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Your comments this week – cars, cooking and chuggers

This week you’ve been talking about financial education, ‘car image’, charity muggers, and whether or not you could live without your microwave. Here are some of our favourite comments this week.

Chuggers – get off my doorstep

Do you find doorstep ‘charity muggers’, or chuggers, intrusive? Erin does:

‘If I want to give to a charity, I will give to them of my own accord. Any charity that harasses me simply ensures I will never give to them again.’

Nfh shared their idea for keeping chuggers at bay:

‘Perhaps we need a properly enforced doorstep equivalent of the Telephone Preference Service so that those who do not wish to be disturbed can live in peace. It’s all well and good putting up a sign saying “no cold callers”, but the cold callers simply ignore it (just like the Telephone Preference Service).’

And Richard has his own unique way of dealing with unwanted callers:

‘I have three LARGE dogs. A number of chuggers open the garden gate, read the “Beware of The Dogs” warning, hear the “welcome” barks and quickly move on.’

Is now the time to ditch imperial and go fully metric?

Many commenters, including Don Andrews, don’t see the point of clinging to the past:

‘I think it’s ridiculous to talk about “traditional British” pounds, miles etc. I lived in Spain for many years, and many of the older folks would still talk about strange units such as “millas” and “libras” (pounds). But in Spain, they seemed to have had very few hang-ups about ditching these ancient measures and embracing the modern age. I think it’s about time the Brits did too.’

Could you live without your microwave?

You’ll find a microwave on most kitchen work-tops, but Simon Chapman asks, do we really need them? Sarah only uses hers once a year:

‘The only time I’ve wished I had a microwave (and a couple of times zipped round to my neighbour’s to use theirs) is on Christmas Day. To be able to do the pudding in minutes rather than it taking up a hob for 3 hours is a real bonus, but not worth having the other 364 days a year, to my mind.’

On the other hand, Joel believed it was a good time and energy saver:

‘It is far more energy efficient to cook using a microwave. Porridge done in 3 minutes in a microwave vs 10-15 on a hob, and using far less energy in the microwave. I’m less convinced about the utility of the grill/convection oven, but it does give you a backup oven in case of failure of your main oven, or as an extra at Christmas when you need too many things doing at once.’

What does your car say about you?

Would you admit to having preconceived ideas about the drivers of certain cars? Sophie Gilbert was frustrated to find her car was the victim of sexism:

‘I was told once that a Corsa was a woman’s car! Made my blood boil!! I challenged the statement and the poor guy couldn’t even explain what he meant by that!’

Phil shared his view of Toyota Yaris drivers, much to author (and Yaris driver) Rob Hull’s chargin:

‘I have to agree that the Toyota Yaris has taken over from the Moggie Minor as the granny driver’s car of choice.’

We need compulsory personal finance education in schools

Do you think personal finance education should be compulsory in schools? Frances felt that good teachers could help the system work:

‘An open minded, well informed teacher (Margrit Kennedy, Ellen Brown, plenty more) could do wonders. But a syllabus based on promoting our current ideas of finance would be a waste of time.’

And commenter ‘Independent Adviser’, who gets our Comment of the Week, said:

‘I believe it’s a start to solving a genuine need in this country’s educational demands/deficit. I’m not saying as an industry professional that I fully support the programme, but it’s far too early to tell whether it will improve children’s understanding long term.

‘In this modern world, they need to understand APR, compound interest, tax (basic), and some understanding of risk. If it means kids don’t take out risky products that they don’t understand, I will be happy.’

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Another great comment this week is from Frank Holden. A poem to Canon:

‘Oh Canon Oh Canon what have you done,
You’ve got a new camera that must be fun,
Interchangeable lens and video too,
So light so sleek so easy to use,
So colourful so practical, answers to EOS M
How can I but not want one of them,
But, wait just a moment,
An EOS with no viewfinder!
Oh Canon Oh Canon what have you done.’


I’d love to see more poetry on Conversation!

Sophie Gilbert says:
1 August 2012

It doesn’t matter too much, but the Corsa wasn’t mine. It was a pool car and the bloke was a colleague. I still liked him even if he said such a stupid thing (don’t we all sometimes…) because otherwise he was super, and I know that my reaction got him to think about what he said.

Simon says:
27 August 2017

Should “Which?” consider reducing the subscription rates for those members who opt to receive their monthly ‘magazine’ on-line, and not a paper copy through the post?