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Pancake Day is flipping marvellous

Pancake Day cooking utensils and ingredients

Pancake Day is one of my favourite food celebrations and it has become a tradition for me to throw a pancake party for my friends. Will you be eating pancakes today? What’s your favourite topping?

On the evening of Shrove Tuesday my kitchen becomes a flour-coated, batter-spattered production line, as a succession of pancake flippers work hard to meet demand. Meanwhile, my dining table groans under the weight of dozens of different toppings. Around the table, the age-old argument of sweet vs savoury rages.

Jennifer likes her pancakes sweet

Jennifer Davis‘Pancake Day is one of my favourite days of the year. I’m effectively given free license to eat endless pancakes! But without a doubt, every pancake I eat will be sweet. My fillings of choice are fresh orange juice and sugar, chocolate spread or, most naughtily, a choc-ice cut into sections. But I’ll never understand the savoury pancake. Believe me, I’ve tried – I even had a smoked bacon, ham, mushroom and cheese pancake once – but it just tasted bizarre. I’m sticking to sweet pancakes for pudding, not savoury for supper!’

Patrick likes to experiment with savoury toppings

Patrick Steen‘Although I have a penchant for the sweet pancake – banana and jam is a childhood favourite – I love savoury pancakes too. Pancakes are basically plain wrappers in the same vein as pasta, tortillas and bread. I love making (and eating) pancake cannelloni, rolling spinach and ricotta in pancakes, grating parmesan on top and crisping the rolls up in the oven. Delish. I’ve even made a savoury pancake gateau, layering lots of fancy ingredients with pancakes, which can then be sliced like a cake. What’s not to like?’

Charlotte likes to play it safe with pancake mix

avatar‘When it comes to baked goods I’m a bit of a disaster in the kitchen. My cupcakes seem to erupt like volcanoes and my biscuits crunch beyond a ginger nut’s belief. I have a rather teeny kitchen and have only recently invested in a mixing bowl and kitchen scales. Most of my cooking is done on instinct or taste. Winging it clearly doesn’t do the job. For these reasons I’m more than happy to use a prepared pancake mix – add water – and voilà, pancakes-a-plenty. Although the cost of the raw ingredients is usually cheaper than the mix, four leading supermarkets currently have special offers on pancake mix, so I prefer to cut my losses and go straight for the bottle.’

Do you celebrate Pancake Day? Are you a fan of sweet or savoury toppings? Can shop-bought options compete with the real thing? There’s one sticky question that I’ve never been able to answer – is there such a thing as too much golden syrup on a pancake?

How do you like your pancakes?

I prefer sweet toppings (43%, 51 Votes)

I like both sweet and savoury (35%, 42 Votes)

I don't eat pancakes (16%, 19 Votes)

I prefer savoury toppings (7%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 122

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Sophie Gilbert says:
12 February 2013

Having been brought up in France means that I celebrated pancake day on Candlemas, 2 February, and made sure I brought good luck to my family by flipping the pancakes with the frying pan with one hand while holding a gold coin in the other as I was cooking them: great fun. Pancake day in Britain being Shrove Tuesday, it just gives me an excuse to have more pancakes today! Granulated sugar and lemon juice is a favourite, followed closely by crepes flambees with brandy. If making a meal of pancakes, rolled up pancakes with a slice of ham or a sausage are great, and the same batter will do fine for both savoury and sweet fillings. Bon appetit, everyone!

I used to be in Jen’s camp – only ever sweet pancakes. But a friend and I practised making pancakes this weekend and he persuaded me to try some savoury ones – grated cheese and lots of fresh cherry tomato. The cold tomatoes crossed with slightly melting cheese was amazing. Tonight I might push the boat out and try Patrick’s pancake canneloni.

One of the things I love about Pancake Day is it’s a good excuse for everyone to hang out in the kitchen, all chipping in with the cooking by taking it in turns to make pancakes. Or, in my case, occasionally drop pancakes on the floor.

My brother’s favourite topping used to be peanut butter and bacon. He’s always been the black sheep of the family…

When I spent a year in France as a student I gorged myself on crepes at pretty much every occasion – Kinder chocolate crepes were a particular favourite. I’m a fan of savoury pancakes too, I just wish there was more of a ‘pancake culture’ over here – one Tuesday a year really isn’t enough for me!

I love both sweet and savory pancakes.

I too, alike Nikki, thought the idea of a savory pancake was bonkers until I actually tried one when eating out once. A large pancake with ham and melted cheese is proper tasty!

I will however be having a lovely chocolate crepe tonight courtesy of my local Belgian brasserie. Saves cleaning up the kitchen!

Think I got Nikki and Jen mixed up there, oops.

I’ve tried out quite a few different pancake toppings (both sweet and savoury), but they’ve yet to beat the classic lemon and sugar combination!

Crepes with ham and brie filling made a good lunch today. But thin pancakes with fresh lemon and sugar – can’t be beaten, but looks like we’ll be having those on Shrove Thursday as dinner tonight is sorted..

Holstenkid says:
12 February 2013

Lemon and sugar is simply the Best