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Have you discovered new types of food deliveries?

Food subscription boxes, local suppliers, and even restaurant meal kits have become popular options during lockdown. What meals-in-a-box have you been ordering?

Popping out to the supermarket can still prove to be an enduring challenge, even as lockdown restrictions begin to ease. 

Stores have upgraded their safety measures against the virus, which is better for your health, but may make it more difficult shopping for your next meal.

Having your groceries delivered seems even harder, with so many community members sharing their experiences of waiting weeks for a single delivery, staying up late to book a slot, and even then not getting all of the groceries they had hoped for.

Local deliveries

When supermarkets haven’t been able to deliver, some of you have told us how you’re looking to more local suppliers: 

…Our greengrocer has taken on extra vans and drivers and supplies an excellent veg or fruit box. He also supplies bread, dairy, deli, alcohol. Everything of the highest quality. Am a hugely grateful customer. Our 2 butchers will also provide deliveries for phone orders. In addition our farm shop provides everything. All of these suppliers are easy to book and have never had a problem with 2 or 3 day delivery.

Peter Matthews

We get deliveries from the butchers, greengrocers, delicatessen, health food shop, fishmonger, local gourmet restaurant doing frozen take-aways and local Indian restaurant, and our regular milkman delivers eggs, bread, butter, potatoes etc.


Or even turned to online marketplaces:

If you have Amazon Prime Now in your area, they can do same day grocery deliveries. Their bandwidth seems to be quite high because I’ve not struggled to get slots through the whole lockdown, where every other store – Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Morrisons (with slots), Ocado, Waitrose etc – has failed me.


Food by subscription

Subscription boxes go one step further by both helping you plan meals, and delivering all of the ingredients you need to your doorstep.


Other options for subscription boxes include cheeses, gin, chocolate, coffee, and more.

Some of our colleagues around Which? have weighed in on which food subscription boxes are worth trying.

Restaurant meal kits

With dine-in service not a possibility, some restaurants had started to offer a meal kit service enabling you to get the taste you’re after – so as long as you’re happy to cook it yourself. 

One business idea created during lockdown is ‘Lockdown Lobsters‘ – created so that people could support the fishing industry. It’s been such a success that it’s going to continue.

They deliver the lobster to your home and you can prepare and cook it yourself. This gives people the opportunity to try lobster for a lower price at home rather than an expensive restaurant. 

For me, lockdown afforded me the chance for my only Michelin-starred takeaway, delivered directly from Mayfair anywhere inside the M25 within an hour.

Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t the cheapest takeaway I’ve ordered by far. Equally though, when else will I get to enjoy that level of cooking at my own dining table? 

Share your experiences

If you’ve been having food deliveries apart from supermarkets, how has the experience been?  

Has it given you a chance to explore new types of food, or maybe new recipes or styles of cooking? 

Has it raised any other concerns or issues for you, such as the quality of the food you’re getting, amounts of packaging, keeping the food fresh, cost, or something else? 

Has lockdown changed how you feel you might shop for food in the future at all? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Once the pandemic subsides, how might you prefer to do your food shopping?
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Shortly before the lockdown in March I registered with all the supermarkets that offer collections or do deliveries in this area but could not get a a food box, never mind a slot for delivery or collection. I had been given the name of a company in Surrey that had started to sell fruit and vegetables online and ordered a box of fruit & veg. Nothing arrived on the day, due to a problem with the courier, and when my fruit & veg box arrived, it was just veg. The cauliflower was missing but there were two large iceberg lettuces. 🙁

Still, I was glad to have it.

For the time being I have been getting most of the food I want from supermarket collections coordinated with a friend who is happy to add items I need to her order and vice versa. One of us ordered some fresh fish from a company that delivers to the village and this was then distributed as necessary.

I tend to cook for myself and don’t eat out much unless I am on holiday. I’m not prepared to go into shops at present, so planning meals takes more thought.

I recommend a company called The Ethical dairy, who keep the cows and their calves together for six months (happier, unstressed animals, less need for antibiotics, and it’s an organic farm, so they are not killing the planet either) I have a fortnightly delivery of their variety of delicious cheeses, which never disappoint. And I can eat them with a completely clear conscience. I long for the dairy industry in general to catch up with The Ethical Dairy.
Google it for details