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What’s your favourite odd food pairing?

Cheddar cheese on apple pie? Honey on pizza? Let’s talk about the food pairings that create your favourite flavour symphony.

I have a vivid memory of trying cheese with fruitcake for the first time. Having been hiking up the side of a waterfall in Trinidad for most of the day at the height of summer, a generous slice of cake topped with some very mature cheddar was an unexpected welcome from the hosts in the flat where we were staying. 

Unexpected to find a bit of Yorkshire in the Caribbean and not a bad thing – but a bit heavy for me in the heat. 

Some odd combinations have effectively become commonplace. It’s not unusual to have chili peppers in a chocolate bar, and few of us would give the cranberry sauce side to your turkey a second thought.

Odd couples

Asking around a bit wider via Instagram revealed a few responses I’ve never heard of before: 

🍽️ Popcorn and ketchup

🍽️ Hot chocolate and…. chunks of cheese!?

🍽️ Baked beans and Yorkshire pudding

🍽️ Spaghetti and Quavers

🍽️ McDonald’s french fries dipped in milkshakes/ice cream

Some of these proved so bizarre I’d be keen to try them just to say I’ve been there. 

That one may look like an April fool, bit it actually ended up making the menu in Singapore and going down surprisingly well with the public!

Adventurous that I am though, there’s one combination I won’t try again: 

Pineapple on pizza?
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Your favourite flavour pairings

What are your favourite unlikely food combinations?  

How do you discover your unexpected food parings? Do you go by others’ recommendations, happy accidents when cooking, or another way?  

What unexpected combinations would you recommend to others? Which ones would you not touch with a barge pole? 


When I needed a quick lunch out, I used to like Kit-kat with salt & vinegar crisps.

Cheese with blackcurrant jam or honey.

I prefer mint jelly or cranberry jelly for the sweet tartness with lamb or turkey. Unfortunately, most producers seem to have cut back on the mint and cranberry so they are mostly sugary jelly these days.

Pineapple on pizza? I wouldn’t go out of my way to add it as a topping (I only eat home-made pizza), but if there was some left over that needed eating up, possibly, although it would probably go better in my home-made coleslaw that I sometimes add sultanas to.

Black pepper on strawberries. ”The pepper serves to neutralise the tartness, which allows the inherent sweetness of the strawberry to shine through stronger than ever. The pepper also balances the sweetness that keeps it from tasting only like sugar and allows all of the subtle fruity flavours to come out.”

The virus I came back from holiday with 7 years ago, left me unable to consume anything acidic that includes most fruit. Hubby will be eating strawberries soon, so thanks Beryl I will try your suggestion.

Apple pie and cheese, cheese and raspberry jam, Yorkshire pud with jam (as a sweet), fruitcake and cheese are traditional and highly recommended. My grandfather put salt on his cornflakes and sugar on lettuce. Strawberry omelette is nice – a little sugar in the egg and soften the strawberries in butter.

A Marmite and cucumber sandwich on fresh white thick cut bread.

I’m happy to try adding stem ginger to almost anything. Plain yoghurt is far more enjoyable with ginger and adding a little of the syrup counteracts the tartness.

I agree with ginger and nutmeg which can add a background zing to many drinks and fruit concoctions. Apple and cheese has been a staple of mine for many years, they work well together and there is nothing odd about them! The food rule is more about taste than the mental combinations, but some of the recipes seen on television would certainly not be on my table in any form. My blender does create some interesting drinks, where unlikely green vegetables and fruits combine and hide each other, provided the quantities are well judged. When ill judged it is sometimes possible to drink them as one might a medicine but they can always be diluted and sweetened with honey.

Radishes with butter is a popular way to serve them in France. Just to be clear, it’s cold butter, applied with a knife like you would butter bread.

Mcdonalds China also released an Oreo and McSpam burger back in January that was all the rage, can’t say that I will try that one anytime soon lol

I’ve never tried a deep fried Mars bar, and chips with gravy seems unpleasant. But then, unless you try something you never know. I think at one level oysters look pretty revolting but…….yum.

Oh no, none of those thanks

Oooh I can vouch for deep fried mars bars, they’re great. Although very sickly haha

I used to eat chips with curry sauce, never tried fried Mars bars and oysters will stay looking pretty revolting.

Homemade apple bread (tastes like cake, without the calories!) spread with Marmite mixed with butter. The apples are homegrown and extremely sweet and tasty.

Stela says:
23 April 2021

Cheese with hot chocolate sound nice i love it! I also love watermelon with salt and feta cheese! I’m from Greece and in my country we love this! Sweet and salty always go well together!

Palta says:
23 April 2021

My wife was making a pork and cider casserole when she added ginger ale thinking that it was cider. The result was delicious.

I have found that a spread of Marmite on toast with a generous spread of Cream Cheese on top makes for a tasty snack.