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Hello and welcome to Which? Conversation’s Welcome Lounge. Introduce yourself to our friendly community and let us know what brought you here.

This is our space to welcome newbies into our communtiy, help them discover Which? Conversation (and all of Which?’s online advice) and get to know each other a little better before jumping into our discussions.

Whether you’ve been a member of our community for a long time, or this is your very first time posting here, we want you to share what’s brought you to Which?. Plus, we’d love to hear about a consumer issue that you keep questioning.

This is also an area for Which? staff to say who they are and what they do.

Introduce yourself

You don’t have to be a Which? member to join in on Which? Conversation – everyone is welcome. Here are a few ideas for things you could tell us:

– the name you’d like to be known as here (often your username!)

– your hobbies and interests

– the consumer issue you keep questioning; what would you like to see change for the better?

The Which? Conversation team will be on hand to greet you, as well as our brilliant regular contributors, who are always happy to help provide answers to your consumer queries and point you at some of the discussions we’ve had here in the past.

I’ll go first!

I’m George, and I joined Which? back in 2015. I’ve got a background in content creation/writing and social media – most members will be aware of Which?’s Weekly Scoop Email – that was one of my responsbilities until I joined Patrick’s team in 2018 to work here on Which? Conversation.

When I’m not at Which? I can often be found on a football pitch (I’m from Croydon, so I’m a Crystal Palace fan!) and I also play a lot of tennis, table tennis and badminton.

The consumer issue I keep questioning is also one of the Which? campaigns I feel most strongly about; our railways are plagued by delays, cancellations and constant overcrowding. When will passengers get the service they deserve?

I’m proud that we’re keeping up the pressure to bring about change in the rail industry, but there’s a lot of work still to be done.

The spirit of our community

As always, have a read of our Community Guidelines if you haven’t already. Just like any other conversation, we want this area to be a healthy and friendly place for new community members to get involved with us.

Please do join us in making everyone feel welcome!


Hello Everybody,

My name is Richard and I’ve been a Which ? member for nearly 30 years. Over those past 30 years I don’t think too much time goes by without reference to Best Buys, Trusted Traders, Energy suppliers etc. There are always many newsworthy topics contained within the magazine and I like to think it has made me a more savvy consumer as a result. As far as I’m concerned Membership is a ‘must’ for all the above and for access to the legal resources should a dispute arise.

Many years ago I successfully sued a holiday villa company using Which ?. The advice I received and the step by step guidance was invaluable. Being able to quote the relevant law and ultimately pursue my case through the Small Claims Court was certainly a lot less daunting through your guidance than it would have been had I acted alone.

I am currently at loggerheads with Sony over screen burnt images on my Bravia KD65-A1 OLED tv. I tried searching for the topic but nothing came up. Maybe I’m searching in the wrong place and will be grateful to be pointed in the right direction.

To say Sony’s response has been dismissive and uncaring is an understatement so I wanted to get a conversation going here to see if anybody has had a similar experience.

Over to you all.

Hi Richard, welcome to Which? Conversation.

I think we do not have a specific topic for screen burn on Sony TV’s, but we do have a more general Conversation for product liability and consumer rights, see:-https://conversation.which.co.uk/shopping/consumer-rights-complaints-faulty-problems/

I’m very happy with my 10 year old 32″ Sony Bravia HD TV, so it is a shame to hear that you are having bother with a much newer model.

As a first step, I think the consumer rights act 2015 places the burden of product liability on retailers not manufacturers, but we do know that some retailers tend to misdirect customers with problems towards manufacturers.

The consumer rights act also requires good to be reasonably durably, i.e. an expensive quality TV should be defect free for around 10 years as a minimum.

Thankyou for your guidance. I had in fact researched your site for Consumer Rights info and will use it to tackle Curry’s/ PC World tomorrow. I’ll keep the Community posted.

Hi Richard and welcome to Which? Conversation.

Screen burn was very well known in the days of CRT screens, especially when static images are displayed for a prolonged period at high brightness. It can also occur on OLED screens. Here is a relevant article from Which? https://www.which.co.uk/news/2018/09/is-screen-burn-on-oled-tvs-worth-worrying-about/?source_code=911CQJ&gclid=Cj0KCQjwxNT8BRD9ARIsAJ8S5xaP52PkthwVAXnD6KssIeq1kgCa4LwHfb156UjUKwsV3kmUqdgb4n8aAgm9EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

There are numerous Conversations that mention consumer rights and here is one of the most active ones: https://conversation.which.co.uk/shopping/consumer-rights-complaints-faulty-problems/ I hope you will join us as a regular contributor.

DetekP, just on a detail. While I agree that tvs should last at least 10 years (as should many products) the Consumer Rights Act only gives legal protection for 6 (apart from the unlucky Scots who get 5).

Many products do last well, and these should be used to demonstrate that it is not difficult to achieve if you design a product competently, specify decent components and build it well. We should be campaigning against manufacturers who do things badly. We could use the “durability” clause (or lack of) given to us in the CRA much more than we do to put financial pressure on retailers to sell decent products and avoid the tat. Which? should (and I think could) devote resources to help here; a more useful cause than some others they pursue.

Malcolm, thanks for that correction. I’ve known even “ordinary” TV’s like LG and Samsung to last for 6 years or more.

