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British Sandwich Week: what’s your favourite sarnie?

It’s British Sandwich Week! Did you know we buy more than 3.5 billion sandwiches a year? And that doesn’t include the ones we make at home. Let’s settle the question once and for all: what’s the best sandwich?

Choosing your perfect sarnie can be a hassle, which is probably why many of us stick to the same choice once we’ve found our favourite. Decisions can be made harder considering many supermarkets offer meal deals, meaning you can have a sandwich, snack and drink for a set price – sometimes as little as £3.

Buying sandwiches while on-the-go can be convenient, but choices are often limited if you have any dietary requirements. Back in 2011, our very own Patrick Steen wrote a convo about his struggle to buy sandwiches without mayonnaise:

“There are more ‘no mayo’ signs on sandwiches. Some of the no-mayo options tend to have no anything else, such as smoked salmon sandwiches which tend to just have butter or cream cheese – where’s the salad?” – Patrick Steen, sandwich connoisseur.

How much have things changed? It’s hard to tell.

The art of the sandwich

What we do know is that sandwich making can be a serious business. In fact, Subway doesn’t even have sandwich makers in its stores, it has sandwich ‘artists’. There’s even an award ceremony for sandwich companies –The Sammies.

Warburtons recently conducted a survey to discover the nation’s most beloved filling, and the votes soon came rolling in. Topping the rankings was the classic cheese sarnie, with cheese and ham coming in second – my personal choice.

Bizarre butties

British people have got themselves a reputation online for making unusual flavoured sarnies – some Americans were amazed to hear that chip butties existed!

If you do have a soft-spot for an unusual sandwich filling, it can be hard to take any criticism. One of my favourite sandwiches to have is crayfish and lemon mayonnaise (sorry, Patrick) on white bread, and it’s amazing! But I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would disagree.

With so many options, what’s your favourite sarnie? Do you prefer to buy or make your own? Are you may-no, or yay-o?

What's your favourite sandwich filling?

Other (22%, 129 Votes)

Bacon/Sausage (21%, 128 Votes)

Egg and cress (18%, 106 Votes)

Cheese and ham (12%, 74 Votes)

Salmon (12%, 69 Votes)

Cheese (11%, 65 Votes)

Falafel (3%, 18 Votes)

Jam (1%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 596

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Allan Plumb says:
23 May 2018

My favurite Sandwiches are 1/ Crisp 2/ Chip 3/ Banana 4/ Sugar