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Creme Eggs: are you eggcited or eggsasperated by them?

Creme Egg season is in full swing, but these little treats seem a touchy subject for some. Over the past couple of years there’s been some tinkering with our beloved Creme Eggs. But does it all really matter that much?

You may recall our investigation into shrinking Creme Eggs packets, where the standard pack of six suddenly dropped to five. As if the repackaging robbery wasn’t enough, the recipe for the chocolate shell also changed. Last year, the makers of the Creme Egg, Cadbury, got a little eggsperimental with the beloved Dairy Milk casing, replacing it with a standard – and cheaper – cocoa mix.

Now, I’m probably going to regret admitting this, but the change of recipe doesn’t bother me too much – and no, I’m not yolking.

Don’t get eggy with me

I do indulge in the occasional Creme Egg, but then again, I enjoy anything that’s chocolate or sugary. In fact, the sugary fondant happens to be the bit I like the most. But even I – someone who consumes an unnatural amount of chocolate – don’t particularly enjoy the chocolate shell.

And I’m not alone. The owners of Cadbury, Mondelez, insist that the fundamentals of the Creme Egg recipe haven’t changed. However, a new report from trade magazine The Grocer has revealed the brand’s eggstremely popular Easter lines lost more than £10m in sales last year. Creme Eggs took the biggest blow, losing more than £6m in sales following the questionable change of recipe.

Taking eggstreme measures?

With Easter falling earlier than usual this year, recovering the lost sales may be tougher than expected.

So Mondolez has upped their marketing game for Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, but I’m not sure it’s it really going to be enough to reverse the fall following the Krafty recipe change.

On 22 January a pop-up Cadbury Creme Egg café opened its doors to sweet-toothed customers in central London. Open for just seven weeks, the quirky café offers a range of kooky Creme Egg-inspired treats, including Creme Egg toasties and Creme Egg and soldiers.

Now I’m not really all that convinced that a bit of eggstra, and somewhat eggstreme, marketing is going to make me purchase any more Creme Eggs than I already do. Personally (and if you’re reading this Mondolez) I’d like to be able to buy just that weird fondant from the middle…please.

So where do you stand on the Creme Egg debate? Will you be purchasing any Creme Eggs at all this year, or has the change of recipe left you boiling? And please show us your best puns too 🙂


An eggsausting eggsample of an eggcelent if not eggstreme bit of eggsploration with no eggspletives and eggceeding all eggspectations. 😋

EGGACTLY true to you. I Betts , as one of those people that have made Easter Baskets for 34 year am only caring about the beauty of the wrapper for the beautiful display in the baskets for my loved ones. I don’t care what they taste like, just so they still look classy. I don’t like a trashy looking Basket!

alfa, I don’t think this topic is being overegged. Where are the EU in all this? Surely they should be legislating on the specification for egg shaped confectionery? Have the Food Standards Agency nothing to say, let alone the NHS on the damage such sweeties do to our bodies and those of our children?
However if we seek to criticise this concoction from an American company we will, in due course, no doubt be sued for damages under the forthcoming TTIP agreement.
It would be no eggzajeration to say this is something that should concern us all.

Maybe they ought to be eggsterminated then they wouldn’t be a problem

Eggstinct, alfa 🙂

Eggactly !!!

I like the humour

There’s nothing like a few eggscrutiating puns. It’s really quite childish. 🙂

I totally agree wavechange. Which? should carefully eggzamin its terms and conditions and put a stop to anything that is not a serious contribution to any Convo.

As long as there is a clause to eggscuse the odd eggcentricity from reggular posters.

Many of the older Convos had pathetic puns in the their titles, no doubt egged on by Patrick, who seems to have gone awol. Maybe there should be an eggstraordinary general meeting to grant permission for a little seasonal frivolity.

What eggsactly is the problem with puns? And sorry for going awol… I’ve been on leave to Argentina. Beautiful place, but no Creme Eggs there (not that I missed them. I never liked them and never will… they’ll permanently stay on the shellf).

Very eggreeable to have you back Patrick.

Sounds like you had an eggstremely eggciting eggscursion. 🙂

I for one am now boycotting all Cadbury products as a result of not only the recipe change, but the reduction of the 6 to 5 box size and the outsourcing of jobs after making assurances that no jobs would be lost. I thank my lucky stars that Jaffa cakes have filled the chocolate void left by Cadburys.

I totally agree and the change in recipe makes a big difference. I haven’t bought Creme eggs for a couple of years now. They used to be a favourite. The whole £6m loss is probably what I used to spend!!😀

I agree i used to be a cream egg fan and looked forward to easter but no more and I’m not the only one several of my friends have done the same . It’s not just confined to the cream egg either I’m boycotting Cadbury’s full stop. I’m not going to be fobbed off by a lesser product

And on the McVities Jaffa Cakes box it actually confirms that there are 12 Cakes inside.

