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This week in comments – drink, drivers and detergent

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Would you like to see minimum alcohol prices? Are rules on mobile phone use in cars strict enough? Are you a bio or non-bio person when it comes to laundry detergent? Let’s have a gander at your comments.

Alcohol unit prices

Dunc Wooster thinks a minimum price for alcohol units is worth trying:

‘Based on experience in other countries it will almost certainly reduce excess or problem drinking a little bit. But lots of other things would need to be done too.’

But Chris was of the opposite opinion:

‘A complete and utter waste of time. This will do little or nothing to reduce binge drinking, but will penalise responsible low income people (like pensioners) who drink at home. How is it fair that a pensioner’s tipple costs more just because a minority of idiots want to get hammered every Friday and Saturday night?’

How light is your lunch? You might be surprised…

We want to see traffic light labelling on food, and it seems Convo commenters agree with us. David explains why:

‘I would like to see something akin to your example above (the traffic light system) showing percentage of GDA. This is clear and simple, and would give me a rough indication of how much of my daily allowance I am eating with that one product. I would be in favour of ALL foodstuffs containing such information.’

Rica agrees with him:

‘I think the traffic light idea is a very good one. Most people rush into a supermarket and grab a sandwich and a drink for their lunch and if the sandwich is going to be labelled I think it should be as simple as possible.’

Why won’t Apple offer refunds to confused ’4G’ iPad owners?

Apple has been ordered by the ASA to remove mentions of 4G from iPad advertisements, but commenter Peter Jones would like a refund:

‘I went for the 4G version of the new iPad as I wanted to future-proof myself for when 4G came to the UK. At that time I thought the extra investment of £100 over the Wi-Fi only model was worth it. I now feel cheated. I have checked the box and it certainly says 4G.’

Laundry detergents – does bio make your skin crawl?

Bio or non-bio – what laundry detergent do you go with? M. goes with non-bio, if at all:

‘Remember Persil Bio with the red and green bits in? The whole family came out in rashes, so we have never used bio again. Nothing beats hand washing with bar soap in the river, then laying clothes on the rocks to let the sun bleach them dry. I have a river at the bottom of my road, rocks aplenty, it’s just the sun appears to be missing.’

Holographic supermarket assistants? Err no

Kermit took to sarcasm when the idea of holographic supermarket assistants was raised:

‘I’ll take along my holographic shopping assistant and he can stand chatting to the supermarket hologram while I go about my shopping. Do me a favour!!!’

And M. wasn’t warming to the concept either:

‘Greeted by holographic hula clad dancing girls, twirling and singing lilting welcomes, yes I could go for that. But a pixelating Mr. Kipling espousing the virtues of his cherry bakewells on special offer this week… no thank you.’

Par ailleurs also mocked the idea:

‘I bet there’ll be a nanny type at the self serve checkout saying “unexpected item in the bagging tray”. Now we’ll have to look at them as well as listen to them. God help us!’

Are drivers still flouting the law by using their mobiles?

Chris Wilmot thinks laws on mobile use in cars need to be more severe:

‘Completely agree that the phone and sim card should be ‘impounded’ immediately and either destroyed or removed to a “Phone Pound” , and the owner charged £250 to get it back. This would be in addition to the automatic £500 for breaking the law. Also they should get 6 penalty points on the licence.’

Are small payments a big problem for contactless cards?

Oxchris is a fan of contactless cards:

‘I love my contactless card and have not met any minimum payment requirements when using it. I don’t understand why a shop would prefer the cost and risk associated with securing cash over an instant payment that costs pennies and increases sales. I suppose some people are just old-fashioned.’

And Mark, who gets our comment of the week, criticised untrained shop staff:

‘I find my biggest barrier to using [my contactless card] is the staff at many of the stores not being trained up. I went into Co-op and the lady behind the counter looked at me with suspicion and jaw-dropping awe when her till opened without me even inserting the card in the card reader. I repeatedly told her I had already paid, but she wouldn’t believe me until the receipt started printing out.’

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Maurice says:
18 May 2012

Setting a minimum price per unit of alcohol would certainly reduce per captia alcohol consumption. Chris should understand that drunkeness and intoxication result from consuming too much alcohol – it’s that simple! Research studies have clearly demonstrated that as alcohol consumption increases so do alcohol-related social problems and increased alcohol consumption is associated with greater availablity coupled with a low price for alcohol. It’s really that simple. I am sure that most pensioners would feel patronised by comments that their total social life revolves around a ‘tipple’ and additionally I would be very confident that, given a choice, most older people would enthusiastically pay an additional cost for their ‘tipple’ to enjoy a reduction in the wide range of social problems caused by the ridiculous cheap availability of what is the strongest DRUG abused throiughout the UK.

I am inclined to believe that minimum pricing will result in responsible drinkers drinking even less and less responsible drinkers resorting to bulk buying on the continent or on the black market. Or perhaps there will be a surge in home-brewing again.

Drivers donot indicate as they are 2 busy on the phone or just cant be bothered…totally infuriates me. When you say anything its my fault am crossing the road!!! Whats wrong with people?? Is it just too hard to move their hand…they should be fined. What would they do if one day they put someone in hospital for their stupidity and no thought what so ever for padestrians??

Is there really a problem with using mobiles whilst driving? I guess not, or else the Government and the Police would be lobbying for technology and the car industry to introduce a device that makes it impossible to use a mobile when the ignition is turned on. How about it all you techno-buffs?