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A Wimbledon coffee maker? Serve me a double espresso

This year we’re all being told to shout about everything British, from the Jubilee to the Olympics. And Wimbledon’s no exception. But are some companies using it as another excuse to flog us stuff we don’t need?

What comes to mind when you think of Wimbledon? Tim Henman’s near misses, sunshine followed by rain, or maybe strawberries and cream?

Whatever it conjures up, there is a distinct feeling that we should be excited about it; after all, this is ‘London 2012’!

From hosting a themed party to buying the latest memorabilia, you can’t turn the corner without being sold something British-related.

Buy, buy, buy memorabilia

No matter what the event, companies always seem to find a way to turn something completely unrelated to an event into an icon of it – a Jubilee sick bag being a prime example (if you missed it, check out our Conversation on Jubilee tat or treasure).

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating British institutions, and being proud of some of the gems our country holds dear. But is unrecyclable stuff we don’t need quite the right way to do it?

We recently found a coffee machine emblazoned with Wimbledon (pictured above) for the very biggest of fans. But I’ll be honest; this made me think more about the cynical side of selling than of Wimbledon itself.

But does it really matter? If someone holds a candle to an event, who are we to stop them from filling their home with memorabilia?

Themed food and drinks

Despite the cynicism, one great thing about a British event is that with it comes the implied excuse to have a party! During the Jubilee, you may not have been on board with the idea of celebrating the Royal family as an institution, but it still proved for many a great chance to laugh with friends and family.

So why not do the same for Wimbledon? Maybe it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and have a family barbecue, or make a Wimbledon-themed cocktail! After all, I did mention strawberries and cream.


My terrible pun is too bad to leave to @WhichConvo’s Twitter account – A Wimbledon-themed coffee maker? Well, you’ve got to find a way to espresso your love of tennis 🙂