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Training: let’s kick off the conversation

The Lobby in March

Welcome to Which? Conversation, this is a practice space for newbies to test out how to get involved in Which? Convo…

Whether you’re here for a simple natter about noisy neighbours, to share your story on shoddy customer service, or you want to drill-down into the nitty gritty of the troublesome housing market – Which? Convo is the place for you 🙂

So you could test out your knowledge with a quiz:

Or could vote in a poll:

Do you prefer physical buttons or touchscreens on your gadgets?

A bit of both (46%, 262 Votes)

Buttons (45%, 257 Votes)

Touchscreen (10%, 56 Votes)

Total Voters: 575

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Or we could just have a chat and kick-start a new debate, so what would you like to talk about?


Nice idea, Lauren.


I suspect the most important strategy should be to encourage dialogue. W?Cs has a potent resource in the group colloquially termed ‘the regulars’. By and large they act as a moderating influence by supplying information within their experience. However, the one area where none of them is actually an expert is the Legal side.

I realise the problems involved in the W? legal specialists answering every legal query, but perhaps specific queries could be collated on a weekly basis by team members and then posted in those topics from which they’ve originated. That way the legal folk would only have to work down a list and jot quick comments and references down, and the team member could then reinterpret the jottings into a comment.


Hi Ian, I appreciate you sharing your perspective on commenting here, but we are going to try and keep this as a test bed for comments and starting new discussions. If you, or others have anything else to add about commenting and more regular involvement from Which? then please do so over on The Lobby (https://conversation.which.co.uk/travel-leisure/the-lobby/) and we’ll pick up with you there – thanks 🙂


Oh, sorry; I’ve misunderstood. I thought this was the training and we were supposed to put suggestions forward. Feel free to delete or move the comment I’ve put, then.


Where does this differ from the Lobby? That seemed the place to take topics not raised elsewhere, or when a Convo went off topic.

I support the whole idea of trying to get more people involved, and hopefully more regularly. I also support an open conversation where topics can be proposed for a new Convo. I have not looked at “Your ideas” for a long time, but it seems very underused. A problem could be keeping relevant comments on a particular topic together so there is some continuity? When a topic looks promising could it be taken to a new place with a link?


This is just a temporary test bed Malcolm for Lauren and Dean to do a live demo. Please be kind to the new Which? staff – hopefully they’ll then come back and be more involved outside of this test conversation.


Ah! Sorry. Misunderstood. I am kind by nature (you may not realise that 🙁 ) If my comments detract from the intent then please obliterate them.


Well, at least you’re not alone, Malcolm.


Although I strongly support trying out new ideas, I am concerned that we could end up with a discussion dominated by a group of contributors, with the more aggressive ones pushing for their questions to be given priority. I sincerely hope that this does not happen.