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Moving the Conversation forward

Welcome to Which? Conversation

We’ve heard your feedback on how to get more value from Which? Conversation. Here’s how we’re going to put this into action.

We know Which? Conversation is a place you value. However, we always want to make sure we’re meeting expectations, making it a site that works for as many people as possible and ultimately supporting Which?’s purpose to help tackle consumer harm by making life simpler, fairer and safer for everyone.

Over the last few months, the team undertook a full review of the site, looking at its performance, talking with similar communities around the world, and reviewing feedback from our own community here – with a user survey and also by reviewing comments you have posted on the site. 

What came through really strongly in the user survey is that people want Which? Conversation to be a place to learn and grow their knowledge of consumer issues. Most people come here for information and advice, to learn something new, to have their say on –  and to hear from others who may have expertise on – consumer issues. Be it an expert at Which? or an everyday consumer who has experienced a similar issue.

Three key themes from the review

🗨 You have told us you want to hear more from and engage with Which? authors and experts.

🗨 We’ve heard how pages of comments can make it more difficult for those just joining.

🗨 The impact or the outcome of discussions isn’t always clear to those taking part.

And so we want to make a few changes.

What to expect

Over the course of the next few months you’ll be seeing more of the experts from across Which? as they participate in Which? Conversation events.

Of course, we’ll also need to make sure they have enough time for the testing, reviews, campaigns, helpdesks, and all the other services Which? offers, but it’ll be exciting to have them here as part of the conversation.

We’ll be actively summarising and recapping key contributions from the comment threads in the text of each post, and by featuring comments across the site. This will make it easier to see what’s been said already, and to help people find where they may want to join the discussion.

We’ll be launching a new Weekly Round-Up, summarising the highlights of all of the discussions each week, and using it to show where the feedback we’ve received has made a difference. It’ll also be a place to share what’s coming up so you can more easily be part of what’s next.  

And we’ll be relaunching the Ideas board, enabling you to vote on ideas you’d like to hear more about from Which?, and signposting you to where discussion on these will be happening.

What happens next?

You’ll start to see some changes immediately: we’ll be reworking many of the older pages, including About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions to better reflect the site’s focus and purpose.

To make topical conversations more visible and feature more of your comments around the site, we’ll be repositioning the Lobby, closing down some of the less used off-topic conversations, and giving greater prominence to the ideas you suggest on the Ideas board. You’ll also start to hear more about what discussions are coming up, and when you can expect to hear more from Which? experts, with our first event coming up next week.  

Working together we can help welcome more people, better understand the consumer issues we might encounter, and feel empowered to tackle them successfully. I look forward to talking with you more and growing a thriving space for many. The team is excited about where we can go in the next few months, and we hope you are as well. 

Others have said it before and I’m happy to repeat it here: the value of this space is the community it brings together, and the knowledge and learning we can share with each other. As a Which? Conversation team we’re also committed to making this a welcoming space that empowers as diverse a range of people as possible.  

I’m keen to hear your thoughts, suggestions and feedback, so feel free to leave them in the comments below. Look forward to speaking to you soon.


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