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What alien objects have you found in your food?


Today Mars has issued a Europe-wide recall, including in the UK, after plastic was found in Mars and Snickers chocolate bars. Have you made any weird or gross food discoveries?

Mars has advised in a statement earlier today that the affected products shouldn’t be eaten, further information is not yet available as the company’s website is unresponsive.

The recall, across 55 countries, currently affects all Mars, Snickers, Milky Way Minis and miniatures, and certain packs of Celebrations.

The UK’s Food Standards Agency has advised against eating the affected products, and to contact Mars’ consumer care team on 0800 952 0084, recall@uk.mars.com, or by post at Mrsa R1, FREEPOST, Mars Consumer Care.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I sit there and think about the number of times I’ve found some unexpected objects lurking in my food or drink, I’m surprised that I’m even prepared to consume anything outside of the confines of my own home.

Apparently quality control is this great safety net to make sure the food we consume won’t throw up any surprises… or worse, cause us harm. But things do slip through the net.

Food discoveries

Last summer, a friend of mine purchased a supermarket ready-made salad; she was all ready to tuck into her tasty (healthy) looking salad when she found a slimy little critter tucked under one of the salad leaves. It was a live snail, albeit a bit of extra protein, it fully put her off of her lunch.

Now, I’ve found hairs before, but I’ve not had anything living crop up in my grub – unwashed salad has chucked up the odd dead slug, but I do sort of expect this to happen with fresh fruit and veg, just maybe not a ready to eat salad though.

But, on a slightly more serious note, I’ve found a more hazardous object before. I once bought a drink which had a bit of a rattle in the bottle, I peered into the drink where I then spotted a small shard of glass. Realising how dangerous this was I went straight back to the retailer.

What’s in your food?

Health hazards like this usually result in a recall of products, as with today’s recall of Mars and Snickers bars.

That’s not to say that a slimy grimy snail in your salad isn’t a health hazard – any added unsuspected objects could be a hazard. That’s in addition to not being very pleasant, or what you’ve paid for.

So have you had any strange unexpected objects in your food before? What did you do?


How could this happen? I thought the UK was not in the Schengen agreement and here is an illegal immigrant finding its way through our border security from a non-EU state. Shocking is not the word. This could be a killer bee posing a terrorist threat.

Tesco should be heavily fined for this offence, as should the airline for not checking passengers properly.

How many more economic migrant bees are there on the other side of the channel just waiting for more shipments of raspberries? We don’t have enough hives here for them. They must bee sent back to Morocco.


It’s not just Tesco. Last year someone claims to have found a slug in raspberries from Marks & Spencer: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/liverpool-woman-horrified-after-finding-9589471

I did not see anything in the fresh fruit salad I made this morning, but I will check carefully to see if anything is moving….

Eric Mansfield says:
25 March 2016

Many years ago I bought a tin of Hartleys plums bearing the tag ‘Pick the best, Hartleys do’. The first fruit had a couple of large caterpillars sticking out of it. I wrote to Hartleys asking if these caterpillars were also of the best quality. A week or so later a box containing a wide selection of Hartleys products arrived with an apology. You don’t get that kind of response these days.
Eric Mansfield.


Recently opened a tub of lurpak spreadable.the spread contained what looked like paper.i wrote a letter to arla, who make lurpak.they said it was onion skin,but we’re no further help or explanation given.i spoke to ASDA,where I bought the spread,they were more help full, they wished I had gone to them first,so they could send it to their own lab.they gave me a free tub.

Hazel Burrell burrell says:
13 September 2017

i opened a jar of Marmalade bought from Lidl and what looks like an insect was inside the jar, i took photos and sent of the receipts etc to lidls and they now want me to pack up the jar and post it back to them, i dont know what to do, the jar with the (whatever it is ) is still in my fridge


I assume that Lidl would like to see the evidence because sadly there are some who deliberately contaminate products to gain compensation or for other unfair reasons. It might be worth contacting the Environmental Health department of your local council, which should be able to offer useful advice. It would be interesting to know the outcome.


i might just do that and will let you know,


I’d suggest Lidl will want to investigate the problem with their supplier. As well as determining what the beast is that lurks in the marmalade the jar will give them information relating to manufacture.


Did the lid ‘pop’ you opened the jar, Hazel? I would take a guess and suggest if the airtight seal was intact then the intruder must have made its way in there in the factory. It would be difficult for a tamperer to duplicate seal a jar shut properly afterwards.