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Jamie: create super-tasty meals by embracing leftover food

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As the cost of food has rocketed in recent years many of us are doing our best to use leftovers in an effort to cut back. In this guest post, Jamie Oliver explores the potential of your leftover food…

Embracing leftovers is a brilliant way of creating super-tasty meals for very little effort, so my tip would be to go slightly bigger on your Sunday roast, so you purposefully end up with outrageous leftovers to use up in future meals.

Having leftover roasted meat, even if it’s just a handful (remember, a little goes a long way!), is great – it means that you can recreate dishes that would normally take hours in a relatively short time, but with equally delicious results. I often use leftover pork, chicken or brisket to make curries, tagines, tacos, incredible salads, dim sum buns, gorgeous rice dishes… the sky’s the limit!

Frozen flavour bombs 

I try not to throw anything away, if I can help it. In fact, some of the most common things people chuck in the bin can be easily saved, or transformed into truly delicious things.

Take herbs, for example – the bunches you buy from the supermarket don’t keep very long, but instead of chucking them out when they’re starting to look a bit sleepy, dry them, preserve them in oil or butter, or even freeze and save them as little flavour bombs for another time. The same’s true with chillies – don’t let them shrivel up – freeze, pickle, dry or make some delicious chilli oil out of them.

These are all easy things to do – pop that thrifty hat on, think outside of the box and you’ll save money and waste far less.

Managing food waste at any restaurant is also crucial. The majority of our menus are seasonal, and available for a fixed period of time, so we’re able to keep an eye on the popularity of each dish and work out what to buy and how much. Inevitably, we sometimes end up with produce leftover, but that’s where the expertise of our amazing team of chefs comes in – they’re able to create fantastic daily specials, using a great variety of ingredients. Happy days!

A generation of convenience foods

When I think about it, our grandparent’s generation dealt with leftovers better than we do. The introduction of lots of convenience products has meant that our generation has not needed to learn some of the basic cooking skills that our grandparents would have been taught.

Take homemade stock for example, it’s super delicious, costs practically nothing to make and means you waste less, yet a huge percentage of people would still opt for the shop-bought cubes, or the more expensive ready-to-go tubs of stock. Now, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with these – by all means use them – I’m just pointing out that a little food knowledge is key to being clever about your cooking in order to waste less.

Which? Conversation provides guest spots to external contributors. This is by Jamie Oliver from www.jamieoliver.com/savewithjamie.  All opinions expressed here are Jamie’s own, not necessarily those of Which?

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While I do agree with Jamie and if i bought food in the “normal” way I would agree with him as we do need to cut down on food waste.

But, I don’t buy food in the “normal” way. I bulk buy to the extreme.

Every morning I have Oats So Simple with milk. I buy catering boxes of Oats So Simple just past the Best Before Date as its very cheap and I use UHT Milk that I buy via the case when its on offer.

I always end my day with a packet of Pasta N Sauce. Again, I buy this out of date and it’s still fine. The ones I am eating now went out of date May 2013 & Managed to pick them up for 10p each: https://twitter.com/NewtBeaumont/status/363259053557813248

A few times a month I will also have a “juice week”, I follow a juice diet plan and buy only what I need from Ocado.

So all in all I have 0 food waste & my food bills has gone down massively since I started eating this way last year.

brian j says:
28 September 2013

I hate to be a bit of a kill-joy here but I am qualified in food hygiene/safety and would like to see Jamies ” tips” on these pages accompanied by some basic food hygiene advice. Sell- by & use -by dates apart, reheating & reusing left-overs can be a minefield for some….just a thought.One small piece of advice, invest in a basic temperature probe.


And another word of warning … I was thinking of using surplus chillies to make chilli oil, but found numerous posts on the web saying it was a sure-fire route to botulism and not to even think about it.



If you freeze, pickle or dry chillies, as Jamie has suggested, there should be no problem.

Clostridium botulinum, the organism that causes botulism, can only grow in the absence of oxygen. Putting undried chillies in oil could provide suitable environment for growth of this bacterium, but it would not be a problem if you stored your chilli oil in the freezer.

We must follow established procedures for safe storage and adequate cooking, but we can be creative about how we combine and present foods.


I don’t use chillies that often. They are something that has been known to sit and moulder in the fridge. I’ve found that stirring some chilli oil into the cooked noodles works very well when I am adding a pack of coriander and chilli prawns to stir-fried whatever’s in the fridge veg when making a quick meal. Storecupboard chilli flakes are also good to jazz something up.


Can’t you hang chillies so that they dry? Wouldn’t have to chuck out your old ones then


I normally often have leftovers because it is easy to judge when cooking for one.

I will be roasting a leg of lamb this evening and I’m sure there will be enough for two or three meals, so I would welcome suggestions for something interesting to do with the leftovers. 🙂

Suzy Bowler says:
28 September 2013

I agree with what Jamie says above and then some! I went into more detail on my blog a few weeks ago here http://suddenlunch.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/jamie-oliver-and-free-pdf-cookbook.html but quite understand if this comment is not posted due to self promotion. In which case, sorry!