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Creme Eggs: are you eggcited or eggsasperated by them?

Creme Egg season is in full swing, but these little treats seem a touchy subject for some. Over the past couple of years there’s been some tinkering with our beloved Creme Eggs. But does it all really matter that much?

You may recall our investigation into shrinking Creme Eggs packets, where the standard pack of six suddenly dropped to five. As if the repackaging robbery wasn’t enough, the recipe for the chocolate shell also changed. Last year, the makers of the Creme Egg, Cadbury, got a little eggsperimental with the beloved Dairy Milk casing, replacing it with a standard – and cheaper – cocoa mix.

Now, I’m probably going to regret admitting this, but the change of recipe doesn’t bother me too much – and no, I’m not yolking.

Don’t get eggy with me

I do indulge in the occasional Creme Egg, but then again, I enjoy anything that’s chocolate or sugary. In fact, the sugary fondant happens to be the bit I like the most. But even I – someone who consumes an unnatural amount of chocolate – don’t particularly enjoy the chocolate shell.

And I’m not alone. The owners of Cadbury, Mondelez, insist that the fundamentals of the Creme Egg recipe haven’t changed. However, a new report from trade magazine The Grocer has revealed the brand’s eggstremely popular Easter lines lost more than £10m in sales last year. Creme Eggs took the biggest blow, losing more than £6m in sales following the questionable change of recipe.

Taking eggstreme measures?

With Easter falling earlier than usual this year, recovering the lost sales may be tougher than expected.

So Mondolez has upped their marketing game for Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, but I’m not sure it’s it really going to be enough to reverse the fall following the Krafty recipe change.

On 22 January a pop-up Cadbury Creme Egg café opened its doors to sweet-toothed customers in central London. Open for just seven weeks, the quirky café offers a range of kooky Creme Egg-inspired treats, including Creme Egg toasties and Creme Egg and soldiers.

Now I’m not really all that convinced that a bit of eggstra, and somewhat eggstreme, marketing is going to make me purchase any more Creme Eggs than I already do. Personally (and if you’re reading this Mondolez) I’d like to be able to buy just that weird fondant from the middle…please.

So where do you stand on the Creme Egg debate? Will you be purchasing any Creme Eggs at all this year, or has the change of recipe left you boiling? And please show us your best puns too 🙂


They change the recipe they change the box and sales go down. And they want to spend money on marketing. Why don’t they spend the same amount of money putting it all back how it was. Or is that forgetting yet again that people in senior positions in these big companies don’t have any common sense or logic?