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Ruby chocolate: the fourth chocolate, eighth wonder of the world?

Ruby chocolate

Scientists at the world’s largest cocoa producer, Barry Callebaut, have discovered a new, all natural chocolate with a fruity berry flavour. Its pink hue has earned it the name: Ruby chocolate.

The newly created Ruby chocolate is said to be the ‘fourth chocolate’. It follows the original dark, milk and then white chocolate, and has been discovered nearly 80 years after its predecessor.

According to taste testers at Barry Callebaut, it has a ‘lighter’ flavour than white chocolate, giving it a moreish quality that will have consumers reaching for the next bite. But will this pink sweet be a match for the firm favourite of milk chocolate?

Ruby chocolate

The Swiss company Barry Callebaut has been developing this chocolate for 13 years, and its launch could not be better timed.

Ruby chocolate could appear in supermarkets within six months and will fit right in with the latest phenomenon of creating aesthetically appealing food by turning the mundane into the wild and whacky, and then posting it to social media for optimum likes. I can already see this brand new choc clogging up my Instagram feed, accompanied by a plethora of unnecessary hashtags.

Will it become a new favourite among chocoholics? Or will it be a passing fad – a trend that hits social media and fizzles out as quickly as it came? Of course it does have the advantage over its fellow garish, rainbow-coloured confectionery in that it’s all natural. Ruby chocolate has no added colours or flavours, unlike some other absurdly coloured food trends, such as Rainbow bagels and charcoal-black ice-cream.

But rather than Ruby chocolate satisfying any ‘hedonistic indulgence’ that I, a millennial, may be reported to have, the only pleasure I can see myself getting out of this is the that it will bear my name. And with a distaste for raspberry flavours, I doubt I’ll like it even after trying it.

Chocolate preferences

Admittedly, I’m drawn in by the rosy hue of this delicate sweet, but it seems to me to resemble an expensive Lush-style soap, rather than a sweet treat that I would willingly eat.

What’s more, when my craving for chocolate is strong, I can’t imagine reaching for this fruity flavour over the traditional chocolate-y taste of the likes of Cadburys, Galaxy, or even Green and Blacks.

Are you a foodie or chocoholic? Will you be buying into this coloured food trend? Or when it comes down to it, is tradition best?

Will you be buying ruby chocolate?

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Oooh I like the sound of this, but I’m a sucker for anything pink!


So, this is the first time I’ve seen ruby chocolate available to buy. I think it makes it even better that it comes in KitKat form. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/kitkat-ruby-chocolate-bar-uk-launch-europe-release-nestle-a8297661.html

Has anyone tried it yet? Or would anyone?