my husband every step of the way and had also heard ‘lifetime guarantee’. We had even told all our family and friends who wore glasses about the promise at the time, encouraging them to have treatment. To say we are disgusted is an understatement. Their name will be mud with us from now on and we will make sure that anyone we know or hear of contemplating surgery will be informed of their lying, scheming, underhanded treatment of it’s customers. Needless to say I won’t be having my eyes done by them and will take my hard earned cash to a company that doesn’t tell LIES!!!

Sofia Sheikh says:
19 September 2017

Hi, I had laser eye surgery in 2014, where during the consultation, I was informed I would I free lifetime eyecare. This included eyedrops, further tests and further surgery if needed. However, without warning, this has now been rescinded. This is highly annoying as I know I have been miss sold a service.

Jacqui says:
26 September 2017

I had laser eye surgery in 2012. About a couple of months ago someone from Optical express called me to ask about my eyes after the surgery but could not speak to him at the time and he said he will call back but have not heard from him.
I called Optical express this morning to make an appointment and to my surprise the women said I would need to pay £50 first and then only can she book the appointment. I was fuming. I obviously did not book the appointment as I was certain the aftercare was free. I think I have my contract and will look at it and advise further on the what it says.

Lyn Burgess says:
2 October 2017

I had lens replacement surgery in 2014 (operation in London). At the time of surgery the consultant said that I may need, in the future, a small correction operation as sometimes the lens becomes cloudy and this would be part of the follow up procedure. I remember this most distinctly. I think he said it would only need to be done once, but it would be included in the price that I was paying. Last year at an NHS eye test the Optometrist said the lens was starting to become cloudy. As with everyone else, I’ve just been told I would need to pay £50 for a check up. Is there seriously nothing that can be done about this? I’m all for bad publicity etc etc, but I don’t have the energy for a campaign. I guess we are all just voting with our feet and taking our hard earned money to another company!


Lyn- all lenses are not equal , there are various types to suite your particulate eyes . Price is also involved here . For a profession comment on the types of Len’s I post a website that cant be criticised on its knowledge base -the American Academy of Ophthalmology ( US government approved ) : https://www.aao.org/eye-health/diseases/cataracts-IoI-implants . I have several US companies who detail the problems with cheap lens replacements and I have, in the past on this issue here posted a US doctor who says that really good ones don’t cloud up but he guarantees them for life. I have more trust in this country on the NHS than a private clinic on this matter as when I attend hospital its full of ex private patents who,s surgery has gone wrong.

Danny says:
4 October 2017

I was told I would have lifetime after care which has now stopped after 2 years. I did not verify the verbal promise and when I checked my written contract there is confusing terminology suggesting a two year guarantee.

Chris says:
18 October 2017

I had lasik eye surgery in Dec 2008. My pack clearly states ‘unlimited post operative care’ My eye sight has gradually worsened over the years and it is worse than before the surgery. I have just found my details out as I wanted to contact Optical express about what can be done. I am shocked to learn that the guarantee they gave me is now nul and void. How can they be allowed to do that?

sally says:
27 October 2017

Hi Chris.
I’m in the exact same situation as you. My vision has reverted back to my pre-lasered prescription and i had my surgery in 2008. Unfortunately i don’t have my paperwork but i know i was offered lifetime aftercare. Surely they’re breaking the law by not honouring the contract terms?


This Convo seems to revolve around the offer of “free aftercare” and for how long. I have not gone through all the posts (270 so far) so the question may have been answered. Has anyone, such as Which? Legal, examined the contracts / Terms and Conditions of the individual complainants to see whether or not they are being contravened?


Optical Express has received a great deal of criticism. If they are as bad as some have claimed, I am not sure I would want free aftercare.

When companies attract major criticism it’s difficult to know what percentage of customers are happy.

Patrick Taylor says:
28 November 2017

Perhaps we should extrapolate from the claimed figures treated which I expect are in the Accounts to the number of complainants here and add back the traditional figure of how few Brits complain. However all said and done a contract is a contract and if OE are reneging it is a matter of public interest as it affects all consumer where they have long term contracts.

I have no doubt that there is a major case of consumer detriment going on. As Which? is here to make consumers more powerful I am disappointed with lack of action.


Regarding reneging on lifetime care, this should be referred to Trading Standards but in view of the fact that TS is failing as a result of lack of resources, it would require following up until the problem has been resolved.

I would also like to see proper assessment of the risks associated with laser eye surgery.


I asked earlier whether Which? (Legal?) had examined complainants contracts and/or terms & conditions to see whether they had been contravened.
@ldeitz, Lauren – do you know if Which? Legal have looked at these and come to a view?


I am sure many subscribers would like to see a Which? Legal statement on this matter. In fact one might suggest that not having a comment reflects poorly on the organisation.

