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Tempting treats are cleared from the tills at Aldi

old fashioned sweets

Sweets at supermarket checkouts have been a bugbear for many people – whether enticing you to back down on your good intentions or, more overtly, encouraging your children to pester you to buy them.

It’s great news that Aldi has announced that it will stop selling confectionery and unhealthy foods at its checkouts. This follows trials carried out around the country, with full roll-out from January.

Aldi are not the first to do this – Lidl announced similar plans earlier in the year and Tesco also extended a longer standing policy to remove confectionery from the tills in their smaller, as well as larger stores. Other supermarkets introduced policies several years ago, but don’t usually apply them in their smaller convenience stores.

Robust approach from Aldi

In the case of Aldi, the criteria for what they allow takes account of Government criteria for what’s healthy enough to be advertised to children on TV, the new targets for salt levels in foods and the traffic light labelling scheme – so pretty robust.

Aldi’s trials found that not only is this likely to be better for people’s health, it also makes sense for their profits too – as there was no negative impact.

The issue of promotions has been an area that the Government has been calling on the food industry to act on for a while through its Public Health Responsibility Deal – whether that’s positioning in store, tighter controls on the ways foods are marketed to children or the balance of foods in price promotions. The response has been disappointingly slow.

Public Health Responsibility Deal

Our surveys show that many people find it annoying that promotions are too often on the unhealthier, rather than healthier foods and so want there to be more of a balance. We therefore need to see more action across all of the retailers.

I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able pick up a newspaper or fill up at the petrol station without being cajoled to buy chocolate or sweets that I don’t want.

Does this drive you mad too – and, if so, who do you think is the worst for unhealthy promotions?


My local large Sainsbury’s (Balham) got rid of the sweets at their staffed tills but in order to get to the the self service checkouts you have to walk through and usually queue up in a maze of sweets, chocolates and crisps.
I thought supermarkets had all said they were gettign rid of sweets at checkouts? I presume this is their way of saying they have but bending the rules to make sure they can still keep them there.

When fruit and veg are on offer, it’s always as part of a multi buy, which is no good for me, so I have to walk right passed it to the unhealthy stuff which will keep for 2-4 weeks alike veg which will go off as soon as look at it.

And don’t forget some products can be “on offer” for months at a time, which is surely breaking the law, as the “offer” price should become the standard price.

mysupermarket dot co dot uk has nice handy price graphs, so you can clearly see which products don’t have a regular standard price. Just look at the price graph for friji as sold by tesco, they’ve been on offer alot more than being sold at normal price. Same for pringles. pack of 4 hienz baked beans have been on offer for 50% of the year. and yet fresh coconuts haven’t been offer once in the last 12 months.

At my last trip to Waitrose I noticed that although the sweets and confectionery had long been removed from the checkouts it had been replaced by biscuits! I couldn’t help wondering at the time whether they were considered to be a healthier choice by J Lewis!

Denise Davidson says:
25 November 2016

I would like to know when and if you are ever going to get the yogurt creams back in, they can out in 3 flavor, strawberry, raspberry, and mango, wrapped separately in a colour wrap that represented the flavor…when I have enquired in store I have been told that they could be a seasonal item…I haven’t seen them in store for quite a few months, if you can tell me if the product might return would be great, in your lolly ad above, its the one in the jar 2nd left.