Katharine says:
5 February 2016

The new recipe is awful. They’re not worth eating any more.

As well as the short measure, what about the down-sizing? – there was a time when a Cadbury’s Creme Egg was too big to put in your mouth.

I wish they would offer a dark chocolate option [likewise Walnut Whips].

Nestlé make Walnut Whips. Even that recipe has changed since they took over Rowntree Mackintosh. Toffee Crisps have also been ruined.

Yes, . . . thank you Jacqui – we’re on the way to hell in a handcart aren’t we? Our simple pleasures are being compromised all the time by diabolical exploitation.

Never mind the outside – what about the lovely inside that was? It used to drip like a proper egg and have a yolk.

I feel so strongly about the patronising attitude of the new Cadbury owners that I no longer buy any Cadbury products and I LOVE creme eggs. It is eggscrutiating not to have have some but its the only way to show my disgust.

I went off Cadbury’s when they withdrew Bournville Fruit & Nut bars. Divine and moreish temptation sleeved in a golden wrapper but slain on the anvil of commerce.

I avoid Cadbury and Kraft products because of this company’s unethical behaviour, especially bearing in mind the original Cadbury founders’ principles. It’s pleasing to read that other people take this view too.

Yeah that 🙂

Also, as a chocoholic, I just find that Cadbury’s current chocolate really lacks anything at all resembling a nice flavour, so that is another good reason for not buying their products.

Mick says:
6 February 2016

I will not shell out on these newer eggs.

I have eaten and enjoyed Cadbury’s Creme Eggs since I was at school, and I am now 67, but no more. I find the American ‘chocolate’ unpleasant – all sweetness and no chocolate flavour.

Mayorsmum says:
6 February 2016

I am also a miffed ex Cadbury’s chocolate aficionado. Chocoholic supreme ….was me . Stockpiled the cream eggs for the dry season to ensure I didn’t have to go cold turkey for too long. But bought NONE last year, won’t be buying them this year and rarely buy Cadbury chocolate bars these days …they have messed about with all their offerings , can hardly recognise what’s on offer so don’t bother anymore . If I am no longer their core or desired customer I can spend my money on other chocolate brands .

My favourite was Twirl. We used to have them at Twirl o’clock at work, but no more. Awful sweet chocolate has ruined them. Cadbury/Mondelez say they haven’t changed the recipe. I think they’re lying and need investigating.

Mrs.Anne Jones says:
6 February 2016

I will not be buying any Cadbury’s cream eggs this year, I like the chocolate as much as the creamy bit and they’ve mucked it up, my whole family feel the same so until they start using proper Cadbury’s milk chocolate again I won’t be buying any.

I tried a Creme Egg last year and it tasted so awful. Didn’t know why until I heard about the recipe change. Never again until they go back to the original recipe. It’s like Black Magic, they were my favour chocs until they changed the variety and flavours some years ago and now I never buy them. Mars bars, another favourite, are no longer the same either. Why can’t they leave things as they are instead of trying to cut corners and cheapening old favourites.

You’re absolutely right about Black Magic, Globetrotter: perfection in a packet, or so it used to be – not a dud choc in the box. Now they’re ugly shapes, awful flavours and far from pleasurable. I wouldn’t give anyone a box now because nobody I know likes them anymore.

I wonder what the relaunched Milk Tray are like – never one of my faves but extremely popular and I wouldn’t turn one down if offered. I bet they’ve messed it up.

Its changed for deffo, the middle is not what it used to be, and the shell isn’t the same

I find all Cadbury’s milk chocolate, which I used to love, now tastes like cheap milk chocolate bars sold by the Co-op and Lidl and manufactured in Germany. I presume this is due to the cheaper cocoa mix you refer to. Mondelez strikes again.

Michael says:
6 February 2016

Just boycott all Cadburys (or should that be Badburys) products. There is lots of very good chocolate out there. Hit them where it hurts, they are American, they only recognise profit, not customer satisfaction.

Eggcellent, I am Eggtremely glad that they’ve changed the recipe. Previously I was eggcited by the creme egg and found them eggcedingly difficult to resist, tempting me beyond eggtremes; However since the change in recipe, I don’t actually like them anymore and therefore I don’t care if they’re providing 5 eggs for the price of 6 anymore…..I’m not buying anymore.

Is there an award (maybe a virtual Creme Egg) for the most eggregious contribution?

Chris says:
6 February 2016

It seems to me that this isn’t of high importance if the reward is a Creme Egg – virtual or otherwise.

6 February 2016

I usually purchase c 10. Eggs but the tasteless rather sickly new shell has convinced
me to purchase the alternative eggs on the market.
As Kraft ‘ s word cannot be trusted I will no longer buy any of their products.