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Celebrating the unsung coronavirus heroes

We’re all having to come to terms with our entire lives changing – who’s gone the extra mile to help you through it?

While it’s too easy to get wrapped up in stories of people fighting for loo roll, I’ve been most taken aback by the extraordinary kindness people are showing.

News: supermarkets restrict items in a bid to prevent stockpiling

I was worried about my elderly neighbours so, from a good few metres away, I asked if they needed me to get anything for them.

Nope. All sorted. A woman who works at our nearby petrol station is doing daily deliveries for them.

Community spirit

In my local area, three community clubs that support elderly people have had to close.

This should be devastating to the 90 people who use it, except three staff plus 25 volunteers are ringing regularly to chat, organise shopping, pick up prescriptions and run errands.

We also have very active local Facebook groups. People are banding together to offer support and services.

Anyone who needs help can get in contact and they’ll have someone there for them. They’re also encouraging people to look out for their neighbours, and are basically changing our entire culture of keeping our heads down and getting caught up in a too busy life.

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It’s really helped lift my spirits to see people pull together at such as difficult time. So I thought it would be really good to create a space here where we can share our stories.

What acts of kindness have you seen? How has life in your community changed?

Share your positive stories with us in the comments, we’d be delighted to read them.


Sandy and the girls in our local shop, could not be better, ensuring nobody gets left out, even delivering newspapers on Easter Monday when the post were on holiday . 110 out of a 100

The team at our local supermarket, Costcutter Epsom, embraced the challenge very early on and brought in many changes before the big supermarkets. Limiting the number of people in the shop, restricting items to one per family, they moved to one in and one out and worked tirelessly to make sure that essential products were available for local residents and to make the shopping experience as safe and stress free as possible. They truly deserve a big shout out! Thank you.

Before ordering a repeat prescription I phoned Morrisons to confirm that they would bring it out to my car because I have been avoiding going into shops for the past two months. The mission is accomplished, so thanks to our local Morrisons pharmacy.

My local fruit and veg shop owner, Chris (The Glass Onion, Westhoughton, Bolton) has gone above and beyond to home deliver fruit and veg and does not even charge for delivery, he has arranged that payments are easy and contactless so nothing to worry about. Very happy with this.

I am shielding post transplant. My Daughter who is a teacher, so is still working, lives almost 15 miles away but has still shopped for me and brought it over after work when I was unable to get a supermarket slot.
My Husband of 47 years has been sleeping in a separate room, as advised, cooked all our food and has treated me like the Queen! Imagine not being able to sit next to him or touch him after all these years together……..He has even chosen to shield with me which meant he has not been working, to protect me, so we have been with each other virtually 24/7 since 12 March.
What did I do to have these two wonderful human beings in my life?
Huge huge Thanks and much love to them both x