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Has one of your favourite food products been discontinued?

discontinued products

Ever had a favourite food or drink that you enjoy regularly, only for it to disappear from the shelves? It’s not uncommon for companies to discontinue products with no explanation – which ones do you miss?

Some products aren’t built to last, but while our older tech will always get replaced by the latest and greatest innovations, it’s a little different for other product areas. In the case of food and drink, our personal favourites can sometimes disappear completely – often suddenly and without explanation.

Vanishing act

From ever since I can remember, my family has sat down for a roast dinner every Sunday. I’ve always looked forward to dessert most and every week, without fail, I would have a Heinz Strawberry Jam Sponge Pudding all to myself (yep, the whole lot… with ice cream). It also came in Chocolate, Spotted Dick and Treacle variations.

Then one week, it suddenly vanished. We couldn’t find it on the shelves anywhere, but remained confident that it’d return – maybe everywhere was just out of stock?

As months went by I gradually let go, but after last week’s roast dinner, I decided I needed confirmation that the puddings were gone forever, so I tweeted Heinz to find out.

Gone, but not forgotten

The confirmation from Heinz cut me like a knife through… sponge. But it got me reminiscing about some of my other old favourites that had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Pepsi Lemon Twist – gone. Citrus Clear Lucozade – gone. Both childhood favourites of mine that I’d pick up on the way home from school on a regular basis.

When I mentioned I was writing a Convo on the subject of discontinued products at Which? HQ, many of my colleagues had one dearly departed food or drink product. Discontinued chocolate, such as Fox’s Echo bars, Mars Delight, Flake Snow and Cadbury’s Dream (the white chocolate Dairy Milk), were all brought up frequently.

Rob in our Digital team was still in mourning for Worcester Sauce Twiglets, but I think he’s on his own there.

Coincidentally, the most frequently mentioned discontinued product from the Which? staff I asked is another belonging to Heinz. Its Baked Beans Pizza with Cheese was a firm dinnertime favourite for many here, until it disappeared just like its sponge puddings.

Which discontinued products do you miss?

This is a subject we’ve covered here on Which? Conversation before, when the infamous Christmas favourite, the Toffee Deluxe, was ditched from the Quality Street selection. Many of you joined the conversation then to lament the end of Wrigley’s chewing gum, Nestlé Texan bar, Cadbury Milk Tray lime chocolate and many others.

Do you have a childhood favourite food or drink product that you can no longer get hold of, or perhaps one that has disappeared more recently? Whether it’s food, drink or something else, let us know about it in the comments below.


Tesco Hi-Juice Pink Grapefruit. Was a weekly staple, until about 9 months ago when it was frequently missing from shelf. Asked at Customer Service desk, who weren’t sure, but may have something to do with sugar tax?? Much missed.

phil longshaw says:
19 October 2019

Heinz vegetable salad. Please bring it back