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Live event: ask your questions for the live Which? Investigates podcast – 17/11/21

On 17 November at 1pm, Greg Foot will host a special live edition of the Which? Investigates podcast, focusing on tech and security. Ask your questions here.

22 November: Audio version of the Live Q&A now available

We’re pleased to announce the audio version of last week’s Live Q&A is now available!

The video feed is also still available below, as well as on the Facebook event page.

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5 November: Join us for our live podcast recording

We’re excited to announce that Which? experts Kate Bevan and Andrew Laughlin will be hosted live by science journalist and producer Greg Foot for a live podcast on 17 November.

Which? Investigates: catch up with the latest episodes

The panel will be taking your questions on all things tech and security, and this is your chance to get yours in early and let us know what you’d like them to discuss.

📄 Tech and security live podcast, hosted by Greg Foot

🗓 13:00 Thursday 19 November 2021

How hackable is your home? Can your car be hacked while you’re driving it? How safe is your digital money? And are you being misled by fake reviews?

These are the big questions we’ve been delving into so far on this tech and security season of the Which? Investigates podcast. And now is your chance to get your questions answered by some of the brilliant experts who’ve helped us with our investigations.

In this live episode we’ll be hearing more on these hot topics, including some stuff we didn’t have time to explore in our other episodes. We’ll also be learning how the rise of technology has impacted our lives in more ways than we could have ever imagined, and what we can do to protect ourselves, keeping our privacy, data, and our own homes safe.

How to watch

The event will take place in a live stream on the Which? Facebook page that we’ll also be showing on here on Which? Conversation on the day itself. Check back with us on this page on the day and you’ll see the live stream here.

You can also join the event live on Facebook.

You can use the comments below to ask your questions early and add more when the event starts.

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What are the tech and security issues that matter the most for you? Are you concerned about hacking? Hardware and software obsolescence? Let us know in the comments.

Greg, Kate and Andrew will see you on the day.

You can use the comments below to ask your questions early and add more when the event starts.


Do your experts envisage a time when the internet will become so corrupt and full of dangerous criminals that it will become unusable for the general public? Could there be a viable alternative to the internet as it exists at present? Currently there are more places to hide and create mayhem than there are ways of finding and catching these people. Some countries are less concerned about these activities than others and provide good shelter from prosecution. There also seems to be less means of protection available than there are means of hacking and destroying networks.
Have the big industries and governments done enough to protect our vital infrastructures? Do your experts have any predictions for future developments in this continuing battle?

Please could a member of the team advise on the security of mobile payment systems such as Paym.

There are too many traps for the average consumer to dodge. It is too easy to get caught by the criminal.

Why not just condemn crypto currency completely?

Thanks, I heard the answer. The panel didn’t really cover the criminal element that lurks in the crypto currency world. The only safeguard we have is that the average person has no knowledge of how crypto currencies work, and no money to invest. Thus there is an elitism surrounding this market. Those that get stung can probably afford to shrug a shoulder.

As I said above, every answer in the podcast cautioned the advantages of the technology with the security risks and the safeguards we need to take to keep us safe. There are a great many safeguards and that means that there a great many risks to being on line, buying on line and interacting on line. That being so, a great many people will be doing things without taking the correct precautions. It is easy just to operate on line and worry about the consequences when things go wrong. Not everyone has the forethought to work through the risks and the protections. Criminals know this too and flourish because of it. Our data is often transparent and liberties can be taken with it by anyone with a motive for doing so. What a minefield to negotiate!!

Thanks for involving us in the podcast, Jon. There is a great deal to think about now and in the future.