I realise without actual sight of the supporting documents it will need to be hedged but the underlying concept of offering a lifetime service against an up-front payment is not difficult to summarise.


Hi Malcolm, sorry I missed this. In short, yes the Legal have seen this. On top of that, we also share possible new evidence with them as we see it. However, as Patrick has noted, we do need to see the supporting documents for our Legal team to examine properly. We’ve had some documentation that came via this convo, but so far it hasn’t been enough for us to take this any further.

Teresa Kirsch says:
29 November 2017

I had my eye lasered in June 2010, i was also promised free lifetime aftercare. i now suffer with really dry eyes, resulting in me having my tear ducks plugged to help keep moisture in my eyes. Up until 2 years ago, this has been done for free. I called this week to book in as one plug has fallen out, to be told i will have to pay £75 per plug!!!! And that all other plug (about 7-8 sets) have been done as a gesture of good will!!!
i am currently writing an email of complaint and have requested my signed T&C’s because there is not a copy in my pack (which i still have)

Steven Beard says:
29 November 2017


I’m having issues and have done since my treatment with dry and sore eyes. I’m now suffering with migraine and discomfort in one of my eyes. My doctor has recommended an eye test. This when I have contacted Optical Express to organise my ‘Free Lifetime Aftercare’ eye test which is now going to cost me £50!!!!!! I was 100% sold on the Free Lifetime Aftercare and something I have shared with many potential participants in this surgery. The company change in care provisions is very disappointing. I have been told I either pay or write to them to challenge. Not what I was sold, expect or will be satisfied to accept.

Chris D says:
6 December 2017

Has anyone had any independent advice or recourse regarding this issue?
I too had laser surgery with Optical Express in December 2009, and during the last 6 months noticed my vision deteriorating. I called to book a follow up appointment as part of my lifetime aftercare but was told the same story by Optical Express that £50 payment was required to be taken in advance of any appointment. Needless to say I was not impressed with their response and have gone elsewhere for my eye test as a short term solution, however I now have concerns about any follow up prescription or corrective measures which might need to be taken going forward.


Chris leaving aside the Optical Express issue could you enlighten me as to what the optician said in regards to your eye test eg- correcting your vision with glasses or if he diagnosed an actual eye disease like glaucoma or cataract ? As I attend hospital for eye problems I was told that laser surgery to correct vion so you dont need glasses can effect your ability to have eye diseases cured in later life. Not something people like to hear but I don’t like anybody being not told the truth . This was supplied by hospital specialists who see cases like this every day and can tell intimately what has already been done to your eyes like a small chip taken off your iris. .

Chris D says:
6 December 2017

I went to Specsavers for a free eye test, the usual health checks for glaucoma etc were undertaken and all was fine. Sight test was marginal/not within the prescription range (although it has definitely deteriorated) and no other issues raised.

So a slight peace of mind, however its concerning that Optical Express are not honouring their aftercare commitments, this is driving me to go elsewhere and give me a lack of confidence in their company. Im keen to understand if any correction can be applied, however without having the contract or documents from the procedure its a difficult situation to resolve.

Nick says:
5 January 2018

Same story here. Had an operation in 2009 and was promised free lifetime aftercare. Had one correctional procedure in 2011 and was told to check my eyes for free every couple of years. Last time I checked my eyes with Optical Express in 2015 for free. I called to book an appointment yesterday, and I was told pretty much the same I read in this forum. I have an occasional sharp pain in my eye when I wake up at night. It started immediately after the operation, optical express always dismissed as something minor without really explaining what it was. They gave me free eye drops. Now I think I need to dig out my contract and check my eyes with someone trustworthy.


I dont believe I am reading what you have written Nick- I am shocked that the pain you have after the operation has not gone . This is something I know well about as I am about to undergo eye operations nut in the NHS . The very FIRST thing they asked me was are your eyes painful , that this is still happening long after an eye operation is dangerous for your eyesight. I always ask a lot of questions of whats going on and I got honest answers from the NHS . I got multiple tests with all sorts of equipment including eye cameras showing every vein in my eyes . Sometimes after eye operations there can be a burst blood vessel/detached retina or other damage this must be looked into. The NHS is full of people who went to private medical companies and that includes eyes . I have spoken to many go to your GP get referred to a hosp[ital dont leave this blindness can be forever.


All these complainers say thy were told Was it put in writing? have they the proof ? Sue and I see Optical Express closing down bankrupt rather than pay out as it appears to me to be a dodgy company which does not keep it’s promises or now cannot afford too Never used them and now never will

Nyomi says:
20 January 2018

I just don’t understand how they are getting away with this! It’s clearly a really widespread problem. Can’t we all join forces on a legal case?


Nyomi- they wouldnt in the States its only sharp practice business tricks on us “stupid ” Brits where HMG condone this . There are action groups on the web.