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Are you getting a takeaway tonight?

Takeaway Indian food

It’s Saturday, which probably means your day will be filled with chores or DIY. So have you thought about what you’re having for dinner? Will you be cooking, eating out or getting a takeaway?

Despite the forecast, I’ve set aside today to spend working on my garden – it’s a race against the clock now to try to finish my landscaping project before autumn sets in.

I’ve actually been organised and prepared a butter chicken curry to simmer away in the slow cooker for tonight. This is a money-saving move as gardens are expensive projects, and the rest of my home-renovation project has meant I’ve totted up a fair few takeaways in the past year.

In fact, if there was such a thing as a Deliveroo loyalty scheme, I’d be winning.

Saturday night takeaway

It would seem that I’m not alone in my recent over-reliance on takeaways – and restaurant delivery apps, in particular.

According to a survey carried out by the loyalty scheme Nectar, around 43% of us are eating out less as a result of apps such as the aforementioned Deliveroo, plus Just Eat and UberEATs. And nearly half of those surveyed said they’d rather order takeout from a restaurant via an app than visit it in person.

Having moved to a small commuter town last year, I’ve witnessed the explosion of these restaurant delivery services in my local area first-hand.

If I fancy a takeaway, I no longer just have the option of pizza, Chinese or Indian. Now, thanks to these apps, I can order from multiple places and have a restaurant-style meal from a local gastro pub, restaurant or favourite chain. I can even pair it with a delivery from my favourite wine bar… how fancy!

And when I’m covered in splatters of blue fence paint and not exactly in the mood to get ready to go out, these hybridised restaurant-style nights in the comfort of my own home are most appealing.

Dining out

When it comes to dining out, though, it isn’t necessarily the food that draws me to an eatery, but the experience of good service and nice food. That sentiment also rings true for 65% of those surveyed in the Nectar study.

And when you consider that, for some people, eating out isn’t always a pleasurable experience, and the fact that it all starts to tot up once you’ve paid for drinks and service, it’s not wonder that 42% of those polled said they prefer to entertain at home.

So are restaurant delivery services more appealing to you than dining out? Or do you still prefer to go out for dinner? Will you be ordering a takeaway tonight? Will that be directly from the restaurant or via an app such as Deliveroo, Just Eat or UberEATs?

bishbut says:
5 August 2017

Are we becoming a very LAZY lot of people wanting to sit around while someone or something else does all the work for us ?

David Solomons says:
17 October 2017

This Saturday I ordered Pizzas for delivery online for 4 adults from Dominos and paid £72.18. I got a call later saying they couldn’t fill the order because they were out of gluten-free pizza bases; so I cancelled.
I made an identical order by phone to another Dominos, just as close, who insisted I collect; which I did and paid £47.46.
I calculate this is a 52% surcharge for delivery!!
When I complained to Dominos I got a polite “we try to encourage collections” email. I won’t be ordering food for delivery again!


I will be spending most of the day walking in the country with a visiting walking group, showing them some of the work done by our charity. After the walk, I will be joining the group for a meal at a local pub. I have not eaten there for a couple of years but have heard good reports.

I eat out mainly when I am on holiday, though there is a local restaurant and a couple of pubs that I visit occasionally. On Sunday I will invite a friend round for a meal.

Takeaways don’t appeal to me and the environmental health officer that I met recently was not keen either.

Lauren is right in planning what you are going to eat if you are going to be busy.


There are two ways of looking at this -#1- we are heavily influenced by commercial programmes on TV like the one where different households sit ( and get fatter ) watching TV – very popular- Gogglebox . Also advertising hits people in the face telling them how easy it is to make those quick meals . Then you have -#2- people who haven’t the time for cooking traditional meals ,single people who only need a microwave to survive as many people say- cant cook-wont cook – its domestic “slavery ” which adds to the fall of marriages or even co-habiting ( why get married my microwave does the cooking ) . Add to that those looking after somebody 24/7 who have everything to do and find it hard to cope . I make good use of our microwave and occasionally we get a delivery of curry+ Chinese from two local restaurants/take-aways , maybe not the same choice as a city but it makes a change from the local fish+chips.


We’re thankfully immune to all this, as there isn’t a takeaway within 17 miles, so no ordering in for us.


But you could have a pretend take-away, Ian.

Buy some ready meals or ‘dinner-for- two’ boxes [you can probably get them on-line and Yodel will deliver them for you], heat them up, put them in a big cardboard box, strap them to the back of a motor-bike and ride around for half an hour, fall off in your drive, then ding-dong the doorbell, and hey presto! you have a gorgeous take-away.

Not recommended on Wedding Anniversary night.


Yodel might even save you the bother of putting them in the bin. 😭


Wonderful! 🙂


And thats more likely if it was Hermes -voted worst in Britain along with Yodel in survey after survey of the British public Alfa.