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Would you notice if a multibuy deal didn’t go through at the till?

This week, it hit the news that Tesco had been overcharging customers by advertising expired deals on its shelves that were no longer valid at its tills. So would you spot a missed offer?

Following our campaign and super-complaint calling for supermarkets to simplify pricing and put an end to misleading deals, last year, many of the larger chains vowed to reduce multibuys and buy-one-get-one-free offers in favour of everyday low prices.

Tesco was among them.

Embarrassing then that this week it was revealed that on some multibuy deals it does still offer, an undercover reporter was overcharged on them at two-thirds of its stores over a three-month period.

Decline of multibuys

Our own investigation has shown that multibuys are definitely going out of fashion, with fewer products being put on bulk-buy deals.

But they do still exist. And although I’ll usually steer clear of them, if I spy an offer on non-perishables I’m buying anyway – I figure it would be silly not to take it up. A case in point is cat food. Another being shampoo and conditioner.

I’ll also occasionally opt for supermarket meal deals, such as those dine-in-for-£10 offers.

Do I always check my receipts to see that these discounts have been applied at the tills?

Not as often as I should. And that’s despite having first-hand experience of one not going through at Waitrose.

No deal

In my case, I only noticed the price discrepancy at Waitrose because all I was buying was Felix pouches for my furry friend.

The deal was something like two boxes of 12 pouches for £7 (they’re usually £4.50 each).

After seeing that the discount hadn’t been applied and double-checking the promotion label on the shelf, I went to the customer service desk armed with my receipt.

With very little fuss, they honoured the offer.

Had I been doing a ‘big’ shop, I imagine I’d have walked straight out of the store without even bothering to check my receipt.

Tesco doesn’t appear to be alone in overcharging either…

Missed multibuys

I’m now wondering how much money I may have unwittingly done myself out of over the years.

Maths isn’t my strong suit so I guess I trust the tills to get it right. But perhaps I should use the calculator on my phone to tot things up as I go along more often.

And now I know that Tesco has a ‘double the difference’ policy, which means shoppers receive back double the amount they’ve been overcharged if they spot a mistake on their receipt, I’ll definitely double-check mine from now on.

Do you always check your receipts to make sure an offer has gone through?

Do you get tempted by multibuy offers?

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Never (17%, 276 Votes)

Always (6%, 99 Votes)

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Do I always notice if a multibuy does not go through at the till? No, no more than I might notice if I have been under- or over-charged, or if an item has been missed. However as I always pay by card and do a weekly shop, I keep the receipt and often, when home, look at the mutibuys or offers that are marked against the items, and at the corresponding savings that are listed at the end. I very, very rarely find an error. If I do I take the receipt back at the next weeks shopping trip and it is always corrected without any argument. Maybe it depends where you shop.

I was in a major DiY store last week, buying some lamps, seeds and a bag of birdseed that was priced around £7. I knew roughly what the total bill should be and it came up significantly more at the till. As soon as I queried it the young lady checked the screen and saw she had scanned the birdseed twice. Maybe technology leads to many mistakes?

I don’t recall any problems with multi-buys, and I have checked. Occasionally I have been charged the original price for reduced price goods. I presume that this is because one of the barcodes has not been covered by the price reduction label or there have been two barcodes and only one has been covered.

I always check and if anything is wrong it is always put right at most stores straight away Those working in stores know things are sometimes wrong and most will sort things out for you without question Others are just too lazy to be bothered or do not care

I tend to check. Last time Tesco got it wrong they gave me the product, but I wonder how many customers they had overcharged.

I always check while I’m still in the shop and there is never a problem with rectifying whatever error.

In my opinion, this is another advantage of using self-service tills because it’s easier to spot when the promotions aren’t going through 🙂

13 February 2019

I have worked at supermarkets on the checkouts or supervising!
When on checkouts if I knew something was buy one get one free or something had a% added for same price I would tell the customer or if a product was supposed to be on offer and it was not a good offer I’d say which to get instead – my customers were thrilled – I treat people like I want to be treat and think if it helps someone out the better.

13 February 2019

I roughly tonthe pound add up my shopping somi have a good idea as to what the bill comes too and I listen to the beeps as sometimes that is an indication something hasnt gone through correctly and it means you will probably pay more as it hasnt registered an offer.
I often watch the items going through on the screen and watch the prices and point out the offer hasnt gone through or the price is higher – Aldi have things on offer for a certain amount of time then the price goes back up even though the item is clearly marked with a reduced price – the operator does rectify this when pointed out but it needs watching!