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‘I’m 6 years old and I’ve invented bretchup’

Sometimes some of us are hit with moments of inspiration. Harry, 6 and a half years old, has had one such moment early in his life. Here’s Harry himself sharing how he created a new sauce for your bacon sarnie.

Harry: ‘I used to just have ketchup. But my mummy asked “would you like brown sauce or ketchup?” And I said “both!” I thought of joining things together and that made me think of joining brown sauce and ketchup together. I thought I’d try it. I mixed them with a fork.

‘It tastes like ketchup, but with a little bit of brown sauce. It isn’t gross, it’s nice. It tastes quite tangy and it goes kind of light brown – it is quite bright coloured. It is also quite sticky.

Harry's drawing of bretchup‘I mixed the names together, like I did with the sauces, and called it bretchup. My daddy liked that. I eat bretchup with bacon, eggs, sausages and sometimes baked beans and bread. I like bretchup more than just ketchup or just brown sauce. My little brother has it now.

‘I’d like to try it with chips, tomatoes and lettuce.

‘You should try it. Mix them together and you’ll get something new and it’ll taste very nice.’

The sauces Which? members like

Thank you very much to Harry for taking the time to talk to us about his invention of bretchup. We also asked Which? members about the condiments they use to pep up their bacon butties, as part of our research into the best supermarket bacon.

We found out that older Which? members are more likely to use brown sauce, while younger members prefer ketchup. Men were more likely than women to reach for a bottle of brown, whereas those in the South were less likely to opt for brown than those in the North or Midlands.

So which do you prefer? Or has Harry inspired you to try bretchup – if he has, why not print off your own bretchup label?

Dornfield says:
4 April 2015

Hunger is the best sauce….

Another Harry – Harry Deverill – has produced a new label for Waitrose brown sauce: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2734480/Schoolboy-7-redesigns-Waitrose-brown-sauce-bottle-label-writing-supermarket-complain-old-image-wasn-t-good-enough.html

Anyone else named Harry with a contribution?

Most of Waitrose’s packaging looks boring and distinctly unappetising. It’s worse than 1960’s Sainsbury’s. I’ve seen better looking disinfectant bottles. We have quite a lot of Waitrose’s stuff but keep it well hidden in the cupboards. I can’t say that young Harrys’ new label exactly says “Eat me” so Alice won’t be tempted.

I dislike the word ‘essential’ on Waitrose products. It just shouts cheap sub-budget range that you do want to hide away.

Maybe it is their budget range, but just label them Waitrose and raise the profile of some of the others if necessary.

I agree, Alfa. I suspect that budget product ranges attract some people and put others off. I’m in the second category and it would be essential to label them Waitrose before I was interested.

And I suspect those on a budget will shop elsewhere.

Best thing is to look at the ingredients and their proportions. If you buy a budget cottage pie, for example, does the lesser amount of meat it contains bother you? Or the tomato content in tomato soup?

I think Harry made a good point though, what was on the original label? I see a tomato and then I struggle with the rest. I like the new label 🙂

I agree. I don’t know what Waitrose were thinking of.

Whenever we take a Waitrose delivery I wonder what Waitrose regard as their target market. It probably isn’t us, but perhaps they have lost their way in the competitive arena. They are probably trying to do what M&S attempted a decade or so ago and develop niche products with odd ingredients and flavours just for the sake of being distinctive. M&S had to roll back from that because it wasn’t growing turnover and they even started selling branded goods alongside their own-labels. Waitrose seem to think their own-label products will carry them through by virtue of their uncommon appeal, quirky tastes and flavours, and minimalist appearance. I find it difficult to gauge who they are aiming at but believe there is a certain cult following who see it as a social discriminator. Unfortunately, there are signs that John Lewis are travelling in the same direction.

Where does anything you eat or drink end up all together and can anyone tell the difference It’s all about your individual taste the makes you chose what to eat