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Ketchup vs mayo – what’s your favourite condiment?

Tomato ketchup and mayonnaise

Putting salt and pepper to one side, there’s one condiment that most Brits love to add to their food. They cover their chips with it, some even have it with every meal. So which popular sauce am I talking about?

Mayonnaise. Surprised? I am. In a recent poll by discount site NetVoucherCodes, Hellman’s mayonnaise squeezed out Heinz tomato ketchup to become the nation’s favourite condiment.

It was a close one, with mayo getting 23% of the vote to ketchup’s 22%, but I’m still shocked. Mayonnaise? Really? One of the voters explained:

‘Mayo is so versatile. You couldn’t put ketchup on both your chips and your salad could you?’

My answer to that is… why are you putting mayo on your chips!? Or your salad, for that matter? Look, I respect that the traditional ingredients for mayo don’t go much beyond oil and egg, but that’s not going to make me enjoy the white gloop you spoon out of a jar.

I’d be happier to dip my chips in Marmite to be honest. In fact, a few of the voters chose Marmite as their favourite condiment, but the meanies at NetVouchersCode disqualified the black gold, as ‘Marmite is a spread’.

Mad about mayo?

As you might have noticed, I can’t help but ooze hate for mayo, and I’ve had a good old rant about it before now. ‘What has mayo ever done to you?’, Mr Mayo might ask. ‘Nothing, it just happens to be in every shop-bought sandwich,’ I’d reply. ‘Well, you couldn’t put ketchup in a shop-bought sandwich, could you?’ Mr Mayo would retort. ‘No, and nor would I want to, but stop forcing yourself on me!’ I’d snap.

And although I wouldn’t want tomato sauce in a sandwich (unless it was in a bacon butty), for me it’s the answer to all ailments. In the past I was even known to splodge it on my Sunday roast, eliciting a raised eyebrow from my next of kin. I’ve grown out of that now, but it’s still my sauce of choice, and I’m surprised the rest of Britain isn’t with me. Are you with me?

Which of these condiments do you like (multiple choice)?

Tomato ketchup (8%, 1,109 Votes)

Mayonnaise (8%, 1,070 Votes)

Mustard (8%, 1,064 Votes)

Mint sauce (7%, 1,014 Votes)

Vinegar (7%, 972 Votes)

Apple sauce (7%, 895 Votes)

Tartare sauce (6%, 877 Votes)

Worcestershire sauce (6%, 876 Votes)

Pickle (6%, 875 Votes)

Chutney (6%, 865 Votes)

Brown sauce (6%, 839 Votes)

Horseradish (6%, 767 Votes)

Cranberry sauce (6%, 755 Votes)

Salad cream (5%, 659 Votes)

Chilli/hot sauce (4%, 568 Votes)

Relish (3%, 411 Votes)

Other – tell us in the comments (1%, 78 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,643

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wildjack says:
29 March 2013

onion marmalade 🙂

I like baby beet root with a meal-preferably Baxters!

Balsamic vinegar, particularly the “aged” form is delightful in small quantities and so different from “vinegar” that it deserves its own category

john holmes says:
2 April 2013

French’s mustard
white pepper

Alan George Barstow says:
2 April 2013

I cannot live without Soy sauce (both dark and light) in my cooking and as a condiment on Chinese food. My all-time favourite barbecue sauce is unfortunately not available in Europe. Australia’s “Big Rick’s” barbecue sauce has no peer. It is simply sensational and I would smuggle a shipload of it into the UK (and Sweden, where I now live) if I had the resources!

When viewed using Safari on my Mac, Mustard, Mint sauce, Chutney and Pickle are highlighted in bold italic, whereas the rest of the options are in plain text. This does not happen when I use Firefox or Chrome. Have I found a new bug?

I could have understood if Apple sauce had been highlighted.

Thanks Patrick. Sometimes the obvious passes me by. 🙂

And condiments to Malcolm for his pun.

On my Explorer they are all in bold italic except chilli/hot sauce in plain text. It’s probably to do with the software sauce code.

Ah, Explorer – the mayonnaise of the browser world. Popular but not good.

Patrick – too far back, but in all probability yes. Sorry about the poor attempt at a joke.

MikeEm says:
4 April 2013

Nothing beats Henderson’s Relish!

Lavish it over pies, sausage and mash, cooked breakfasts and cheese on toast. Pour healthy glugs of it into soups and stews. Use it to spice up a gravy. Just some of the uses of this delicious condiment!

Buy special editions in the colours of Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday!


Creamy garlic mayonnaise

Gill says:
12 April 2013

Yes, garlic mayo is divine. Also Bernaise sauce, and Hollandaise of course.

Both premium Oyster Sauce and premiun ShaohShing
rice wine I couldn’t do without that I add to all dishes
save and except any white fish dishes maybe balsamic
vinegar excepting… for curries, adding coconut milk is
a must in most but not all cases.

Like Mayo too in sandwiches.

You didn’t include Mango chutney – it’s a must with curry ,boiled ham or in sandwiches!

Piccalilli – lovely with ham and cheese.

Alan George Barstow says:
19 April 2013

Branston pickle (especially the small chunks) is irreplaceable with sausage, egg, chips and beans,