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Hot dog pizza crust – monstrosity or takeaway heaven?

A hot dog in a bun with mustard

Takeaway pizzas are big business in the UK. But have you ever thought that what a pizza really needs in order to tickle your taste buds is to have a hot dog embedded in its crust?

I haven’t, which is why I found it so odd when a Domino’s Pizza leaflet recently fell through my letterbox, urging me to try this new creation.

I’ve absolutely no idea why a pizza company would want to tie together such odd ingredients, particularly as the end result is so resoundingly unhealthy.

A medium-sized Domino’s hot dog crust pizza has just over three quarters of a woman’s daily calorie intake at 1,520 calories, over five teaspoons of sugar, 72g of fat and 31.2g of saturated fat, and 8.8g of salt (5g equates to a teaspoon).

Pizza Hut had the first slice of the action

Domino’s isn’t the only company that thinks hot dogs deserve their place inside a pizza crust, as Pizza Hut can claim the dubious honour of coming up with the original idea. In fact, simply having a hot dog inside the crust apparently isn’t enough for Pizza Hut – it now sells a pizza with a pull-apart crust that contains 28 mini hotdogs.

I’m not sure why someone at a Pizza Hut meeting would suddenly think that what the world is missing is a hot-dog-stuffed pizza, but I’m assuming they tested it on their customers and some must have liked it enough for it to be worth having on the menu.

There’s a time and a place for hot dogs

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against hot dogs. The one I ate on the quayside in New York having just stepped off the Staten Island ferry will always remain one of the most pleasurable eating experiences I’ve ever had.

And I’ve nothing against unhealthy food, provided it’s clearly labelled – preferably with the traffic light labelling scheme we’ve campaigned for. But food ultimately needs to be appetising and the thought of a hot-dog-stuffed crust just doesn’t cut the mustard (if you’ll excuse the pun).

For me, a pizza should be thin-crust with plenty of fresh ingredients scattered on top. OK, so not everyone shares my taste, but it seems peculiar to market something that’s so far removed from most people’s concept of what a pizza should be.

Do you think a hot dog pizza crust is a step too far, or would you happily buy one? What’s the oddest food creation you’ve come across?

Nick Morrison says:
4 May 2013

I don’t think it’s a step to far, everything in moderation!

If it’s the odd treat its not going to hurt, of course if your diet includes fast food as a regular staple I doubt an hot dog crust will make much difference anyway, it’s a given that a hot dog in the crust of your pizza crust isn’t a healthy option!

mark says:
4 May 2013

We should all be aware of how much fat we are eating this is a huge calorie intake. Far too much for one person

You will need half a litre of coke to wash that down. Now what would you like to follow your meal? 🙁

I have had a look at Domino’s website and under ‘Boring Legal Stuff’ there is a link to information about balanced diets, including the need to restrict intake of fats, sugars and salt.

Don’t forget that the figures Lisa has provided refer to a medium-sized pizza.

People like this stuff; get over it. I doubt many of them are Which? subscribers, though quite a few may well be Which? subscribers kids. All that salt and sugar goes down a treat when mopping up a gallon or so of eurofizz, at which point there are more interesting things to consider than the dietary impact.

With the honourable exception of Pizza Express, most of the takeaway stuff sold as pizza here has little to do with Neapolitan street food and it isn’t worth getting too hung up about that side of things.

I’m sure some people will love this, but the idea sounds horrible to me. To be honest, even pizza crusts stuffed with cheese are a bit much for my taste, despite being a cheese lover.

I don’t think the calories would be an issue personally, because I’d assume that any pizza would be a very unhealthy option anyway, although I suppose it’s not immediately apparent just how many more calories are added when you put hot dogs in the crust!

I think a hot dog in a pizza crust sounds horrible. How did they come up with that?!

Speaking of odd pizzas, I’ve just come back from France, and spotted a pizza in a restaurant that had a topping of cod and mashed potato… yuck! Give me your typical pepperoni or four cheeses any day…

Adam says:
9 December 2013

I have eaten this pizza before and it was GOOOOOOOOD. The hot dog crust is essentially a hot dog in ….. Bread.. Wow what a strange concept..