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Why I ditched my Nespresso machine

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Have you been left unimpressed by your Nespresso machine? Well you wouldn’t be the only one. Ben Preston, Editor of Radio Times, is here to tell why he’s ditched his Nespresso in favour of a bean-to-cup coffee machine…

If you love great coffee, is there anything more seductive – and addictive – than Nespresso?

Quick and easy, once you’ve found the right colour pod. Nespresso is guaranteed to kick-start your day the right way, every day.

But, there is a big but. The initial machine might be cheap, but the costs soon begin to mount up in a household that runs on caffeine. Four people drinking just one Nespresso a day each equals 120 pods a month.

Soon the large green branded recycling bag under the sink groans heavy with Nespresso’s expensive trail of aluminium corpses, and the monthly cost resembles an overpriced phone contract.

I’m no tree-hugger, but somehow Nespresso’s ludicrous promise to send a courier to pick up and recycle this detritus didn’t salve my environmental conscience. It made my guilt worse.

So I turned instead to a bean-to-cup machine. It’s a hulking, gurgling beast, at least three times the size of a sleek Nespresso. It takes a while to get the hang of it. There are dials to adjust the quantity of beans and water for each cup – and a bewildering array of warning lights when either’s running short.

But I persevered and soon got the amateur barista bug. There’s a simple pleasure in trying different beans, recalibrating my machine and listening to the chuntering, wheezing process of making a damn fine cup of coffee.

Of course, after the initial outlay for the machine, my daily fix is now much cheaper. But best of all, my bean-to-cup self-cleans like a cat and excretes neat cowpats of grinds.

There’s a pleasing alchemy to the process – like putting grass in a cow and getting milk – and I only wish I’d banished my soulless Nespresso sooner.

This is guest post by Ben Preston, Editor of Radio Times. All views expressed here are Ben’s own and not necessarily those shared by Which?.

So, what coffee makers have your trialed in search of that all-important cup of hot java?

Davd Connolly says:
19 July 2020

Ben you hit the nail on the head, everything you said i have experienced