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Would you drink your coffee from an avocado or a carrot?

coffee cups

Cafes in Australia are serving coffee from scooped-out avocados and carrots – is this a fad too far?

Hail the weekend – it’s finally here! And as I sit down to my weekly Saturday treat (French-press coffee in my giant bowl-like mug), I’m pondering whether I could ever be persuaded to consume my coffee out of an avocado skin…

Veggie vessels

Yes, you read that right.

At first I thought someone was ‘aving a laugh when I read about ‘avolattes’: a latte served in a hollowed-out avocado.

But then this week I read that a cafe in Sydney has taken experimental drinking vessels one step further – by serving a piccollo-sized coffee in a scooped-out carrot – and I wondered if perhaps I’m missing a trick here.

The cafe behind the ‘carrotcino’ claims its main motivation is to just keep trying to produce something different. But is this different for different’s sake, or is there method in this madness?

Could it be that the avocado or carrot somehow improves the taste of your coffee? Maybe it’s a new way to dodge washing-up (albeit expensive)? Or, given that in the UK alone, seven million coffee cups are thrown away every single day, a more environmentally friendly way to enjoy a takeaway coffee?

Plus, once you’ve successfully swerved avocado hand while making your brunch on Saturday morning, you can then make use of the avocado skin. Or would that lead to more avocado-related cases at A&E with people scolding their hands because the skin has cracked or caved in, spilling the hot coffee?

Cup of choice

Knowing how particular my grandmother is about fine china, I can’t see that hollowed-out fruit and veg will take off as a drinks receptacle.

Personally, I don’t like the taste of coffee served in paper, plastic or, worse, polystyrene cups. For me, it has to be in a solid mug with a good handle, and be big enough for me to clasp my hands around it – a hug in a mug-style vessel.

Recognising that my bigger-than-my-head mug isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee), when I’m hosting, I’ll get out my more dainty tea cups. No saucers, though – I’ve never seen the point unless you intend to serve the drink with a chocolate or a biscuit. Although my mother tells me that my great-grandmother used to pour her tea into the saucer…

I certainly shan’t be trying an avolatte or carrotcino anytime soon, but will you? Can you think of any other fruit or veg that could be hollowed out to serve coffee in? What’s your go-to drinking vessel for your morning brew?


I think the quoted coffee/vegetable combos are simply ways for said cafes to get media exposure. Works doesn’t it.


Highly likely, Patrick. However, it appears to have caught on – cafes have reported being asked for an avolatte and apparently a cafe in Turkey has been serving coffee in an avocado for quite a while


I’m not sure whether to have a long coffee in a cucumber or go straight for the melon.


The original story was a hoax, of course, but there was such interest in it that it fired imaginations and odd ways of slurping coffee are being conceived – purely for the publicity, I imagine. However, it does give rise to considering some creative options…

Cappucino: served in a gatsby cap and garnished with flowers.
Americano:served in a hollowed-out figurine of D Trump, Esq.
Espresso: served in an OO gauge model of the Eurostar
Macchiato: served in a bio degradable plastic bag
Short Macchiato: served in the hand
Long Macchiato: served in a banana
Mocha: served in one half of a Chocolate Easter Egg
Latte: served in one half of a coconut.
Ristretto: served in an enamel mug
Flat white: served in a saucer (for Lauren’s G/mother).
Affogato: oh, who cares?


Very creative, Ian. The Mocha served in an Easter Egg sounds quite nice!


You’d either have to drink it fast or get it iced…


And what happens to all the avocado flesh cut out of the fruit to make the ‘cup’. Is that puréed and served as an accompaniment on a blini or something, and with a kiwi fruit topping?

At least with a hollow carrot the vegetable can be consumed after the coffee has been drunk.

Has anyone tried serving coffee in a coconut? I could see how that might appeal. A pineapple is another possibility and would certainly pep up the beverage.

I find tea more agreeable in the morning for restoring my tissues and would hate to have it served in anything other than a china cup or mug.

Lauren – A saucer is essential when serving a drink in a cup or mug mainly to hold the spoon but also to catch any drips that might run down the side of the vessel and spoil the tablecloth. OK, so you don’t have a tablecloth, and you don’t provide a spoon? You’d better re-check your wedding presents list as these are absolutely necessary for civilised living.

Pouring tea into the saucer was done to cool it but it led to excessive slurping and was generally frowned upon from Harrogate to Tunbridge Wells where these matters are still taken seriously and where they have no intention of serving their excelsior blend in a grapefruit.


I think the term ‘fruit cup’ has already been used for another purpose, John.