Under the Consumer Rights Act, the customer has six or five years during which they can make a claim against a retailer. For the first six months, a fault is presumed to be present at the time of manufacture, after which it is the responsibility of the consumer to prove otherwise if requested (e.g. by providing an expert’s report) or to provide evidence that goods have not lasted as long as might reasonably be expected. After six months, any refund can take account. of the amount of time between purchase and when the fault was reported.

A manufacturer’s guarantee can provide additional rights and is usually easier to to use than the CRA. It may contain exclusions but does not override the statutory rights provided by the CRA. Once again, a claim should be made against the retailer.

Neither the CRA or manufacturer’s guarantee will provide protection against abuse/misuse or normal wear & tear.

Welcome to the Conversation Richard! Great to meet you and keen to hear how your experience with Currys PC World goes!

Welcome to Which? Conversation, Richard!

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your TV . How did it go with Currys? I’m interested to hear what their response was.

Welcome to Which? Conversation, Richard! And sorry to hear you’re having issues with your TV.

Have you spoken to Currys since you last posted? Am interested to hear their response.

Hi everybody,

Hope you’re well. Just wanted to take minute to introduce myself here. I have been working at Which? for over 5 years now and have just been assigned as social and community engagement officer.

I started off working as part of the customer service team moving on to Which? Legal and Which? Wills. One thing I’ve always love about the platform we have here is the ability to talk express opinions on consumer related issues and that help each other in our day to day lives.

As you’d probably guessed there’s lots for me to learn and even more for me to read up on so please bear with me as I get up to speed but please do say hi !

Hi Chirag and welcome to your new role. I hope you will enjoy dropping in to the Convos and providing us with a few words of wisdom.

Hi @wavechange, thank you so much. I will be dropping into convos for sure. Hope you’ve been well 🙂

I’m fine, albeit rather fed-up and wondering how long it will be before I can next shake hands with anyone. Have you been able to work from home?

Hi Chiraq, welcome to Which? Conversation. It is always good to see Which? staff posting here.

Welcome Chiraq. Look forward to seeing a lot more of you 🙂

Hi Chirag, good to see you here in our corner of Which? again.

I know, it’s a strange time at the minute – yes thankfully, Which? has been great with all of us wfh. What about yourself?

Hi @alfa, thank you feels great to be back. How are you?

We are muddling along fairly well in this strange new world thanks.🙃

Hi everyone,
I’m new on here and the group was recommended by Which Legal Team. My parents were Which Members for many years and I took over from them about 15 years ago. I am currently in cahoots with Bosch, their customer service is shocking (and I’ve won awards in customer services). Thankfully the Which Legal Team are advising me. At the moment though (I’ve just emailed the team), I think when appliances develop a fault, I think the problem should lie with the Manufacturer rather than the Retailer eg John Lewis, after all it is the Manufacturer which makes the product. I’ve been accused by Bosch of putting ball bearings into our 6 month old washer/dryer (Which best buy) when it became faulty. This was replaced but 1 year 6 months the same fault developed, but Bosch do not want to know and want me to pay £400+ for the repair! Similar treatment with a dish washer! Samsung all the way next time!

Hi Helen and welcome to Which? Conversation.

At present a manufacturer has no legal responsibility for faulty goods but they often handle recalls of products that are found to be dangerous. If the retailer, which is legally liable, is unhelpful, the manufacturer will sometimes help, presumably because they want people to carry on buying their brand. Presumably the retailers can reclaim costs from manufacturers for dealing with faulty goods.

I have generally been happy with Bosch products though the company did not even acknowledge a complaint about a reciprocating saw with no safety interlock, unlike other brands and even other models in their range.

It would be interesting to hear about your experiences with Which? Legal.

The reason the manufacturer is not legally liable to the customer is because, normally, by purchasing through a retailer your legal contract is with them. I would argue that in selling a product they also take responsibility for the choice they have made to promote it.

Given the worldwide distribution of manufacturers, some in countries beyond our jurisdiction, others in countries not subject to UK/English law, it would be very difficult to pursue a claim direct. Hence the responsibility is best with the UK supplier.

However, you will also have a warranty from the manufacturer which also gives you rtights that you can exercise separately from the retailer, although I suggest the retailer should be kept informed in case any further fault develops when the warranty has expired.

To say the manufacturer has no responsibility for faulty goods may not be the case. They may well be liable legally to the seller by virtue of their purchase contract.

Xanadutheblue says:
21 April 2021


I join Which from time to time when I need something expensive, but I’m not materialistic enough to be buying new stuff if the old product still does the job it’s intended to, no matter how old it is.

I’m lucky enough to live in gorgeous countryside and my hobbies were birds, horses and painting, until lockdown. I haven’t seen a horse for ages, so my hobbies are now birds, music and painting, and I appreciate having a lot more time for the last!

I’m looking for a pedal exerciser but last time I checked, Which had only reviewed full size exercise bikes – no room for one of them! Anyway, I want something you can use to exercise arms as well as legs.

Good to meet you Xanadutheblue, and welcome to the conversation!

I’ll pass on your suggestion of the pedal exercisers to our testing team. There’s a bit more in the Home Gym guide now, including treadmills, dumbbells, and rowing machines.

For arms and legs, something like an assault or air bike could work (though doesn’t solve your space issue, unfortunately)?