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Sweet or savoury – how will you celebrate Pancake Day?


Blueberry and syrup, cheese and spinach or mushroom and tomato – these are just some of the recipes surfacing as we get ready to mark Pancake Day. Are you in the sweet or savoury pancake camp?

Now, some take their pancakes a little far… I was shocked to hear on the radio this morning that an £800 pancake is available to order in a Manchester restaurant. It’s filled with pink champagne, lobster and caviar – which I have to confess, would not be my cup of tea.

And judging by the fact this pancake in question is probably worth more than the car I drive, I somehow can’t imagine stumping up the cash to pay for this luxurious creation!

Now, when we’ve discussed pancakes previously a number of you have shared your experimentation with the traditional pancake mixture. Many try savoury variations but feel that nothing beats the good old sugar, lemon and buttery pancakes flipping their way to your dinner tables tonight. Sophie told us:

‘Granulated sugar and lemon juice is a favourite, followed closely by crepes flambees with brandy. If making a meal of pancakes, rolled up pancakes with a slice of ham or a sausage are great, and the same batter will do fine for both savoury and sweet fillings. Bon appetit, everyone!’

Sugar-sprinkled pancakes

Perhaps you enjoyed a pancake for lunch today as Malcolm did last year:

‘Crepes with ham and brie filling made a good lunch today. But thin pancakes with fresh lemon and sugar – can’t be beaten.’

Andrew has a variation on this classic, with orange juice the replacement for his citrus fix:

And Jenny told us she wanted to enjoy pancakes more frequently throughout the year after living in France as a student:

‘I just wish there was more of a ‘pancake culture’ over here – one Tuesday a year really isn’t enough for me!’

Well Jenny, with a traditional crepe maker in your very own kitchen you can rustle them up as often as you like! So how will you be marking Pancake Day today – sweet, savoury or a spot of both?

How do you like your pancakes?

I prefer sweet toppings (43%, 51 Votes)

I like both sweet and savoury (35%, 42 Votes)

I don't eat pancakes (16%, 19 Votes)

I prefer savoury toppings (7%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 122

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Happy flipping folks!

I must confess we hadn’t realised it was Shrove Tuesday today until driving back from an excellent pub lunch and hearing a crépe recipe on the wireless. Unfortunately we are now so full up we could not possibly contemplate any pancakes this evening. When we do get round to having pancakes we shall stick to the traditional thin type with lemon and golden syrup [instead of sugar] – unless it sticks to the pan first, that is!

The only way to eat pancakes is with sugar and fresh lemon juice. Unfortunately we forgot the lemons, so steak pie tonight.

Pancakes are indulgent bit before fasting for Lent. Only food seems nowadays to be a constant indulgence. Instead of having to make the effort to make something you can just buy it off the shelf. It is never the same as doing it yourself though.

It’s amazing how everyone seems to love pancakes. I made them for the 90+s at the weekend as I wasn’t going to be there on Shrove Tuesday. We all had traditional lemon and sugar ones. Last night we had them with maple syrup and a knob of butter.

Each year we wonder why we don’t have them more often but of course we wouldn’t enjoy them as much if we did…

They are a great way to get the kids cooking and pancake parties where you can take turns to slave over the hot stove are a fun and constructive get together.

I had ham and cheese pancakes for the main, and then banana and golden syrup, and my favourite, banana and Nutella 🙂

Has to be sweet, reminiscent of old childhood