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Your view: savvy shopping secrets revealed

Hand shake on a deal

Were you out celebrating Valentine’s Day last night or did you spend the evening tucked up in front of the telly? If you’re a bargain hunter like me, no doubt you tuned into the new Channel 4 Show Secret Shoppers.

In addition to being a bit of a savvy shopper myself, I had another reason to tune in to the show, as we had a special feature on our very own Price it Right campaign. Our executive director, Richard Lloyd, was interviewed to warn us about the perils of supermarket shopping when you can’t compare like-for-like without consistent unit pricing.

Unit pricing dilemmas

Our Convo community know this issue all too well, as we’ve had plenty of debates on the topic. In our most recent post, Liz flagged that shops can make it impossible to compare prices:

‘One pack may show the weight in grams, the other pack the volume in millilitres. Or one pack will state the price per item, but not how many items there are in the pack.

Hannah spotted the downfall of unit pricing at present, as it doesn’t have to be used on products on offer. (Don’t worry; we plan to rectify this in our campaign)

To haggle or not to haggle?

Now, the general theme of the show was haggling to get the best deal – easier to do when buying fruit and veg with your local market trader, but less likely to happen in your general supermarket.

We chatted with a number ofyou on Twitter during the show and there were mixed views. Some thought that if you don’t ask you don’t get, and others said they were too embarrassed to do the deed. We know our Convo commenters aren’t shy of the odd haggle as Sally explains:

‘I have been haggling for years. My husband used to walk away as he was embarrassed but once he realised I was getting a discount he was very happy. Haven’t done it recently as I usually hunt down best bargains on the internet.’

And others were happy to share their best deals. Nicola told us how she saved a packet on her car insurance:

Have you ever struck a good deal through some careful negotiations? Are you happy to disclose your trade secrets for bagging a bargain?


It’s now a week since Charlotte launched this Conversation and no-one has posted a comment.

I assume that the best strategy is not to tell others, if you want to use the same technique in future.