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Are you a chocolate brand snob?

Chocolate bars

It’s difficult to avoid chocolate Easter eggs at this time of year, but we wanted to taste test something a little different. Something that’s available all year round.

We’ve done a snapshot taste test pitting branded KitKat, Penguin and Twix bars against similar, easy-to-find supermarket chocolate which bear more than a subtle resemblance to the real deal.

Our chocoholics blind-tasted seven different Kitkat-style bars, five Twix-style bars and five Penguin-style bars. Would they be able to taste the difference?

Crunching the numbers

When it comes to KitKats, the nation’s favourite break-time snack, the branded bar came out on top. Three quarters of our tasters immediately identified the correct branded bar, complimenting its rich chocolate taste and delicious wafer. We did find, however, that Tesco’s Snappy Milk Chocolate Finger Biscuits were almost as tasty, receiving only a fractionally lower score.

Turning our attention to Twix, we can reveal that branded is most definitely best. None of the Twix-equivalent bars came anywhere close. Although you could pocket a hefty saving by switching to a much cheaper supermarket own-brand version (just avoid Aldi’s equivalent, described by one taste tester as tasting like cardboard).

If you enjoy picking up a Penguin, the branded bar received quite a cold reception. Our chocoholics described the chocolate bar as having a banana or even citrus taste (not what you want when it comes to chocolate). Not a single taster recognised the branded chocolate.

Could Aldi’s Seal bars get the seal of approval from our tasters (see what they did there?)? Not quite – both Aldi and Morrison’s own-brand Penguin equivalents were described as too sweet, scoring 5.1 and 4.9 out of 10 respectively.

Sainsbury’s Polar bars (noticing a pattern emerging here!) were the unanimous favourite, with their great biscuity and chocolatey taste, and costing 28p less per 100g than branded Penguin bars (that’s a 42p saving on an average multipack of eight bars).

Is this enough to convince you to switch?

So those are the results of our snapshot taste test, and it’s convinced me to look at the supermarket own-brand alternatives. We want to know – would you stray into the world of brand-equivalent chocolate bars? Or do you ignore the price and choose branded every time?

And do you think your discerning taste buds would be able to tell the difference between a branded chocolate bar and a supermarket own-brand equivalent?

Would you buy supermarket own-brand chocolate bars over the branded bars?

Yes - I already do (54%, 589 Votes)

Yes - I might consider it after this taste test (31%, 338 Votes)

No - branded chocolate is always best (14%, 154 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,081

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Dont like Cadbury,s their products taste of chemicals , I like European brands from Germany/Switzerland . German chocolate made in Germany for the German people is by law made to high standard ,if it says MILK chocolate then its got to be the real deal not the UK adulterated stuff. Most UK chocolate makes me ill .


Viewed in terms of price per gram of chocolate, Easter Eggs are a criminal waste of money.

In an ideal world, I would only ever buy fair trade organic chocolate – but I do often sin and buy other types.

I seldom every buy Cadburys now – my usual challenge is to explore other available options.

Raphe says:
26 March 2016

Almost all chocolate bar manufacturers are dragging their feet about getting their products approved as FAIRTRADE or UTZ approved. I see only one in your above photo! If they are not approved they are likely to have involved child SLAVE labour in their harvesting. Even if they are delicious, I will not buy any non-approved chocolate product . Full stop!!
I don’t want to be a “spoil sport” but the manufacturers behaviour is indefensible.

das62 says:
26 March 2016

I had a Kit Kat recently and found it to have a strange after taste and not a nice chocolate taste I have had before. Plus I have recently bought from Lidl “Snicker & Mars” equivelent and found them to be great value and more than acceptable for the money, I consider the Snickers equivelent had less nuts but for the money I still enjoyed them. Also Lidl do some great dark chocolate bars. One I particularly like is the”AMAZONAS” 60%” bar it has a nice smooth taste to it

27 March 2016

i have recently discovered LIDL CHOCOLATE i love dark chocolate & its the best ive tasted & far cheaper than all other brands


Your right Margaret , its called Bellarom chocolate and is made in—Germany where , as I posted above ,have very high standards for their food products including chocolate . Both Aldi and LIdL are German companies owned by,if I remember correctly brothers who are a bit eccentric ,like me , I think at least one lives on an island . You will be pleased to hear your admiration for it is backed up by womans shopping groups websites ,a revelation to me, who pronounced it (the chocolate ) as having 24 votes , well above others . Even the Germans like it.


You had some good fun with the descriptions there, Natalie – certainly put the Kat among the Penguins.

I must break out more and try some of the favoured alternatives to the regular brands. I usually avoid the sweets aisle but I’ll give it a whirl next time.


I’d recommend you do John – you’re bounty enjoy the experience!


The Indian consumer charity Consumer-Voice have done a very detailed review of six dark chocolates available in India and it is interesting to read their reviews, and the detail they go into.

Lindt and Ritter rated top for dark and dark bitter chocolate respectively.

I note that Which? ” How we tested chocolate bars