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Your comments this week – baking, beds and bohemians

iPad portrait of a cat on a radiator

Have you ever tried a memory foam mattress? Is bread an integral part of your diet? And have iPads inspired you to become a digital artist? We’ve been asking these questions and more this week.

Memory foam saved my sleep

Our Victoria Pearson was converted to memory foam mattresses, but you had mixed feelings. Commenter Par allieurs said:

‘We bought a memory foam mattress over two years ago and have been absolutely delighted with it. I had a severe back problem which eventually needed a substantial operation to correct it. The new mattress arrived while I was in hospital. Straight away on my return I could sleep better even though I still had a large, healing operation scar on my back.’

However, Alan fumagalli disagreed:

‘Had a memory foam mattress, a good one, but it had to go [as it got] far too hot for both of us. We’ve gone back to a sprung mattress much cooler just as comfy and cheaper. I know many people who have had the same experience. They need to solve the heating problem!’

Are your radiators on yet?

As the weather is turning we asked, have you turned on your radiators yet? Dave D said:

‘Heating on? Already? You’ve got to be joking! My heating is never on before the start of Public Heating Season and never after the end either. I have, though, had the gas fire on in the lounge a few evenings last week, but it’s warmer again this week up here.’

On the other hand, Rarrar has had to succumb early:

‘It does depend on where you live. Have had the heating on for a 2/3 weeks now, as I do feel a temperature of >18C is necessary in the occupied rooms and with outside temperatures struggling to hit 10C that isn’t going to happen without some help!’

Would you get arty on an iPad?

When artist David Hockney told us about his use of technology for his art in our podcast, we asked you if you’d been inspired to draw on your iPads. Carol Fox told us:

‘I love painting on my iPad Brushes app. It allows the imagination to fly and use an enormous variety of colours and textures at the tip of your fingers. David Hockney’s iPad paintings are brilliant and I aim to be 100th as good as he is. An inspiration.’

But Hickue wasn’t so sure:

‘All of [your portraits] are pretty good, but the question is, is this because of talent or the way you can create effects with technology? Although I suppose it could be argued that an iPad is a tool in the way that a canvas and paintbrush or pencil are.’

Is bread a cornerstone of your diet?

As home bread baking enjoys resurgence, we asked, is bread a key part of your diet? Gerard Phelan said:

‘Until I retired I ate a slice or two of bread in the evening as a tea/supper meal, my main meal being lunch in the works canteen. Now I am retired, I cook every day that I am at home, so there does not seem to be a need to continue eating a second meal based on bread. Having written that, I made a wholemeal loaf today in my bread machine, but immediately worry that it will go mouldy before I find the opportunities to eat it.’

Another price increase on Vodafone’s ‘fixed’ contracts

Vodafone has put its mobile contract prices up again, just a year after its last price rise. Kenny, who gets our Comment of the Week, shared his frustration:

‘I was under the impression that when I signed up to a two year contract that the price remained fixed. Needless to say, the salesperson at the time didn’t point this out to me when I was handing over the money and signing on the dotted line. Fortunately, my contract expires in December so for the sake of £0.70 a month, Vodafone has just lost a customer!’

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Thanks for using my cat picture Jen!

Two Conversations with similar pictures. I suppose we will be able to distinguish the real cat from Patrick’s artwork when the heating is turned up.

Lynn says:
6 October 2012

Memory foam? Waterbed every time!