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Live event: Which? magazine editor Harry Rose – 3:30pm 16/9/21

We’ll be joined live on Which? Conversation by Harry Rose on 16 September. Ask your questions about the magazine and its latest investigations in the comments.

We’re pleased to announce that Which? magazine editor Harry Rose will be live on Which? Conversation on 16 September to answer your questions on our latest features, investigations and our increased focus on sustainability.

📄 Which? magazine editor Q&A

🗓 3:30pm Thursday 16 September 2021

The event itself takes place in the comments on this page – it is not a live stream/Zoom meeting.

If you’ve got a question about Which? magazine, our latest issues and the investigations they’ve featured, leave it in the comments in advance.

Harry will be with us from 3:30pm on Thursday 16 September to start answering and chat with you in the comments.

We’re looking forward to seeing you then.


In a recent issue of your magazine you ran a feature on electric vehicles. As a very satisfied owner of a Vauxhall e-Corsa I was disappointed that you did not include this vehicle in your feature. Why was this?

Ditto with my Skoda Yeti, 7 years and only a gear selector needing repair
jan drewett

I see no evidence of anything happening anywhere. Not thick, butam I alone in finding this grossly unstisfactory?

I agree. I’ve refreshed several times and nothing. This mechanism is not fit for purpose!

I was pleased to see a “country of origin” returning to Which? this month, in a report on denim jeans. I hope that this will also return for as many of the products that you test as is possible.

Listing country of origin information on more product reviews is something we’re looking at, William. However, it’s more complicated than it used to be in part because different component parts of many technology and home products are made in different places.

I don’t think that the origin of components matters in many cases. Many manufacturers have sourced materials, sub-assemblies and components from different sources ever since products have been made. The designer, purchaser of materials and components and assembler of the product is the manufacturer; they are responsible for these key items. The place where the manufacturer decides these are assembled is, as far as I am aware, the relevant place of manufacture – country of origin of the product.

Dana Cohen says:
16 September 2021

I have subscribed to Which? since early 1970 and can not understand why in all that time you have never
reviewed Woolite. It is an excellent product for washing
clothes both by hand and in a washing machine described by the manufacturer as an everyday delicates
detergent and is sold by at least 3 well known supermarkets including online. I have asked Which to review it -several times- over the years and my request
has been ignored. Could you please think again.

Hi Dana, thanks for the suggestion. We are logging all of these suggestions down and will be passing this on as whole to the reviews team after the event is over. So if we have any more requests like this please do keep them coming. Thanks

I know this is about this issue but I wish you would investigate funerals. Is the “pay before you die” a good idea? Can one arrange ones own funeral? how much do cremations cost? etc. etc. etc.

I have in-laws who do not have computers or smart phones and do not use direct debits so that they can keep track of their expenditure. The are trapped with British Gas. How about suppliers that do not require technology nor direct debits after all we are not all well off.

i have suggested reviewing garden sprayers- they are not costly but have gone through 4 and am now onto my fifth, i think it is an article worth considering. i am just looking into one sold by mower magic,- it is more expensive but hopefully could last a few years!

Hi Jan, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve logged this down as well. I will also flag this to the gardening team but if you do wish to speak to others that are in the gardening community. We have a Facebook group here that might be some help – https://www.facebook.com/groups/315292478995930

Dave Wallace says:
16 September 2021

I’ve spent half an hour trying to follow the ‘live event’ and am confused as to whether I’m following a live Q&A or a history of what’s posted on Convo. off for a cuppa.

Thanks so much for all of your questions – it’s always great to hear from people who care about the magazine. Lots of great suggestions for future articles here too.

Mr Paul Greenwood says:
16 September 2021

I find it frustrating that Which sometimes does not adequately subdivide what it is testing. For example, it mixed tests for bio, non-bio and colour protecting washing products rather than comparing them individually