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Fridge or cupboard: how do you keep your Easter eggs?

Hopefully you’ve been treated to a bumper selection of chocolate this Easter, but where do you keep it? Should chocolate be stored in the fridge or the cupboard? Our guest, Calum Green, wonders if you’ll be swayed by science or let your taste buds do the talking…

According to chocolate expert, Luke Owen-Smith, our sweet treats should never be kept in the fridge, even in warm weather.

Luke, who runs a dedicated chocolate website, claims that storing chocolatey treats in the fridge makes them taste ‘dull’ because the chilling process stops the flavours from being released.

However, this expert opinion seems to be contradicted by popular opinion. A poll surveying 1,000 people revealed that 49% of people argue that chilled chocolate tastes better, with only 29% who disagree. (Notably, a further 22% said chocolate is delicious whatever the temperature.)

The science behind chilled chocolate

Personally, I’m with the expert on this one – I prefer my chocolate at room temperature. And there’s plenty of science to back up my preference. Refrigerating chocolate can lead to ‘sugar bloom’, which happens when it’s chilled and then exposed to warmer air.

The change in temperature causes condensation on the surface, dissolving some of the sugar, which recrystallises as a grainy, white coating. This really puts me off.

However, your Easter stash will last much longer in the fridge – the only reason I would ever put my chocolate there. Also, if your chocolates have any type of filling, such as truffles, it’s also suggested to store these in the fridge.

Easter eggs – how do you store yours?

My Easter eggs will definitely be staying out of the fridge until I’m ready to eat them. I think chocolate from the cupboard is far superior. It has that softer, melt-in-your-mouth texture and a sweeter, stronger flavour, which is exactly how it should be enjoyed.

From the fridge it’s bland and almost flavourless. Having said that, given the opportunity to indulge, I wouldn’t turn down any chocolate, chilled or not.

Do you prefer your chocolate soft and gooey, or does chilled chocolate have the edge? Where will you be keeping your Easter eggs? Or will they be eaten too quickly to worry about where they are stored?

This is a guest post by Calum Green. All views expressed are Calum’s own and not necessarily those also shared by Which?


The term Easter Egg, of course, is now synonymous with hidden surprises. And there are plenty of them around just now.

I do not understand why some people keep chocolate in the fridge unless it was in danger of melting, which is a fairly uncommon problem in the UK. Certain smells and tastes depend on the release of volatile materials and chilling reduces their volatility. The ‘mouthfeel’ of chocolate will depend on temperature and as far as I know, chocolate is formulated to be most attractive served at ambient temperature rather than straight from the fridge.

I prefer beer at a temperature that many consider ‘warm’ because it has more flavour and please don’t put icebergs in my single malt.

Although (proper) beer does not condition properly if stored in a cold cellar I wonder if chocolate that has been refrigerated and then warmed to room temperature is different from chocolate that has been stored at room temperature. Perhaps Calum can advise.

Sorry, what, how do you *keep* your Easter eggs? Explain that concept to me.

I have the same problem, Sophie 😀